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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LINKING

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Astrology, 46:form of twelve-petalled lotuses - this symbology linking them up with "the Son of Divine Love," theAstrology, 98:and Pisces is properly understood (as the linking and merging of the three crosses) a new lightAstrology, 313:relation is beyond the average grasp and its 'linking' or essential unity (lying as it does outsideAstrology, 318:and is brought about by the esoteric linking of Cancer-Virgo-Scorpio-Capricorn-Pisces. In theAstrology, 320:we have just been concerned and to the fivefold linking which has been established in theAstrology, 364:is one of the subjective symbols of this sign, linking it again with the Masonic tradition andAstrology, 391:is, therefore, related to the Mutable Cross by a linking stream of energy, via Venus, but is at theAstrology, 476:of the seven constellations - is included, thus linking the self-conscious aspect with the spirit:Atom, 83:three lines of evolution, spirit, matter, and linking intellect; he is shown to be the one whoDestiny, 39:with the Buddha Who is one of the Forces linking Shamballa and the Hierarchy. Destiny, 55:Brazil will - at some distant date - represent a linking interpreting civilization, based on theDestiny, 61:as they come to truer understanding, is the linking of the East and of the West, and also of theDestiny, 88:maturity. This vast land is ruled by Gemini, linking it therefore closely with Great Britain andDestiny, 90:States. Ray 2. - Love-wisdom, via Jupiter, thus linking the States closely with Great Britain andDestiny, 90:on his anvil, through fire and blows, that linking network which covers all the nation and makes itDiscipleship1, 4:- Talks to Disciples - Part I I have felt that a linking up of your minds in connection with theDiscipleship1, 13:your meditation to link up with me but let this linking up take place after you have worked at andDiscipleship1, 15:Nothing can be done without this. The subjective linking of the disciples with each other in theirDiscipleship1, 15:with each other in their own group, and the linking of the group with other groups occupied withDiscipleship1, 38:of the antahkarana and their task is that of linking the three points of mental focus - the higherDiscipleship1, 40:with soul. They also evoke the soul of the past, linking it with the present and finding itDiscipleship1, 41:between the other groups. They are peculiarly a linking group. [42] Group 9 The head, heart, throatDiscipleship1, 49:interests in service and who seek that inner linking which will fuse the group into an instrumentDiscipleship1, 70:lower mind, the soul and the higher mind - thus linking that relatively lower triplicity with theDiscipleship1, 87:(in its two parts) involves, therefore, the linking up of heart and head, of the mystic and theDiscipleship1, 87:which stimulated the heart into action, linking the heart center (between the shoulder blades) toDiscipleship1, 142:which you deem should be taken. The necessary linking which should be done if the work is to beDiscipleship1, 166:the work of the New Group of World Servers in linking them, widely and consciously, to the men ofDiscipleship1, 267:at this point may prove useful to you: In the linking of the heart and the ajna centers will comeDiscipleship1, 267:come increased ability to do this work. This linking will come as you pour out love to your fellowDiscipleship1, 289:group of brothers, as far as the outer plane linking is concerned, but you have already establishedDiscipleship1, 296:- and it is the bringing about of this synthetic linking which is my present objective with you.Discipleship1, 309:to see these symbols by definitely [309] linking up with and pouring out love to your brothers.Discipleship1, 340:which you are doing with my group, after duly linking up soul and brain. Your objective inDiscipleship1, 359:upon its meaning. Proceed with your usual linking up with those you ever remember in yourDiscipleship1, 456:next few months at strengthening your alignment, linking consciously brain-mind-soul, and producingDiscipleship1, 495:with vitality. Believe that this is so. Then linking up consciously with the soul, the real,Discipleship1, 545:self-ascertained, and based upon the linking of your soul with mine upon the mental plane. PonderDiscipleship1, 659:line of least resistance. Your problem is the linking up of this triangle of force (2.4.6) so thatDiscipleship1, 667:of my suggestion. You have made good progress in linking up with your group brothers. It is not anDiscipleship1, 714:egoic group what is technically known as the "linking light" or the "bridging radiance." This isDiscipleship1, 748:to you. This thread is not the antahkarana but a linking thread of living light. This the MasterDiscipleship2, 32:tenuously linked with the New Seed Group - a linking which is stronger upon the subjective sideDiscipleship2, 33:by me and has evoked from me due response. Their linking with the group was not tenuous but was aDiscipleship2, 113:form which will stimulate the heart into action, linking the heart center (between the shoulderDiscipleship2, 119:and head and then - by an act of the will - linking up both with the quiescent point within theDiscipleship2, 121:the Monad can begin to make its presence felt, linking heart and head and solar plexus. [122] ThereDiscipleship2, 169:do this, your meditation work may be useful in linking hierarchical intent with human aspiration;Discipleship2, 194:of mind) the life thread necessarily passed, linking Monad, soul and personality into one livingDiscipleship2, 222:and of evocation, as