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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LION

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Astrology, 56:They are The symbol for Leo, which is simply the Lion's tail. The arrow in the symbol depictingAstrology, 82:then - the lifting up into the light; until the Lion has been tamed, the secret of the SphinxAstrology, 86:I. Will or Power Aries, the Ram Leo, the Lion Capricorn, the Goat Mars Sun Saturn Mercury SunAstrology, 86:Vulcan Mars Earth V. Concrete Science Leo, the Lion Sagittarius, the Archer Aquarius, theAstrology, 143:sign when it is the rising sign, becoming "the Lion who seeks his prey," that is the personalityAstrology, 155:relation to each other. [155] The mystery of the Lion and the Unicorn. This secret is preserved forAstrology, 155:for us in the ancient nursery rhyme about the "lion and the unicorn going up to town," and containsAstrology, 174:make this clearer: Leo Sagittarius Aquarius The Lion The Centaur The Water-Carrier The Man TheAstrology, 230:of the sign of the Sphinx into two signs (the Lion and the Virgin, soul and form) because the stateAstrology, 285:Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations Leo, the Lion Passing as we are into the Aquarian Age inAstrology, 293:The light of aspiration and knowledge. Leo - The Lion of Self-assertion. The Light of the Soul.Astrology, 300:and which is frequently called "the heart of the Lion." There is more real occultism hidden in theAstrology, 310:it leads to an unexpectedly futile life. The "lion must emerge from its lair," and this injunctionAstrology, 430:united will ordained the Plan. The Bear and the Lion met together and laid their plans [431] inAstrology, 590:Esoteric I Will or Power Aries, the Ram Leo, the Lion Capricorn, the Goat Mars The Sun SaturnAstrology, 590:Mars The Earth V Concrete Science Leo, the Lion Sagittarius, the Archer Aquarius, the Water CarrierAstrology, 639:(Scorpio); in the left lower angle stands the Lion (Leo); in the right, the Bull (Taurus); whileAstrology, 639:Bull (Taurus); while between the Bull and the Lion... is the face of Enoch, the man (Aquarius)...Autobiography, 62:to keep a chair or table between myself and him. Lion tamers have found a strong chair very usefulAutobiography, 62:chair very useful between themselves and a cross lion, and I can recommend it with full confidenceBethlehem, 182:four had the face of a man, and the face of a lion, on the right side; and they four had the faceBethlehem, 182:and behind. "And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast was like a calf, and theBethlehem, 183:which stands for the zodiacal sign Leo, is the Lion. This sign is the symbol of individuality, andDestiny, 146:to this in the following words: [146] "The Lion begins to roar. He rushes forth and, in his urge toDestiny, 146:of the waters works. He stands transformed. The Lion disappears and he who bears the water potEducation, 45:Julius Caesar, