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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LINES

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Discipleship2, 630:as you see that service. Then with these two lines of thought held quietly and clearly in yourDiscipleship2, 631:call and to state specific principles and lines of activity which should govern the work of myDiscipleship2, 646:contacts firmly and upon sound non-emotional lines. You have a particularly interesting group ofDiscipleship2, 646:of your life conditioning. It was your first ray lines of force which placed you in the particularDiscipleship2, 649:has engulfed you and yours; anxiety along many lines, and all of them severely testing, has beenDiscipleship2, 662:close between the Ashram of K.H. and mine. The lines of interplay must closer be. Discipleship2, 666:in training - I will suggest the following lines of approach. To you, the dream is the reaction ofDiscipleship2, 675:to the disciple and he faces two possible lines of activity: He can decide to adjust himself to theDiscipleship2, 694:3. The severing of connection with specific lines of thought. This may refer to the preconceivedDiscipleship2, 694:is very favorable to your progress along these lines, and this I think you know, even if itDiscipleship2, 737:starts energy working along the indicated lines and that, having decided, he now moves slowly inDiscipleship2, 739:work which is practically entirely along occult lines. The study of psychology which interests youDiscipleship2, 750:your life goes on and on along its predetermined lines. And for this nausea, you will find no realDiscipleship2, 755:technically speaking. Work patiently along these lines and take with patience and courage theEducation, 9:will be investigated. Meditation along suitable lines will be part of the curriculum. It should beEducation, 32:creator on the physical plane. From these major lines of energy lesser lines can radiate at will.Education, 32:plane. From these major lines of energy lesser lines can radiate at will. It is upon this knowledgeEducation, 33:goes on until the third initiation. The lines of force are then so interrelated that the soul andEducation, 35:consciousness through the establishing of right lines of energy. 2. The task of the new educationEducation, 63:forcing the masses of men into certain needed lines of thought. The churches and men everywhereEducation, 73:(their case histories) must be studied along the lines suggested earlier in this instruction.Education, 78:of which he is a part, we shall see the major lines of difficulty, the basic character trends andEducation, 79:has been progressively along three main lines, starting in the East and culminating today in theEducation, 80:thing. What education can do along undesirable lines has been well demonstrated in Germany with itsEducation, 80:and that what has been wrought out along wrong lines can be equally successful along right ones. WeEducation, 84:incoherent life purposes directed along right lines; he will be taught to recognize himself as theEducation, 86:and aspiration evoked along true and right lines; the world of past human effort will be presentedEducation, 89:welfare. Nevertheless, the real work along these lines should be started in infancy so that theEducation, 91:swinging civilization back on to the bad old lines. But a beginning can immediately be made.Education, 104:of thought normally runs along these undesirable lines. In the Piscean Age which is passing, theEducation, 109:are asked to ponder and to think along the lines which I may point out, for only as a nucleus ofEducation, 109:and right action. We shall consider, on broad lines, the development of man from an isolatedEducation, 110:intelligent inferences, and to think along the lines indicated. I seek to have you steep yourselvesEducation, 112:Ray of Love and know its meaning. There are two lines of destruction: that which is meted out byEducation, 125:and ends. But as man gropes his way along these lines, and as the many ideas and the variousEducation, 129:whereby each gives to each along psychical lines, and it is one of the rudimentary expressions ofEducation, 131:social or economic function, which are the usual lines of approach at this present time. TheEducation, 136:grow. Much that is now taught along these lines is erroneous and wrongly motivated, being basedExternalisation, 22:of this particular situation, to indicate lines of helpful activity, and then (having so done) toExternalisation, 25:you to prayer and to fasting, though along what lines your abstinence should go is for you toExternalisation, 36:so choose, carry on simultaneously two different lines of activity - both [37] of real import. TheyExternalisation, 39:along with other groups, working along similar lines, either consciously or unconsciously. TheExternalisation, 54:It will be apparent, therefore, along what three lines of study and work the members of this fifthExternalisation, 103:of a powerful nature along the indicated lines; for visualization of the Vision of such a clearExternalisation, 103:functioning of the imagination, applied to the lines of outcome and results, and functioning soExternalisation, 118:in the second place, it is due to certain major lines of cleavage which were brought about by thisExternalisation, 119:steadily evolved and yet in spite of this the lines of cleavage, though present, were notExternalisation, 119:essential nature was, as always, present and the lines of cleavage gradually appeared; slowly yetExternalisation, 120:nothing. But, in Atlantean times, the lines of demarcation between what constituted purely physicalExternalisation, 120:surround himself with that which he wanted. The lines of cleavage between the instinctual animalExternalisation, 121:humanity and give new values to