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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LINES

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Astrology, 7:however, give you some hints and suggest some lines of approach, and these, if carried in theAstrology, 19:them to earnest effort along ideological lines and, at the same time, are drawing forth from theAstrology, 27:that there are investigators along astrological lines who will be open-minded enough to recognizeAstrology, 30:of too high a character. Speculation along these lines is profitless. A vast system of interlockingAstrology, 30:- but speculative research along the indicated lines and the following of obscure trails areAstrology, 39:animal physical nature, particularly along sex lines. We must remember that the Hierarchies workAstrology, 56:Taurus. The figures of the Twins in Gemini (two lines). The two claws of the Crab in Cancer. TheAstrology, 56:scales of the Balance in Libra. The two Parallel Lines of force in Aquarius. The two Fishes inAstrology, 135:detailed picture [135] of what I might call the lines of the new astrology, its mode of approach toAstrology, 137:of hard and fast frontiers or set boundary lines. Such is not the case. There are no rigid lines ofAstrology, 137:lines. Such is not the case. There are no rigid lines of demarcation separating two entirelyAstrology, 142:of circumscribed influence but only two outgoing lines of energy, pouring from him into the worldAstrology, 145:to study the subject along the following lines: Subjective latent consciousness - In Aries TheAstrology, 146:consciousness as we study along these esoteric lines is that all the outer indications do notAstrology, 147:energy and life, symbolized by the two wavy lines. It is interesting to bear in mind that in theAstrology, 167:a vision of these powers and their many weaving lines (seen as rivers and streams of light) isAstrology, 171:you can see, to be worked out along these three lines and the above suggestions will indicate how aAstrology, 183:made, but there is much to be done along these lines; I only make suggestions, but it will, IAstrology, 199:with the path of discipleship the following lines of "influential energy": Sirius - working in aAstrology, 202:are definitely related by direct [202] lines of energy to our planet; these lines of force usuallyAstrology, 202:[202] lines of energy to our planet; these lines of force usually reach us via one of the zodiacalAstrology, 223:solution of the world problem along right lines. In connection with the vertical and the horizontalAstrology, 237:should be imposed in childhood along spiritual lines. Crime will be stamped out when the environingAstrology, 237:God Immanent. I must write no more along these lines. I have enlarged somewhat upon sex and theAstrology, 238:too important for me to do more than indicate lines of approach. A cursory handling of the problemAstrology, 249:rays of energy and the expression of the two lines of spiritual energy; Love-Wisdom in two of theAstrology, 251:choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force." Astrology, 308:The animal Kingdom. Charts of the cosmic lines of directed forces such as the above can be givenAstrology, 317:true import of the process; the broad general lines of the incarnation process have been largelyAstrology, 327:and their work for the fourth kingdom along many lines is more clearly seen then the whole subjectAstrology, 335:have done some concentrated work along the lines here designated. Simple as it sounds when stated,Astrology, 336:you to think in terms of energies and forces, of lines of force, and energy relationships;Astrology, 387:Part of the solution will come along similar lines and of this the prophecy now coming into theAstrology, 408:Egyptian days. Anything now possible along these lines can only be regarded as approximate, and,Astrology, 415:determining and dominating force and two lines which - during a particular cycle - are conditionedAstrology, 417:wherein each point of a triangle emanates three lines or streams of energy (nine in all); it isAstrology, 420:- for it is little more - to indicate the main lines of approach to the new science of esotericAstrology, 427:his spiritual nature which is 999. These three lines or streams of energy in man may be listed asAstrology, 427:the planet. You have, therefore, the following lines of transmission of force: Shamballa - HeadAstrology, 443:underlying potencies, for they can indicate the lines of least resistance to the emerging good andAstrology, 458:The use of the energy may be along wrong lines, producing separation and trouble, or along rightAstrology, 458:producing separation and trouble, or along right lines, leading to eventual harmony andAstrology, 468:to the astrologer of the future along which lines the chart of the soul must be drawn; the majorAstrology, 514:you, you will have twelve suggestions as to the lines along which new astrological investigationAstrology, 588:from being deflected on to wrong and dangerous lines. This aid necessitates a certain definite andAstrology, 591:This refers also to the broad and general lines which at any time upon the planet are setting theAstrology, 604:all transmission of energies takes place. The lines of approach might be indicated as follows:Astrology, 638:taken into consideration and mastered upon these lines. This mastery can be achieved only-throughAstrology, 654:choose the way that leads between the two great lines of force. Scorpio - Warrior I am, and fromAstrology, 694:aspect and train those whose work is