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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LINES

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Healing, 561:here if I indicate along broad and general lines some of the types of disease which aHealing, 598:all human experience and to die along lines which are common to the rest of men. The entireHealing, 606:and the man who is seeking to work along the lines I indicate would be well-advised to move slowlyHealing, 627:as a whole, with its channels and communicating lines of energy which underlie every part [628] ofHealing, 643:of its importance, for it indicates not only the lines along which the healer must train himself,Healing, 648:works, therefore, through a triangle and two lines of energy. The situation can be depicted in theHealing, 651:upon the triangle "existing in living lines of energy" (as it has been called) within his ownHealing, 652:and will [652] indicate to you some of the lines along which the healer's training should go. ThisHealing, 658:a spiritual healer and ready to read between the lines and to distinguish between symbolism andHealing, 681:vehicles. A little thinking along the lines of this "forthgoing Word" will throw much light onHealing, 693:much given out during the past century along the lines of magical work, that more at this timeHealing, 694:waste of my time to give instruction along these lines. I have felt it necessary to explain this,Healing, 707:the healing energy descend, carrying its dual lines of life and its magnetic force. Let thatHercules, 67:the world tongue; that the greatest lines of ocean communication start from New York or London, andHercules, 67:make their presence felt; new and undeveloped lines of approach to spiritual truth emerge, and manyHercules, 110:have expressed themselves along similar lines. [The Soul and Its Mechanism by Alice A. Bailey.Hercules, 139:choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force." (Ibid. pp. 251, 261). [140] Hercules, 192:of those who write and think along these lines, and there are thousands everywhere in the world, isHercules, 192:is to begin to think constructively along right lines so that the foundations will be well laid forHercules, 213:choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force". Scorpio, the Scorpion Element:Initiation, 20:this Hierarchy of forces has four pre-eminent lines of work: To develop Self-Consciousness in allInitiation, 22:the three lower kingdoms, for in him these three lines of development are synthesized and come toInitiation, 32:is not necessary for us to digress along these lines. A hint suffices for those who have eyes toInitiation, 65:the development of the microcosm along cosmic lines. The man is taught the meaning of himself; heInitiation, 66:the sixth subrace. They are tested for various lines of work, many incomprehensible to us now, butInitiation, 81:Later on as they progress, the various lines approximate and merge. All have been at one timeInitiation, 84:not develop exactly along the same or parallel lines, and therefore no hard or fast rules can beInitiation, 90:this globe; we will deal later with some of the lines of work that stretch before the Adept if heInitiation, 108:three great Beings form a triangle, within whose lines of force the initiate finds himself. At theInitiation, 156:to carry out specific purposes along two lines: Definite creative processes. Specific direction ofInitiation, 157:aspirant has made real progress in these three lines of endeavor will the first of the Great WordsInitiation, 172:him. It is not possible to say much along these lines. All that can be done is to enumerate some ofIntellect, 35:which, if carried forward along the same lines, will become a detriment instead of a help, -Intellect, 50:and the intuitional knowers. The beautiful lines found in Dr. Winslow Hall's Illuminanda point theIntellect, 65:Prayer can perhaps be best expressed by certain lines, by J. Montgomery, well known to all of us.Intellect, 98:expresses the Christian intention along these lines as follows: "This 'detachment from self ', whatIntellect, 119:work forward along what might be termed secular lines, for the use of the mind has been involved,Intellect, 169:and who have sought to teach people along these lines are well aware of this condition. TheIntellect, 206:our thoughts at all times along certain chosen lines, making ourselves think what we choose toMagic, 35:and carry forward its activity along its own lines, or whether we deal with a form in one of theMagic, 56:as the so-called religious or spiritual lines. All that tends to lift the status of humanity on anyMagic, 67:"scatters not his force." There are so many lines of activity into which the soul-inspired discipleMagic, 67:may throw himself. Assurance as to varying lines of activity is not easy to reach and everyMagic, 67:whereby a man may know which out of several lines of activity is the right line to take? Is there,Magic, 68:line of action out of the residue of possible lines which seems to him the wisest and the best.Magic, 77:currents, and in it are vital centers linked by lines of force with each other and with the nervousMagic, 77:system of the physical man. Through these lines of force, it is connected also with the ethericMagic, 101:The angel or deva evolution is one of the great lines of force, contained in the divine expressionMagic, 101:than any amount of discipline along other lines. The drastic purgation brought about by the