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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LINKED

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Astrology, 26:of a solar life and every planet is therefore: Linked with every other planetary life. Animated byAstrology, 29:should suggest (more I cannot do) that they are linked up astrologically with the constellations,Astrology, 45:goal of System 2. The fifth or tenth is closely linked with the five liberated Hierarchies, and isAstrology, 47:to the physical Sun. Thus the tiny atom is linked with the great central Life of the solar system.Astrology, 87:to be found and the way in which they must be linked by the progression of the fire before thatAstrology, 116:come down into the prison house of matter and linked itself to form. Hence the symbol of Pisces, ofAstrology, 116:Hence the symbol of Pisces, of the two fishes linked together by a band. One fish stands for theAstrology, 197:is a direct inflow of divine energy and man is linked up in a new and creative manner to sources ofAstrology, 258:The stage of Discipleship. IV. Pisces Duality linked in synthesis. Compare symbols for Gemini andAstrology, 317:of the symbol was dropped altogether and the two linked fishes took the place of the fishAstrology, 391:of energy, via Venus, but is at the same time linked in a dual sense with two arms of the CardinalAstrology, 391:desire as a motivating agency. The soul is linked with form but its major link is with the spirit.Astrology, 391:appears. Desire in its lowest expression is linked with the form in Taurus. Aspirational idealismAstrology, 391:is also achieved in Taurus. Aspiration is linked, however, in its lowest expression with the soulAstrology, 526:the most slowly. The Occident and the Orient are linked through the personality ray of the OccidentAstrology, 633:gossamer thread which bound the two together and linked the place of the Most High (Shamballa) withAstrology, 683:As earlier pointed out, each Heavenly Man is linked with one of His Brothers under the Law ofAstrology, 689:different centers become geometrically linked, such as the: Base of the spine, Solar plexus, Heart;Astrology, 690:Logos embodies. It became geometrically linked with two other centers, of which Venus was one, andAtom, 83:in whom highest spirit and lowest matter are linked together by intelligence." Man is here picturedAutobiography, 112:spot in the week, partly I think because it linked me with the past. Autobiography, 212:working out today, the friends and family we are linked with and the quality, character andBethlehem, 39:in Him, a fact in full expression. He has linked us to Himself through His perfected humanity; HeBethlehem, 39:Himself through His perfected humanity; He has linked us to God through His expressed divinity. Bethlehem, 225:significant manner to this act of Christ, which linked Him up not only with ourselves and all pastBethlehem, 239:The entire question of immortality is closely linked with the problem of divinity and of theDestiny, 53:the same. Many British people are subjectively linked with India, by past incarnations andDestiny, 101:the most slowly. The Occident and the Orient are linked through the personality ray of the OccidentDiscipleship1, 30:between a chela and his Master. Many of you are linked with your own Master, though temporarilyDiscipleship1, 62:other groups in the same manner in which they linked up with the members of their own group. InDiscipleship1, 75:who compose it are not only egoically linked but that there is also a strong personality tie (withDiscipleship1, 116:- because of this definite acceptance - you are linked with the Hierarchy of Masters and,Discipleship1, 140:so strong that they unduly cherish those who are linked to them by karmic obligation and whoseDiscipleship1, 340:objective in alignment will then be the mind, linked with the soul and the brain. This is a littleDiscipleship1, 402:by your soul and personality rays. It has linked you powerfully (and this should interest and cheerDiscipleship1, 457:that all the three parts of the lower nature are linked more or less to the higher, thus producingDiscipleship1, 502:The aura of protection with which those who are linked to the Hierarchy and who are Members of theDiscipleship1, 518:be. The usefulness of disciples to those who are linked karmatically to them and for whom they feelDiscipleship1, 616:plane. The inner group remains and is closely linked with me. You have struggled for years toDiscipleship1, 665:not so, my brother? Your astral body is closely linked with your soul and governed by the secondDiscipleship2, 16:effort attempt the following procedure: Having linked up with all your group brothers, and havingDiscipleship2, 32:upon the Way. He remains, therefore, tenuously linked with the New Seed Group - a linking which isDiscipleship2, 38:with all the powers of the soul and - as you are linked with the Hierarchy - you are facing towardDiscipleship2, 117:recognized factors now constitute a definite and linked triangle of force. Then say with heartfeltDiscipleship2, 118:the three centers (head, heart and solar plexus) linked together so that the heads of all the groupDiscipleship2, 141:realization of a living world of Intelligences, linked together from Sanat Kumara downwards untilDiscipleship2, 169:- that the three major centers in our planet are linked up: Shamballa, "where the Will of God isDiscipleship2, 273:and culture; the nation will then be linked up - through the point at the center - with the sourceDiscipleship2, 352:powerful Hierarchy and one much more closely linked to Humanity by the principle of intelligence -Discipleship2, 