along the lines of the destroyer. [695] Neptune (6th) - ThisAtom, 15:and the idealistic - you have the three main lines of thought which have been put forward asAtom, 16:possibly accomplish is an outline of the basic lines of evolution, a study of their relationship toAtom, 17:whole. Perhaps by the union of these three lines of science, religion, and philosophy we may get aAtom, 17:for our future talks, and to touch upon the main lines of evolution. The line that is most apparentAtom, 21:Existence which will be the synthesis of all the lines of evolution, and to a conception of aAtom, 32:way, to point out to you that there were three lines of approach to the study of the materialAtom, 32:universe and yet is outside of it. These two lines of thought can be seen upheld by the franklyAtom, 35:worlds. An interesting speculation along these lines is to be found in a book by one of ourAtom, 83:pictured as the meeting place for all the three lines of evolution, spirit, matter, and linkingAtom, 86:human being. We have seen that in him the three lines converge, and that he is a point ofAtom, 86:of man. The process of the converging of these lines is a twofold one. You have the descent intoAtom, 101:Entity, and one can then work out along similar lines this conception of a threefold consciousness.Atom, 126:years ago, along strictly evangelical or Gospel lines, and meet with a rapid reaction. Here theAtom, 129:more we think along such definitely altruistic lines, the more we shall build up something of veryAtom, 130:idea somewhat. There are, as we know, three main lines of thought in the world: the scientific, theAtom, 143:the term "atom." We studied first, along general lines, the atom of substance, then we studied theAtom, 151:is vastly interesting, and leads us into many lines of conjecture. One of the main points ofAtom, 153:of truth will be found, not along physical lines of interpretation, but along the lines ofAtom, 153:physical lines of interpretation, but along the lines of consciousness; that it is the psychicAtom, 157:we go astray. If we work it out along the lines of the subjective life, and connect it with energy,Autobiography, 22:and girls will receive some attention along the lines of capitalizing on their normal, mysticalAutobiography, 38:So much nonsense has been talked along these lines and so many claims made by those who have notAutobiography, 54:Atkins" and ran her homes along very different lines to those usually found in army camps and veryAutobiography, 55:telling effect before my mirror. The first two lines went well and then I stuck; I could notAutobiography, 86:because I would be greater than He along some lines? Did I know what I was doing? How could I go onAutobiography, 98:and said, "Young lady, read those four or five lines and get [99] rid of your fears." I read thatAutobiography, 120:they not get the best out of life along material lines? Let us eat and drink and get worldly goodsAutobiography, 137:me has made all the best of my work along occult lines possible. I sat up in bed reading "TheAutobiography, 171:in the world, working along the many different lines to bring humanity into the light and toAutobiography, 176:that the T.S. was run strictly on personality lines, with the emphasis upon personality status,Autobiography, 189:started one of the best magazines along occult lines extant today. It is called "The Aryan Path"Autobiography, 193:all the appeals for help along spiritual [193] lines with which we were confronted. We, therefore,Autobiography, 207:I think I was of service to her along these lines, for she respected my judgment and found it oftenAutobiography, 216:who find nothing contradictory in the two lines of approach. The ridiculous theory, promulgated byAutobiography, 216:by the E.S. that it is dangerous to follow two lines of meditation at once, has not only amused meAutobiography, 220:world than a public school education along the lines of the United States. In the spring of 1931 weAutobiography, 231:lead humanity onward along new and more definite lines and on a much larger scale than heretoforeAutobiography, 279:he will then know along which of the many lines he, as an individual, must go; he has to learn toAutobiography, 289:Much progress has been made along these lines. The school secretaries belong to every nationalityAutobiography, 290:to develop is best summed up in the following lines which constitute the blueprint upon which he isAutobiography, 301:an esoteric experiment along second ray teaching lines, which could attempt to carry a little ofBethlehem, 39:Browning expressed this in the well-known lines: "Thus he dwells in all From life's minuteBethlehem, 190:of man. Assuredly, only when the best of the two lines of presented truths are brought together andBethlehem, 231:an entirely new body on the same general lines as the previous one, it is not possible for us toBethlehem, 235:beyond the grave. They have argued along many lines as to the possibility of His rising, andBethlehem, 260:in His life and death. Therefore all three lines of past, present and future meet in Him, and giveBethlehem, 274:is world-conscious and God-conscious. His lines of contact are clearly delineated in bothBethlehem, 274:characteristics of His work and the three main lines of His activity are intended to be ours also.Bethlehem, 284:and express itself on broader and more inclusive lines, and we must learn to serve as ChristDestiny, 4:efficient esoteric psychology, and also Show the lines of development which are inevitable, for the
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