employed by all the linking groups between the various planetary centers; aDiscipleship2, 318:of the time, and this method is essentially a linking presentation. Occasionally (usually once in aDiscipleship2, 352:things will thereby be brought about: A closer linking of the three divine centers (Shamballa, theDiscipleship2, 378:until the antahkarana has been created, thus linking the Spiritual Triad and the Personality. TheDiscipleship2, 462:undoubtedly noted) produce in the long run the linking up of the three centers above the diaphragmDiscipleship2, 566:if you so choose, work out the same idea in the linking of the three periodical vehicles, finding aDiscipleship2, 586:have been many. It will be like picking up a linking thread and tracing it to the Ashram, therebyDiscipleship2, 660:center, the sutratma and the antahkarana - thus linking the centers in the body with the soul. ThenDiscipleship2, 687:in the radiant soul and hold it there steadily, linking the soul and the head center, again by theDiscipleship2, 697:reflection, following a definite process of linking with me and with my Ashram. Here are the seedDiscipleship2, 699:many years, and you still are. One of the major linking and blending processes is the creative workDiscipleship2, 702:I enjoin upon you the prime necessity of linking up with your soul, with the Ashram and with meEducation, 6:true education is consequently the science of linking up the integral parts of man, and also ofEducation, 6:up the integral parts of man, and also of linking him up in turn with his immediate environment,Education, 31:many today are carrying that bridge forward and linking the mind with the two aspects alreadyEducation, 31:anchored in, the head. A few people are steadily linking the soul and the mind, which in its turnEducation, 33:an act of the will. Many, too, are in process of linking the three lower aspects, which we call theEducation, 97:application of the other two sciences. As the linking up of soul and personality proceeds, and asEducation, 145:The monad, the soul and the personality, linking all three periodical vehicles and unifying allExternalisation, 15:people will constitute eventually a body of linking souls, mediating between those who cannot seeExternalisation, 52:of the soul and of nature, will constitute a linking body of occultists. 3. Government by a trueExternalisation, 54:that they will act as a clearing house or a linking body between the educators of the time, thoseExternalisation, 156:here point out that the difference between the linking up that you can effectively do and thatExternalisation, 205:is forming in the world. It is simply a loose linking together of all men of constructive peaceExternalisation, 480:of men) the last sermon of the Buddha, thus linking the full enlightenment of the pre-Christian eraExternalisation, 535:Hierarchy is working at the establishing of the linking strands between Itself and Shamballa, andExternalisation, 650:of the stirring of this spiritual movement - linking humanity and the Hierarchy. This is due toFire, 261:the eighth sphere. I would suggest that in this linking factor of intelligent mind, we have a clueFire, 445:Being come into incarnation through the linking work of an extra-systemic Being. In all periods ofFire, 643:definite function in the evolutionary process of linking up the four kingdoms of nature, beingFire, 643:corresponds to the antahkarana, or the bridge linking higher and lower manas, and which thereforeFire, 643:to the superconscious) there is a period of linking, of building, and of bridging, and this isFire, 676:of man's causal body, and who are the linking group between the Triad and the Quaternary, both inFire, 785:the vital force or prana of the sun. A similar linking up with the force concerned is to be seen onFire, 882:to enable him to perform the function of linking the higher three and the lower four of a futureFire, 1031:body as it produces: Periodic manifestation. The linking of the triangles. The relation between theFire, 1122:the dense medium until the man can succeed in linking the consciousness of the two aspects of theFire, 1123:results, when connected with each other through linking streams of energy and therefore consciouslyFire, 1128:body produce: Periodicity of manifestation. The linking of the Triangles. The relation between: TheFire, 1152:E - Motion on the Plane of Mind 3. Triangular Linking Enough has been indicated in this Treatise toFire, 1185:Lord of the fifth kingdom, and a close line of linking energy between the Lord of the mineralFire, 1204:form of twelve-petalled lotuses - this symbology linking them up with "the Son of Divine Love," theGlamour, 83:in their consciousness. The process is one of linking up the mind with the soul and then focusingGlamour, 143:up consciously with your soul and realize this linking as a fact. Then carry the light of the soul,Glamour, 232:We stand forever with our hands stretched out, linking the heavens and the earth, the inner worldGlamour, 238:We stand forever with our hands stretched out, linking the heavens and the earth, the inner worldHealing, 102:will realize why, in this radiatory work, the linking process involves the soul, the brain and theHealing, 103:working in his group in tangible form. This real linking is brought about by imagining himself asHealing, 103:that energy follows thought and that the linking process is inevitable, if correctly done. You canHealing, 104:to heal." [104] As you do this, visualize the linking process going on. See it as moving lines ofHealing, 104:it as moving lines of living light substance, linking you to your brothers on the one hand, and to
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