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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LINES

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Rays, 451:goes on until the Third Initiation. The lines of force are then so interrelated that the soul andRays, 452:is to ask those who are studying along these lines to realize that in time they will arrive atRays, 479:of the entire process may be found in the lines from Stanzas for Disciples which I gave out someRays, 501:methods, uniquely possible on the seven major lines of emanatory energy, which differing ray typesRays, 502:but also factually, so that three paralleling lines of thought, or three streams of active energy,Rays, 512:soul ray. The simultaneous preservation of three lines of thought: Awareness of the blendedRays, 540:The potency of his thinking along these dual lines will automatically produce the point of tension,Rays, 542:to bring about. These are the broad and general lines governing the initiatory process; the workRays, 593:of esotericists always to refer to the great lines of force: 1-3-5-7 and 2-4-6. I would have youRays, 682:but who are mentally convinced that certain lines of activity must be followed, leading to theirRays, 713:[713] but I have given you much along these lines in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. Much more than IRays, 718:- The Decision We have been studying along three lines which, in spite of the unavoidableRays, 748:it can give a lead to the world along spiritual lines which will be beyond anything yetRays, 750:the human spirit) by efforts along all possible lines to bridge or heal the cleavage. This isRays, 758:and for the extension of science along the lines of the betterment of mankind, and not for itsReappearance, 49:Some day, we assuredly will and - along certain lines - we already have. Let me relate some of theReappearance, 59:to the establishment (figuratively speaking) of lines of light between nation and nation, religionReappearance, 61:and spiritual speculation upon the probable lines which His work will take. Over the years, muchReappearance, 99:generated during the centuries ahead of us. The lines which His training follows are known only toReappearance, 137:are spiritually alive - not along orthodox lines but in a true search and a vital demand for light.Reappearance, 165:of right human relations. It is along these lines that the New Group of World Servers and all menSoul, 14:and agreeing with Dr. Pillsbury that two lines of interpretation are unnecessary, I am convinced ofSoul, 17:and in the approach to truth through various lines, science has arranged the known facts and isSoul, 34:and [34] a certain response apparatus, certain lines of conduct, it is claimed, are inevitable -Soul, 34:are carried along the millions of telegraph lines of our nerves to the central power house of ourSoul, 111:or pranic energy is distributed along subtle lines of direction. These lines are called "nadis" andSoul, 111:along subtle lines of direction. These lines are called "nadis" and are closely related to theSoul, 114:not the ordinary material nerves, but subtler lines of direction along which the vital forces go.Soul, 149:in his book, The Human Atmosphere. Still further lines of investigation into the supernormal powersTelepathy, 18:the heart center can stream, in reality, those lines of energy which link and bind together. It wasTelepathy, 58:Some few are beginning to work along the lines of spiritual telepathy. Few do more than registerTelepathy, 65:not only reveal quality, but is revealing the lines of relationship which underlie allTelepathy, 76:content of their right thinking along spiritual lines and can do no one any harm, but is of no trueTelepathy, 79:of the animal consciousness proceeds along lines paralleling, yet dissimilar to that of the humanTelepathy, 120:take its place. You will note that all along the lines of teaching there comes an eventual mergingTelepathy, 121:in the development of consciousness, the many lines of spiritual approach become the few lines ofTelepathy, 121:many lines of spiritual approach become the few lines of conscious spiritual awareness. So it is inTelepathy, 121:flow into our manifested world along the lines of the seven Paths; these are not the directTelepathy, 121:their origin concerns a great mystery. These two lines of energy - material energy and the energyTelepathy, 142:body is composed of interlocking and circulating lines of force emanating from one or [143] other,Telepathy, 143:of consciousness of our planetary Life. These lines of energy and this closely interlocking systemTelepathy, 143:The energies which form (through interlocked "lines of forceful energy") the underlying ethericTelepathy, 145:is present in millions of tiny streams or lines of energy, to which the Eastern occultist has givenTelepathy, 148:to the perception of the Hierarchy. Lines of light pass from form to form. Some are bright and someTelepathy, 151:as a whole, because many lesser channels and lines of force or energy merge and blend as they nearTelepathy, 162:the nadis, or that fine system of related lines of force which, in their turn, externalizeTelepathy, 162:or along (both words are equally true) the lines of force which underlie the nadis. A while ago ITelepathy, 196:consciousness and is, therefore, thinking along lines of the true values, he will discover that his
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