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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LINK

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Patanjali, 59:repeated. The Sutratma is that magnetic link, spoken of in the Christian Bible as the "silverPatanjali, 63:sutratma or the thread, which is the magnetic link. The third adjustment spoken of can only safelyPatanjali, 143:out on the physical plane, and the chains which link a man to the great wheel of physicalPatanjali, 182:of the disciple and to that tie, the sutratma or link which relates him to God, or to his Father inPatanjali, 186:forms and the real man [186] and which tends to link him to a form and to the physical plane isPatanjali, 253:the thread-soul, silver cord, or magnetic link. This thread passes through the mind and illuminesPatanjali, 277:to a physical family which constitutes his link with the animal kingdom, and also belongs to anPatanjali, 382:"As a man thinketh, so is he," and to it one can link the oriental truism. "Energy follows thought"Problems, 35:the methods immediately employed, which will link the past and the future by using all that isProblems, 161:and condition the New World Religion, which will link it with all of the good which the past hasProblems, 163:and with a uniformity of approach which would link them all closely together These three FestivalsPsychology1, xxiii:to introduce the subject on a wide basis and to link the individual with the general, and this mayPsychology1, 9:study yourself and your brethren; seek to link what I say to any knowledge you may possess of thePsychology1, 28:rightly applied) will serve as the connecting link between the worlds of concrete and of abstractPsychology1, 71:active. The Perceiver on the Way The Link between the Three and Three The Divine Intermediary ThePsychology1, 72:of desire. Lower the thread. Unfold the Way. Link man with God. Arise. Quality - power to revealPsychology1, 89:the medium of form. Ray 5 forms the connecting link of the intelligence. Psychology1, 94:that we may discover a something which will link the intangible world of true being with thePsychology1, 112:upon the problems of modern psychology, and link the many aspects of the science of the soul.Psychology1, 125:will come the power to penetrate the web, and so link up consciously with the astral body. AnotherPsychology1, 151:form within the solar ring-pass-not, and thus link every form with every other form. Note thereforePsychology1, 171:be cleared up. Secondly, it was determined to link more closely and subjectively the seniorPsychology1, 186:death now prevalent everywhere. Thus mankind can link the higher and the lower manifestations ofPsychology1, 230:the macrocosm of the lower microcosm; he is the link which unites the three lower kingdoms to thePsychology1, 241:accurate interpreters of astral phenomena. Their link with the vegetable kingdom is then very closePsychology1, 241:is then very close and unbreakable, and that link or binding chain will lead them through the doorPsychology1, 246:Venus and Jupiter contending for control. The link with the vegetable kingdom is then strong, andPsychology1, 309:the point. He is therefore in the nature of a link, and a far from missing link. He unifies inPsychology1, 309:in the nature of a link, and a far from missing link. He unifies in himself the results of thePsychology1, 345:which dwell beneath the threshold. They seek to link and blend, to bridge and fuse. Mankind nowPsychology1, 383:ray of idealism. 7th ray of magic and order. "I link two Ways." Austria 5th ray of knowledge. 4thPsychology1, 385:and bodies. As you may know, there is a close link between the fourth and the second rays, and thisPsychology1, 383:ray of idealism. 7th ray of magic and order. "I link two Ways." Austria 5th ray of knowledge. 4thPsychology2, 73:in so doing it is possible to bridge the gap and link the two shores of the higher and the lowerPsychology2, 106:between disciples is egoic and not personal. The link is of the soul and not of the mind. EachPsychology2, 107:the outer divergences of opinion. When the inner link is held in love, and when disciplesPsychology2, 164:the correspondence or the trend of ideas which link, for instance: The beatitudes (enunciated byPsychology2, 178:- The Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life a. The Link of the World Groups It would be possible to goPsychology2, 192:and the world of human thought. They will link or blend life and form creatively. Today,Psychology2, 415:in the larger sense. Head and heart then link up, and the spiritual man appears in fullerPsychology2, 420:of the one who has been unable to hold the link within the brain with adequate positiveness. But,Psychology2, 420:some shock or disaster which suddenly severs the link of consciousness, and in this latter casePsychology2, 508:and are in process of establishing a close link with the world of souls. The "things of the kingdomPsychology2, 610:becomes less and less firmly established and the link gets looser and looser until the man spendsPsychology2, 620:New Age will be held together by a subjective link and not so much by the emotional reactionRays, 89:the need, and at the same time strengthens the link which relates the Hierarchy to Humanity. TheRays, 189:numbers, and whilst preserving their conscious link with the Ashram with which they wereRays, 210:real difficulty. There is little, in reality, to link these people except inclination, a jointRays, 211:next step is the destruction of the ties which link the personalities of the group members. TheseRays, 418:available. The above information will, however, link Sirius and our little planet, the Earth, inRays, 448:begin the definite process of constructing the link or bridge between the various aspects of man'sRays, 492:can begin to evoke the Will. This will make the link between the lower and the higher minds,Rays, 737:Being, that chain of life in which the smallest link is of importance, and the greatest link isRays, 737:smallest link is of importance, and the greatest link is related to the smallest through theReappearance, 45:who annually - in synthesis and symbolically - link up and represent the Father's House, theSoul, 46:and more to the head region, to become the great link between sex and brain." - Berman, Louis,Soul, 63:vital, and intellectual - the connecting link between the worlds of intellect and matter being thatSoul, 75:Pythagoras, who did so much in his day to link the Eastern and Western philosophies, gave the sameSoul, 81:and consciousness, but places a connecting-link between the two, which on the one hand revealsSoul, 134:ages; they feel, sense, love and adore, but the link between soul, mind and brain is lacking. WhenTelepathy, 18:stream, in reality, those lines of energy which link and bind together. It was for this reason thatTelepathy, 197:in cooperative endeavor with others, to link hierarchical intent with human aspiration and thus
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