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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LINE

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Meditation, 247:be studied. Experiments can be made along the line of vitalization and magnetization, which involveMeditation, 251:personifications of one-pointed adherence to one line of thought, and their evolution parallelsMeditation, 251:fact. They are the ones who meditate along the line of the Mahachohan, or the Lord of CivilizationMeditation, 261:of life, and of spirit. He can pass - by the line of least resistance - straight to the "bosom ofMeditation, 261:of His Father in Heaven". The approach to the line of least resistance, the direct path, is foundMeditation, 285:express himself and serve the race. It is the line of the first ray, and its affiliated orMeditation, 285:Meditation 2. Love and Wisdom This method is the line of least resistance for the sons of men. ItMeditation, 285:by the student of meditation who follows this line is not the sentimental conception that is soMeditation, 286:of time, and the point achieved. This is the line of the second ray and its affiliated andMeditation, 286:being synthetic, on either the Raja Yoga line or the Christian Gnostic line, owing to its syntheticMeditation, 286:the Raja Yoga line or the Christian Gnostic line, owing to its synthetic significance... Meditation, 287:holds for the student much of value. This is the line of the third ray, and of its four subsidiaryMeditation, 288:consciousness, of certain results along the line of our immediate topic, - access to the Masters.Meditation, 303:from Us it is the part of wisdom and the line of safety to refrain from occult training in anotherMeditation, 308:occident. [308] Those who take initiation on the line of the Mahachohan, or on the third ray, willMeditation, 320:and generation and must show aptitude for some line of thought. He must be seen clairvoyantly toMeditation, 337:only the causal body, to take on color only in line with the great Law, and to move under definiteMeditation, 346:and stabilizing, and carries all on in line with the law. No fear or worry or care shake theMeditation, 347:of all his powers to the next duty is the line of his endeavor. He knows that perfection in thePatanjali, 10:These two types of substance have their own line of evolution to follow and they do so. Under thePatanjali, 23:plan, and endeavors to bring the lower man into line with the nature and will of the innerPatanjali, 35:energizes it into activity and who is working in line with the plan. This soul, being one with allPatanjali, 42:of the personality, The head center. This is the line followed by the raja-yogins and it bringsPatanjali, 42:spirit and to adeptship. There is yet another line: Monad, The Son or Christ aspect, The lovePatanjali, 43:personality, [43] The heart center. This is the line followed by the bhakti, the devotee and thePatanjali, 43:of the soul and of sainthood. The former line is that to be followed by our Aryan race. This secondPatanjali, 43:to be followed by our Aryan race. This second line was the path of attainment for the Atlanteans.Patanjali, 75:Thus the lower manifestation is brought into line with the higher for "as a man thinketh so is he."Patanjali, 84:conclusions as much as possible along the occult line. The truth, as expressed in terms ofPatanjali, 138:form-attachment is there possible. This is in line with the occult truism that "energy followsPatanjali, 138:truism that "energy follows thought," and in line too with the teaching that the body of the ChristPatanjali, 150:that no causes will be set in motion along the line of pain-producing effects. This dual inferencePatanjali, 188:and his inner discipline of life is brought into line with these requirements, then he can safelyPatanjali, 201:is not so liable to make mistakes along this line. In considering this sutra it should bePatanjali, 220:of the dense physical body and its bringing into line with the etheric body. The two parts of thePatanjali, 234:are enumerated, and these are all along the line of expansions of consciousness and thePatanjali, 257:the results of meditation (some along the line of the higher psychism and some along the line ofPatanjali, 257:line of the higher psychism and some along the line of the lower); the next seven sutras therefore,Patanjali, 270:of spirit, the highest or Father aspect. This line of thought, through concentrated meditation willPatanjali, 283:down the rule that if there is a healthy eye in line with the rays of light reflected from anPatanjali, 296:Portal itself stands revealed. More along this line is not permissible. This light in the head isPatanjali, 321:of opposites, and so frequently choose that line of activity or attitude of mind which produces inPatanjali, 382:by the renewing of your mind." Change your line of thought and you will change your nature. DesirePatanjali, 403:and considered the same. The second main line of thought involved in Sutra 15 is more difficult toPatanjali, 404:and translation leans more to this second line of thought than does the paraphrase of the Tibetan,Patanjali, 405:of equilibrium and produce no effect." The third line of thought deals more specifically with thePatanjali, 410:those impulses originate with him which are in line with the purpose held constantly in view, andPatanjali, 410:to do is to bring the brain consciousness in line with that thought which reaches him via his ownPatanjali, 412:These latter, being along the same evolutionary line as the rest of the lower nature, swell thePatanjali, 424:and the devotional heart approach (the mystic line) on to the path