attemptMagic, 105:the sun, or from a planet. Along those living lines of fiery essence pass all the contacts that doMagic, 115:and the expenditure of force along destructive lines, and a spirit contrary to the law of the planeMagic, 115:great but their point of attainment along some lines less than that of those who adhere to basicMagic, 158:these rules can be carried forward along several lines. For our purposes, the one followed will beMagic, 163:he himself has engendered. Or again, there are lines of thought which draw forth from the emotionalMagic, 165:hears and functions organically along similar lines to the human, but lacks the mentalMagic, 180:and of receiving instruction along various lines and, when this is the case, great accuracy ofMagic, 183:about through definite work along meditation lines, mind control, and the inflow of spiritualMagic, 187:oneself than force one's way unprepared into lines of forces before one can handle either them orMagic, 190:done by the artists of the world in their many lines of expression. Their efforts, to the seer, areMagic, 280:a business run along sound and true lines, a life salvaged, and the outer dharma carried out withMagic, 288:vibrating become the point quiescent, and all lines gather into One. Let the soul realize the OneMagic, 305:of Failure. This affects many people along many lines. The fear that one may fail to make good, theMagic, 313:the Holy Ghost". More information along these lines is not possible, but mention is made of it, asMagic, 322:to added chaos. The effort should be along the lines of an endeavor to make contact with the higherMagic, 325:[325] of that work and should - along lines so closely affecting their power to serve - be fullyMagic, 325:be of value to touch briefly upon certain main lines of thought which are emerging at the presentMagic, 327:cults, sects and organizations, two main lines of thought are emerging - one doomed eventually toMagic, 328:Temple and to the Mount of Initiation. These two lines are: 1. Those who look back to the past, whoMagic, 336:else in the world at this time, from two great lines of thought, such [337] as the mechanistic andMagic, 337:of value here if we noted the tendency of three lines of thought, roughly speaking in the field ofMagic, 337:as responsible for and giving rise to all the lines of conduct and characteristics which manMagic, 354:and only sensing the inner truth, work on broad lines of preparation. They are aided by bands ofMagic, 361:Mind, the active intelligent Deity. The lines of force from these three lower aspects lead back (ifMagic, 361:expression) on to the third plane, as the astral lines of force lead back to the second or monadicMagic, 367:evolution go forward along the desired lines. Right thinking depends upon many things, and it mightMagic, 401:situation and forecast somewhat the general lines along which their and future workMagic, 405:and specific group work along clearly defined lines, with each group standing [406] for someMagic, 413:masses of men, groups of workers along various lines, and set them the task of elevating humanityMagic, 418:of groups, working along the many possible lines, but having at their heart or behind them -Magic, 420:for the future, and to thinking along the new lines. He must be warned not to waste time inMagic, 439:these three charts will take certain geometrical lines, the lines of energies will form patterns.Magic, 439:charts will take certain geometrical lines, the lines of energies will form patterns. These threeMagic, 440:our age will duly be found. I but indicate the lines of the future astrology in order to safeguardMagic, 440:choose the Way that leads between the two great lines of force. [442] Scorpio - Warrior I am, andMagic, 464:each other, predisposes the future along certain lines. This is eternally true of all human beingsMagic, 477:will die out and books come to naught" for the lines of subjective communication [478] will lieMagic, 490:and a supervision of the thought life. Certain lines of thought will not be permitted; certain oldMagic, 493:is so immense that I can only indicate certain lines along which the aspirant may think, and positMagic, 506:be given. I would indicate the future and the lines along which future occult study will run. ItMagic, 523:the indicating to him of possible trends and lines of evolution, and the definition of theMagic, 541:and the whims of the undeveloped along spiritual lines. It must be remembered that every humanMagic, 556:become a creative thinker, lies along analogous lines. His creative work will be successful if heMagic, 568:to those students who can read between the lines and who are developing the capacity to see theMagic, 601:this long series of instructions certain basic lines of teaching stand out with exceptionalMagic, 601:out with exceptional clarity, casting lesser lines of instruction into the shade. Students would doMagic, 601:order to grasp its outstanding points, its main lines of teaching, and the three or fourMagic, 602:and to employ. He must realize his unity and lines of contact with all similar workers and thusMagic, 615:work has been carried forward along wrong lines and has been based on wrong motives and fitted intoMeditation, 5:some geometrical figure, some utilization of the lines of the cube, and their demonstration in aMeditation, 5:the purpose consists in merging all these many lines into one line, and gradually this consummation
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