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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LINE

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Psychology2, 138:and specific lines. These indicate for him the line of least resistance and, consequently, of thePsychology2, 138:is with them and that they are following the line of least resistance at that period. They willPsychology2, 144:through desire of some kind, it is following the line of least resistance for the masses, and canPsychology2, 160:of the Way, and the building of the true line of escape - that is the task to be carried forwardPsychology2, 198:within the head" (the head center) along the "line to the heart" and then, with the throat center,Psychology2, 204:they can seldom be trained along any mental line, and they very rarely exhibit skill in anyPsychology2, 211:a negligible number, individualized along the line of power or will at that time. There was a veryPsychology2, 211:deity, and that the remaining 20% were along the line of love-wisdom. These all, with the egosPsychology2, 225:the whole manifested world is swept into line with the divine Purpose. This does not becomePsychology2, 244:[244] desires and his thoughts are brought into line with the higher impulses initiated by thePsychology2, 250:based on inertia which finds creative work the line of least resistance and which seeks not toPsychology2, 250:a capacity to make a soul contact along owe line of endeavor, but not the capacity to be in contactPsychology2, 250:of genius, stupendous achievement in the chosen line of art, and a life lived in contradiction toPsychology2, 276:astral aspect of the personality is brought into line with the divine purpose of the indwellingPsychology2, 284:bodies, so as to bring the Ageless Wisdom into line with modern truth and scientific conclusions. Psychology2, 292:therefore, creative, artistic activity is the line of least resistance. We then have a man with anPsychology2, 292:artistic tendency or we have a genius along some line of creative work. When, at the same time, thePsychology2, 296:different situation would have eventuated. - The line of must ever be remembered. ThePsychology2, 297:and intensifies his natural problem. - The line of 2.4.6. must also be carefully borne in mind. ThePsychology2, 297:physical body (2nd ray) are all along the same line of activity, or of divine energy, creating aPsychology2, 297:and the mental body (5th ray) are along another line entirely, and this combination presents greatPsychology2, 340:multiplicity) are subdued or "brought into line" by the dominant soul. That is what we really meanPsychology2, 352:goal. For you, there must be not a circle, but a line. Prepare the form. Let the eyes look forward,Psychology2, 353:the following terms: "The one who travels on a line returns upon his way. Back to the center of hisPsychology2, 356:alignment. There is therefore a direct way or line (speaking symbolically) between the thinking,Psychology2, 356:The crisis of evocation succeeds, once this line of contact, this antahkarana, has been establishedPsychology2, 356:is the case with the aspirant upon the first ray line of activity. However, when the second rayPsychology2, 356:himself of the opportunity and can see ahead the line between himself and the center, then thePsychology2, 358:first ray penetrates, pierces and produces the line along which Light comes; the second ray is thePsychology2, 360:I, at the center, Am. Look up along the line and not along the many lines which, in the space ofPsychology2, 369:be used often, but with care, by those upon this line of divine energy. It has most powerfulPsychology2, 372:to the outer circle of the life of God; the line goes forward to the outer rim. Stand at thePsychology2, 373:equals 6. Between these pairs of rays there is a line of special energy flowing which warrants thePsychology2, 376:Stand steady in the midst. Then draw a line from that which is without to that which is within andPsychology2, 387:which [387] man can conceive follows a direct line of approach, or pours down through a directPsychology2, 389:how important is motive, for it determines the line of activity and differentiates man's activityPsychology2, 447:of the antahkarana. This name is given to the line of living energy which links the various humanPsychology2, 456:are samples of the worst forms of this line of thought and development. People tainted with thisPsychology2, 461:of a man to express himself along some creative line. As the violent and often dangerousPsychology2, 461:results of his inner brooding along the chosen line. These all vary in expression, because of thePsychology2, 466:of successful meditation need not be along the line of recognized religious effort, or produced byPsychology2, 466:revelation. They may come to him along the line of a man's chosen life activity, for there is noPsychology2, 470:achieving nothing. One plan carried through, one line of thought developed to its concretePsychology2, 474:should be remembered that this constitutes the line of least resistance for the man because of thePsychology2, 477:who use these powers, but it is always along the line of some specific service to the Hierarchy andPsychology2, 477:to the Hierarchy and humanity, and not along any line connected with the individual. When a man hasPsychology2, 493:continuity. These three facts provide a definite line of approach to the problems which we arePsychology2, 497:to an understanding of his difficulty and in line with that which constitutes the way of leastPsychology2, 505:For instance, the recognition of the