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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LINE

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Rays, 392:changing for a final, conditioning decision - in line, consciously realized, with divine PurposeRays, 400:that Those Who are predominantly on the second line of energy find the cosmic astral plane TheirRays, 415:of every atom. The life principle follows the line of, whilst the buddhic flow follows theRays, 415:of, whilst the buddhic flow follows the line of 2.4.6. Thus atma-buddhi becomes the blendedRays, 415:His choice. 6. Sanat Kumara is not on the Sirian line but - to speak in symbols, not too deeplyRays, 420:it is not the one which constitutes for Them the line of least resistance, as it often is forRays, 423:of the Sun or from our Solar Logos, and the base line constituted of the seven streams of energyRays, 423:of truth for the initiated disciple. Its line is strictly a first ray and third ray presentation,Rays, 443:which he becomes aware through the medium of a line of energy - the antahkarana - which he isRays, 444:is established which eventually becomes the line of least resistance, "the way of familiarRays, 447:It requires a trained intelligence, so that the line of demarcation between intuitive realizationRays, 455:of the process, and there is then a straight line of relationship between the monad and the lowerRays, 472:body, the causal body, starts to dissipate, the line of relation or of connection can be and isRays, 475:which is, in reality, the establishing of a line of light between Monad and personality as a fullRays, 479:then finally the Cross gives place to the line. This takes place after the fourth initiation - thatRays, 479:There remains then only the vertical line "reaching from Heaven to Hell." The goal of the initiateRays, 479:and the seventh initiations) is to resolve the line into the circle, and thus fulfil the law andRays, 479:the healing faculty; in the point becoming the line, and the line becoming the cross is evolution.Rays, 479:faculty; in the point becoming the line, and the line becoming the cross is evolution. In the crossRays, 490:he has succeeded in accumulating there appears a line of light-substance or projection. This isRays, 491:soul combined) into activity; he now projects a line towards the Monad. It is along this line thatRays, 491:a line towards the Monad. It is along this line that the final withdrawal of the forces takesRays, 494:the three worlds), and from the higher levels a line of responsive projection of energy is sentRays, 497:is to bring humanity to the point where a direct line of contact is established between theRays, 509:of the will, according to the ray, in which a line of light or of living substance is imaginativelyRays, 509:using constantly the creative imagination. This line of light (this strand or bridge) is thenRays, 534:the golden calf), so today modern Masonry is in line to do the same; and the ancient usages andRays, 546:by ideas and instructed along some particular line which may be of service to humanity; he can,Rays, 559:to the predominance of the energy or the line of force which was conditioned by these rays. One ofRays, 560:ray, and the number of people found upon that line of energy is already very great, though not yetRays, 561:unfoldment. The symbol of old Atlantis was a line, indicating the vertical line of mentalRays, 561:old Atlantis was a line, indicating the vertical line of mental unfoldment and aspiration. TheRays, 581:bring that level of planetary consciousness into line with the immediate divine purpose: theRays, 613:without much skill in action. Such a clear line of demarcation between the two basic world partiesRays, 617:equally and inevitably produce conflict; the line of cleavage between men of goodwill and theRays, 619:about a clear channel or pathway of return or line of light or magnetic power between: The centerRays, 627:where the contributing rays are both along the line of the intellect, you have necessarily andRays, 630:IV These Rays - 2, 4, 6 - are all on the second line of spiritual energy and lack all theRays, 630:and strengthening qualities of the first line of ray energy - 1, 3, 5, 7 - which are governed byRays, 641:fifth Ray of Science which are both along the line of the first Ray of Will or Power, plus twoRays, 641:through Conflict, which are both along the line of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. All these Rays ofRays, 642:not need because (after evolution, along the line of knowledge, decided for Him by His ray type) HeRays, 643:available" by initiating some new project in line with the hierarchical Plan and in tune with hisRays, 646:unattainable and to exercise the mind along the line of abstract thought is ever of value. It mustRays, 646:accorded to the disciple-initiate is along the line of the first Ray of Will or Power, and that isRays, 657:- to carry forward a specific project in line with the will of the Solar Logos. This our planetaryRays, 671:other, and the light in the head shines forth; a line of light, permitting free interplay, isRays, 671:pituitary body and the pineal gland. When this line of light is present and there is anRays, 671:fully and finally completed and established. The line of light is still tenuous and unstable, butRays, 672:and the two glands within the head. When that line of light has related the higher spiritualRays, 695:completed and that there is a direct line of energy from the Spiritual Triad, via the antahkarana,Rays, 734:a very few, may do so, but They work along the line of the seven ray energies in the solar systemRays, 735:of World Servers. Then you will be in the direct line of spiritual descent, of divine energy; inRays, 767:the healing faculty; in the point becoming the line, and the line becoming the cross is evolution.Rays, 767:faculty; in the point becoming the line, and the line becoming the cross is evolution. In the crossReappearance, 11:of His stupendous achievement - along the line of understanding - transmitted to [12] humanity anReappearance, 35:may "seal the door where evil dwells." The final line then contains the idea of restoration,Reappearance, 38:and organized to assist His work. The spiritual line of succession from the throne of the AncientReappearance, 45:the people of the Earth is so potent and so in line with divine direction, in time and space, thatReappearance, 53:by intelligent humanity. Thus the direct line or thread of God's will reaches now from the highestReappearance, 70:and His fulfilment of that Will is more in line with the divine Purpose than it was in PalestineReappearance, 77:through Christ's Own attainment along the line of the highest, spiritual will. He works under theReappearance, 92:and Their disciples, or the Masters on the same line of divine expression, that these energiesReappearance, 109:that the work they are attempting to do is in line with divine intention and purpose. Into thisReappearance, 147:doctrine, fear and threat - to keep people in line with the obsolete old teaching. The essentialReappearance, 160:realize that this promised reappearance is in line with general [161] religious belief and theSoul, 76:emphasized a teaching which is entirely in line with the Oriental philosophy. They bridged the gapSoul, 87:very limited, and only structures in the middle line could be chosen; as, for example, the pinealSoul, 132:to arrive at spiritual knowledge. This long line of knowers of God have used differentSoul, 157:and not premature the outcome is along the line of recognized creative work, literature, the drama,Telepathy, 8:through which they work is the solar plexus. The line of communication is, therefore, from solarTelepathy, 10:are of real assistance. Experimenters along this line need to give more time and thought to theTelepathy, 26:of the transmitter and the recipient. The double line of contact must be that of mental energy andTelepathy, 35:Those disciples who are working along this line are the nurturers of the seed of the futureTelepathy, 49:diviner objective manifestation and one more in line with divine purpose. It will lead to a greatTelepathy, 73:and the Hierarchy. I gave much along this line when I made public the various Invocations whereby ITelepathy, 82:This you know. I have taught you much along this line in A Treatise on the Seven Rays and also inTelepathy, 132:to "progress along the Upward Way and create the line which links the lesser with the higher,Telepathy, 170:petalled lotus. Each center is then related by a line of living fire and each is then in fullTelepathy, 172:is at times most definitely offset by a man's line of thought (whatever that may currently be) orTelepathy, 172:of that which lies above that dividing line. Thus are the needed changes made. When the cycle ofTelepathy, 175:of importance along some definite [175] line of approach to his fellowmen. The "sphere ofTelepathy, 176:they but realize it, because it is not truly in line with the information given to them in theTelepathy, 177:has been amended in order to bring it into line with the usual theories of energy and its forms ofTelepathy, 192:to the solar plexus center; there is a direct line of hitherto unrecognized energy between the
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