407:or in other constructive groups - who were linked consciously to their souls, and consequentlyDiscipleship2, 407:consciously to their souls, and consequently linked to the Hierarchy. There have always been thoseDiscipleship2, 475:in karmic relationship. Both become indissoluble linked. You have touched many lives in yourDiscipleship2, 569:and of the divine consciousness. We are forever linked as workers in the one Hierarchy and underDiscipleship2, 673:in the group. The rest of the group members are linked with the Ashram, and therefore with myself,Discipleship2, 701:on the periphery of my Ashram; you are still linked to your group brothers and to me, even if youDiscipleship2, 701:when the first ray personality is strongly linked to the desire nature. All this you know, forEducation, 31:linking the mind with the two aspects already linked. This thread of energy emanates from, or isEducation, 31:the soul and the mind, which in its turn is linked with the other two aspects. The soul energy,Education, 31:the other two aspects. The soul energy, when linked with the other threads, has its anchor in theEducation, 32:(do not forget that it is always unconsciously linked), an extension of this fivefold thread - theExternalisation, 12:astral thought-form. It is not me, nor is it linked to me, nor do I use it. I have definitelyExternalisation, 15:the Trans-Himalayan Lodge and whose workers are linked, consciously or unconsciously, with suchExternalisation, 16:impulses are members of the one school and are linked together in a basic subjective unity. TheExternalisation, 57:why (in my earlier discussion of the subject) I linked the results of religion and of scienceExternalisation, 79:and unclogged channels and to seek only to be linked with the soul of each and all, whose nature isExternalisation, 93:3rd Ray Active Intelligence. [93] These can be linked up with the kingdoms in nature, but in thisExternalisation, 104:with spiritual groups and are therefore linked subjectively to [105] their group brothers in allExternalisation, 159:in His life and world service, He definitely linked up our planet and humanity (in particular) withExternalisation, 160:the Hierarchy and the Lord of the World, linked through the Manu and representing Shamballa can beExternalisation, 164:center - Humanity Thus all the great centers are linked and all the planes are interrelated; theExternalisation, 285:real to you the Doctrine of the Coming One - linked as it is to the teaching of every greatExternalisation, 308:note carefully, there is established a direct linked chain from humanity, via the Hierarchy, toExternalisation, 404:spiritual fact as is God Himself, because it is linked with our knowledge of Him as Father. [405]Externalisation, 504:Master D.K., and another Master Who is specially linked with the work of preparation in the sacredExternalisation, 514:- is completed in full expression, for each one linked to Him becomes, in a vital sense, a cell inExternalisation, 556:of May and June not only become more closely linked, but the procedure has been changed and theExternalisation, 669:my Ashram is in a key position. It is closely linked to the first ray Ashram of the Master Morya,Fire, 6:are certain other laws in the system which are linked with this one; some of them are as follows:Fire, 124:to center, and each whirling wheel becomes linked by a chain of fire till there is a triangle ofFire, 169:to be found and the way in which they must be linked by the progression of the fire before thatFire, 318:built up on the basic idea of Spirit and Matter, linked by Intelligence. This has often been done.Fire, 365:necessitated. Each globe in a chain is occultly linked with the chain of its own number, and withFire, 365:2, and scheme 2 during round 2 axe specially linked and vitalized, and are the focal point ofFire, 367:As earlier pointed out, each Heavenly Man is linked with one of His Brothers under the Law ofFire, 368:different centers become geometrically linked, such as the Base of the spine, Solar plexus, Heart;Fire, 369:Logos [369] embodies. It became geometrically linked with two other centers, of which Venus wasFire, 370:Men of Venus and Jupiter are magnetically linked with the Heavenly Man of our scheme. TheFire, 434:of the self-conscious units, the fifth principle linked the higher three and the lower four. ThisFire, 455:this large band of seventh Ray magicians (some linked to the Brotherhood and some to the purelyFire, 573:interlaced circles in blue, in groups of three, linked by one large circle. Both symbols are, ofFire, 575:and an attempt to think abstractly; it is linked to the fact that the whole second system isFire, 589:vegetable kingdom. We must remember that it is linked to a subsidiary law of the cosmic Law ofFire, 592:of Karma. Each of the seven subsidiary laws is linked to one of the cosmic laws, or with the SirianFire, 596:sacrifice to the evolving life, and is closely linked in its manifestation with the seventh Ray.Fire, 661:is the Lord of a major Ray. The other two are linked up with the Lords of a minor Ray. There is aFire, 663:deva who (through similarity of vibration) is linked to any particular man and who gives to him anFire, 667:Seventh Order." The seventh order is peculiarly linked to the devas of the first order on the firstFire, 668:sixth order, as might be expected, are closely linked with those of the second order on the.Fire, 682:form part of his lunar body. They are directly linked with the highest spiritual essences, andFire, 695:thereon. As earlier said, the dense physical is linked and coordinated with the etheric bodies of
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