point, the line, the triangle, the square, the Cross, thePsychology2, 510:a similar condition exists; there is a direct line from the soul to the brain. This is true of bothPsychology2, 511:to an effort to bring human living into line with the basic spiritual truths. The sorry conditionPsychology2, 512:impetus or contact which swings the unit into line with mass intention and opens up to himPsychology2, 525:The man is creatively intelligent along some line or other and is slowly becoming group conscious.Psychology2, 539:find the utilization of the center to be the line of least resistance; they, therefore, begin toPsychology2, 557:to be inclusive in many directions, just as a line can be drawn from the point at the center of thePsychology2, 569:the sitter wishes to hear, which will be in line with the usual mannerisms and methods of speechPsychology2, 590:astral door - are deemed insane or on the border line of insanity. Their plight is greatly enhancedPsychology2, 619:and group reaction - it is along the line of love and not of separation and hate. It produces whatPsychology2, 652:it indicates that the effort now on foot is in line with the evolutionary development going on uponPsychology2, 660:to those activities which are obviously in line with the Plan, and the work and the programs of thePsychology2, 671:to accept, and because they normally take the line of least resistance without thinking, they arePsychology2, 711:to you simply interesting, a fascinating side line of study; perhaps it is something which itPsychology2, 712:of time. Have you done anything along this line, thus shouldering your responsibility? Psychology2, 720:masses react; for them they are the line of least resistance. When we say masses, we refer to allPsychology2, 737:of that kingdom. I have briefly restated this line-up of the forces, prevalent in humanity today. APsychology2, 742:good will in the world. [742] This is the major line of activity. Their united good will (atRays, 13:and the unity of the whole. There is therefore a line of descending energy which has its originRays, 47:matter how strange this may seem) love is the line of least resistance for the developed humanRays, 49:"understanding will-to-move forward" along the line of human will-to-good - the first phase of theRays, 68:at any given moment in time and space, is in line with the will of the One in Whom we live and moveRays, 80:the word "Shamballa" are predominantly along the line of will or power or of first ray energy. OfRays, 80:Of the nine letters, six are on the first ray line of force, 1. 1. 1.3.3. 1. - spirit and matter,Rays, 80:intelligence. Two of them are along the second line of force, 4 and 2. The number 8 inauguratesRays, 84:the forms in all the subhuman kingdoms into line with the [85] evolving purpose. Under cyclic law,Rays, 131:been turned into a definitely recognized line of approach to truth. The Law of Analogy is the keyRays, 136:Thus is the chain of Hierarchy only a life line, along which travel the love and life of God, fromRays, 152:energizing the Seven and creating the straight line from there to here, and ending in a point whichRays, 161:consequently a free play of energy in a direct line between the Spiritual Triad and theRays, 166:to have the Buddhic consciousness, and the line of Their descent (occultly understood) is from theRays, 166:energizing the Seven and creating the straight line from there to here, and ending in a point whichRays, 167:the point of abstraction), using the straight line of the antahkarana from above downwards (fromRays, 169:members of humanity who are on the scientific line, drawing to their Ashrams only those who are onRays, 212:consideration and - because they are along the line of the destroying aspect - it will be apparentRays, 218:causal body and the establishing of a direct line of relationship between the pure Ashram and aRays, 232:the "bull, rushing forward upon a straight line with its one eye fixed upon the goal and beamingRays, 236:the higher center, Shamballa. Paralleling this line of unfoldment of the individual, there has alsoRays, 244:conformity with the divine thought along this line. The sumtotal of the highest phases of humanRays, 283:true meaning I have no words or symbols. In this line of approach through identification, theRays, 284:transfigured. The first contact comes along the line which he has projected as a result ofRays, 297:disciple can then begin to work creatively in line with hierarchical activity. As we consider theRays, 305:influences: Lack of self-control along some line. Desire to attain one's wishes by the removal ofRays, 309:a predetermined result in the three worlds in line with the purpose of God. It might be saidRays, 318:dimly be sensed in its unimaginable beauty. The line or the path or the Way of Resurrection is theRays, 327:this new section. Teaching, if true, must be in line with the past and must provide scope forRays, 331:has already been made by science along this line, it is as yet only embryonic in nature, and onlyRays, 333:altogether. The Hierarchy pursues its own line of spiritual unfoldment as a paralleling activity toRays, 343:may take the form of some considered project in line with the Plan, whereby they testify to theirRays, 343:for acceptance and have proven it along the line of service. It has to be a group [344] enterprise,Rays, 365:a spiritual approach along some specialized line, where a meeting place will become apparent, whereRays, 368:Initiation, Human and Solar, was along the same line. The Hierarchy is the Ashram of Sanat Kumara,
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