of intellectual control, - theProblems, 41:psychologists and neurologists along this needed line of salvage; yet their specialized work isProblems, 54:field of experience. Some attempts along this line have been undertaken by certain colleges andProblems, 112:a better and cleaner situation which would be in line with the constitution. These short-sightedProblems, 121:world problems will be right and correct and in line with the divine plan; let them realize thatProblems, 121:New Age will not be found by deciding upon some line of action and forcing it on public attentionProblems, 127:to salvation. The secondary and controversial line of [128] presented truths is usually unnecessaryProblems, 143:doctrine, fear and threat - to keep people in line with the obsolete old teaching. The essentialProblems, 152:West, be regenerated, purified and brought into line with divine truth? Can they in reality takeProblems, 161:in any detail. But we can indicate the general line of thought which will produce and condition theProblems, 168:word "spiritual". The time is long past when a line of demarcation can be drawn between thePsychology1, xvii:which is to be read by earnest aspirants: What line of instruction will carry forward theirPsychology1, xix:of creation have received attention. The first line of teaching concerns the individual and hisPsychology1, 6:The spirit of man came into incarnation along a line of force emanation from one or other of thesePsychology1, 28:of this treatise and because they are more in line with the terminology of emerging modern thought)Psychology1, 41:regarded as having reached the point where the line is to be found. To visualize this correctlyPsychology1, 63:forth a word. That word reverberates along the line of fiery essence, and when it sounds within thePsychology1, 142:and every human being has come forth along one line or other of the seven ray forces. The nature ofPsychology1, 158:attribute which must eventually sweep it into line with divine purpose, inevitably produce thatPsychology1, 161:mind and of spiritual vision are, for him, the line of least resistance, and the physical planePsychology1, 172:consciousness. This was an effort along the line of power or will, of government, or along the linePsychology1, 172:of power or will, of government, or along the line of the first ray. Disciples and aspirantsPsychology1, 172:seventh and sixth ray workers were brought into line. The groups therefore ranged themselves intoPsychology1, 173:that all the resources of the workers along the line of government and power (the first [174] ray)Psychology1, 176:and intuitive. Curiously enough, along this line the seething millions of the Orient present a morePsychology1, 177:Rays Third, Scientific The workers along this line have definitely set themselves the goal ofPsychology1, 184:between the seen and the unseen than any other line of activity hitherto initiated. Of this I mayPsychology1, 201:man will always "come to the front" in his own line. He may be the burglar or the judge whoPsychology1, 217:they are also the three rays along a major line of forces, 2-4-6. When we come to a more detailedPsychology1, 247:perfumes of this kingdom. Much along this line has been the subject of investigation by the modernPsychology1, 254:can as yet be given, and those must be along the line of information anent the rays at work in bothPsychology1, 279:of physical desire which is not for humanity the line of progress. As the world of forms respondsPsychology1, 280:are not along the intended or the evolutionary line, and which outrage oft the very laws of naturePsychology1, 334:energy of love, expressed with wisdom, is the line of least resistance for the manifested lives inPsychology1, 344:apostolic succession, for it provides a triple line of directed energy. This produces the humanPsychology1, 368:and in some cases will constitute for them the line of least resistance. Failure, therefore, willPsychology1, 372:and a diamond, with their beauty of form and line and color, their radiance and geometricalPsychology1, 392:has often in the past manifested along the line of its fourth ray soul, and through that soulPsychology2, 11:in this direction, for it will constitute the line of least resistance. There will follow then thePsychology2, 50:are established. These are the main channel or line of communication found between the center atPsychology2, 69:is established which eventually becomes the line of least resistance, "the way of familiarPsychology2, 72:It requires a trained intelligence, so that the line of demarcation between intuitive realizationPsychology2, 75:world function, therefore, more consciously in line with the Plan. Every single unit of the humanPsychology2, 81:they are constructive, and they work along the line which is, for all lives and forms, the line ofPsychology2, 81:the line which is, for all lives and forms, the line of least resistance within our universe. RayPsychology2, 87:power on the side of separation, as it is the line of least resistance, and of criticalPsychology2, 97:relinquish this for that, to choose one way or line of conduct and thus sacrifice another way, toPsychology2, 117:service and meditation and right aspiration. A line of contact between them is eventually set upPsychology2, 117:with increasing potency. There is also another line of outgoing fiery power toward the top of thePsychology2, 130:expression of an inner reality, and along the line of a right understanding of service will comePsychology2, 130:Much is also being studied along this same line in connection with criminology and the right
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