living. The lines of cleavage between the animal, instinctualExternalisation, 121:slowly assuming a vague control, thus making the lines of cleavage between materialism andExternalisation, 122:of the Atlantean Age it was so wide, and the lines of demarcation between the two schools of lifeExternalisation, 124:Let me state them concisely and clearly. The lines of cleavage between materialism and spiritualityExternalisation, 126:of men whose will is that of their leaders. The lines of cleavage have grown steadily until nowExternalisation, 129:pause here and solemnly beg you not to make the lines of cleavage wider by placing yourself, andExternalisation, 138:to see what is going to happen and along what lines the activity of the nations will run. But thereExternalisation, 148:be developed if those who are working along the lines of true meditation can make a beginning byExternalisation, 175:bring about needed changes, and to point out the lines of demarcation between the right and theExternalisation, 182:Steadily, [182] as the world grew closer, the lines of cleavage and the antagonism of the nationsExternalisation, 197:of the planet and its adjustment upon sounder lines. This period of adjustment offers theExternalisation, 199:aspects of revolution and exploitation. The lines which it will follow, even in the immediateExternalisation, 199:the Federated States of Europe, modeled on the lines of the British Commonwealth of Nations or theExternalisation, 202:moving forward to reality. A study of these four lines of human living will show how truly GermanyExternalisation, 212:in every country. The emergence of certain clear lines of demarcation between the activities of theExternalisation, 213:at the present world situation; first, that the lines of demarcation between the two ways of livingExternalisation, 215:of exceeding difficulty because, even though the lines of demarcation are becoming steadily moreExternalisation, 220:neutral countries is different, and along what lines it should be solved I have earlier indicated.Externalisation, 221:be seen along still wider and more comprehensive lines. You are forced by circumstance and karma,Externalisation, 227:which could end the conflict along right lines and bring not only relief, but illumination to theExternalisation, 247:underlies this conflict, and pointed out the lines of demarcation which are clearly emerging, I nowExternalisation, 249:soul), much power may be generated. Along the lines of power which you may thus succeed in settingExternalisation, 254:Free will involves a basic understanding of the lines of world cleavage; it concerns right choiceExternalisation, 260:has been outstandingly along selfish personal lines. This type of influence is felt predominantlyExternalisation, 285:the field of science and politics. All the great lines of human approach to reality and to truthExternalisation, 298:has as yet produced. They emerge along the lines of government, of the first ray and in theExternalisation, 313:and appear to think that any work along the old lines of spiritual endeavor is of no real use:Externalisation, 328:the reconstruction of our civilization on saner lines and safer foundations. More intimate andExternalisation, 329:during the next eighteen months. The major lines of action you already know, for the goodwill workExternalisation, 329:to contact. Plan this work along sound business lines, making a small group of you responsible forExternalisation, 331:war is thus to be continued, and along similar lines. 10. Make a close individual study of the FourExternalisation, 331:Having made them and having indicated to you the lines of hierarchical desire, I shall say no more.Externalisation, 378:directing mass thought and energy into right lines so that good motive and wise action can bring inExternalisation, 383:addresses. As soon as the war is over and the lines of communication are again open, you can seekExternalisation, 385:endeavor to have them cooperate with you in your lines of activity. Keep a register of the namesExternalisation, 385:country who will work along these indicated lines and who could be reached simultaneously. TheyExternalisation, 417:Way of the Higher Evolution." Much along these lines has been given out during the past twoExternalisation, 425:and those who seek to guide humanity along right lines. They took possession (and I use this wordExternalisation, 426:understood) is prevented from following the lines of indiscriminate cruelty which characterized theExternalisation, 428:to be led along aggressive, selfish and evil lines has been characteristic of the German mentalityExternalisation, 430:When their thinking has been guided into right lines through a process of right presentation of theExternalisation, 434:the two, has been laid before humanity, and the lines of demarcation have been made abundantlyExternalisation, 435:those whom they can influence has been along the lines of clarifying the issues, making plain thatExternalisation, 442:Process I have for years indicated certain lines of activity which we, the Teachers and Guides onExternalisation, 478:in the minds of men, towards indicating the lines along which right action should be taken, andExternalisation, 478:evil, the Hierarchy has also been occupied with lines of activity which may not be disclosed,Externalisation, 482:rebuilding of the tangible world upon the new lines. This the total destruction of the old formsExternalisation, 483:to build again on sounder and more constructive lines that better civilization which is the dreamExternalisation, 499:are in possession of the secrets, is along these lines. These few suggestions will give you muchExternalisation, 504:work. It is not possible for me to tell you the lines of Their activity; I can but give you
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