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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LINKING

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Healing, 104:moment and think of the one you seek to heal, linking up with him, and focusing your attention onHealing, 146:reaching up into "the seventh Heaven," thus linking the initiate with the first major planetaryHealing, 511:- can begin to attend to a higher integration or linking relation which it must eventually bringHealing, 577:of life. Attain a dispelling radiance through linking the centers in the head. [578] Establish aHealing, 578:The interesting part of this rule is its linking the two possible forms of spiritual healing -Healing, 578:or within the triangle which is formed by so linking them. In Lemurian days, the healer achievedHealing, 615:of a planned and arranged conscious linking, and of the transmission of energy from one aspect ofHealing, 698:He then, with deliberation, performs the act of linking the two triangles; once this is done, he isHealing, 709:note to which the fourth great group reacts and linking it to the great Creative Nine, he soundsHercules, 105:becoming an individual with self-awareness, thus linking it up with the great happenings in theInitiation, 67:time, throughout the world, to do the work of linking up the two planes, the physical and astral,Initiation, 67:of the newer generation have come to do. In this linking up of the two planes people are requiredInitiation, 116:from the heart center of the solar Angel, linking thus heart and brain, - that great dualityInitiation, 178:process of vitalizing one of his centers, and of linking up his heart center with its connection inInitiation, 212:aid these mighty Lords? Who carry on their work, linking the lower with the higher? The Brothers ofIntellect, 141:Treatise, Dialogue III, makes the same point, linking faith, meditation and contemplation togetherMagic, 45:or the sum total of all forms, coordinating and linking, and producing an essential unity. WithinMagic, 47:for the soul of mankind is not only an entity linking spirit and matter, and mediating betweenMagic, 49:the development of the soul. Its coherent force, linking and connecting every part of the bodyMagic, 50:man) to the higher planes in the solar system, linking thus the mental to the buddhic and the mindMagic, 96:physical brain, via the central channel of the linking sutratma, really works out into satisfactoryMagic, 165:but lacks the mental understanding and the linking of cause and effect which are characteristic ofMagic, 322:in direct relation to the clarity of the channel linking the [323] physical brain to the causalMagic, 343:stilling of the concrete mind and a subsequent linking up with the soul and, via the soul, with theMagic, 347:the attack will come. You then pour through the linking chain, and through all the vehicles, aMagic, 422:but as yet the lowest aspect of this aligned and linking triangle, the physical brain, remainsMagic, 576:accompanied by appropriate words. In the work of linking a man up with his ego. The force used hereMagic, 606:with each other. They are primarily a linking or a bridging group. They are gathered out of theMagic, 638:he will discover that the exoteric and esoteric linking of the outer schools and inner school orMeditation, 54:between", and is the creating intermediary, the linking third factor in the process ofMeditation, 63:to vibrate. The stilling of the lower mind. [63] Linking up with the Ego to a more or less degree,Meditation, 66:conditions are right, it likewise results in a linking with the egoic groups of the involvedMeditation, 66:stimulation of the causal bodies involved, and a linking of all three groups - the lower, theMeditation, 86:The advanced man is the man who is linking up the two major centers, - the head and the heart, -Meditation, 107:back prior to the ringing of that circle, thus linking our system to its forerunner and affiliatingMeditation, 195:that a congregation of people is desirous of linking up with that channel of force that worksMeditation, 245:of nervous diseases and troubles and their linking together will come the next step ahead inMeditation, 290:has a counterpart within the head. It is in the linking up of the center with its counterpart inMeditation, 294:tone, thereby, through the power of sound, linking the man up with the Master of the comingPatanjali, 274:the middle principle in the lower [274] man, linking the mental body and the etheric. He is,Patanjali, 274:or soul on its own plane, mediating between and linking the monad with the personality, spirit withProblems, 42:prejudice and racial bias. There are two major linking relationships which should be cultivated andPsychology1, 36:being couched in the language of mysticism, thus linking the truth as found in all religions. It isPsychology1, 88:ray are very closely allied, with the third ray linking them, so that we have the relationPsychology1, 355:the Aryan race at this time is the fifth, thus linking up the Aryan and the Lemurian civilizations.Psychology1, 387:lies thousands of years ahead) will represent a linking interpreting civilization, based on thePsychology2, 64:Soul Influence It is through the spleen that a linking up takes place between the life principlePsychology2, 74:fact that the more people can achieve this linking of the higher and lower aspects of the humanPsychology2, 106:from the standpoint of an inner subjective linking can a united work be carried forward. Psychology2, 117:governed by the Law of Magnetic impulse (as the linking of the head centers demonstrates) and thePsychology2, 183:[183] accomplished without these. The subjective linking of each group member with each, and thePsychology2, 190:of the antahkarana; and their task is that of linking the three points of interest upon the mentalPsychology2, 192:They evoke the soul of the past, primarily, linking it with the present, and finding it alsoPsychology2, 197:very loosely linked. On the astral plane the linking is stronger and is based upon love ofPsychology2, 197:love of humanity; on the mental plane the major linking takes place, from the angle of the threePsychology2, 233:with light or energy all the centers, thus linking a man in consciousness with all thePsychology2, 272:they have done this, they become a bridging or a linking group between the Hierarchy and the race,Psychology2, 297:great problem, a great opportunity, and a great "linking" energy. It makes the life of thePsychology2, 432:vital or etheric body which serves ever as the linking web between the dense physical body and theRays, 89:in His nature makes it possible. The major linking agent in the universe is the energy ofRays, 204:and limited manifestation of that fusing linking principle. His great achievement, unrealized [205]Rays, 252:of Sanat Kumara in its sevenfold form, thus linking will and love. A presentation of the newer typeRays, 254:Eventually it will demonstrate as the main linking unit between the East and the West, particularlyRays, 267:Council. They function, in a peculiar sense, as linking intermediaries between the Logos of ourRays, 269:sole value for you lies in the revelation of the linking up and the interplay between all parts ofRays, 273:call the antahkarana; this is, in reality, the linking thread between the head center of SanatRays, 448:terms, are carrying that bridge forward and linking the mind with the two aspects already linked.Rays, 448:people, fewer of course in number, are steadily linking the soul and the mind, which in its turn isRays, 451:of the will. Advanced humanity is in process of linking the three lower aspects, which we call theRays, 473:and hierarchical endeavor, a great alignment and linking up is taking place, andRays, 473:antahkarana an out standing achievement, thus linking and aligning the three aspects in man. TheRays, 735:which you, as individuals, can share if you are linking your fate and service to that of the NewRays, 737:one important angle of life - but Hierarchy, linking sun with sun, star with star, solar systemRays, 756:apparent and the result will be a closer linking of earth and the spiritual centers of love andReappearance, 6:of a planned and arranged conscious linking and of the transmission of energy from one aspect ofSoul, 131:a body, and that there is a unifying medium linking these two in the form of an energy body. [132]Telepathy, 18:which stimulated the heart center into action, linking the heart center (between the shoulderTelepathy, 29:them forget the personality. A thread of energy, linking receiver and broadcaster, has beenTelepathy, 68:humanity. The New Group of World Servers is the linking bridge and the mode of communication
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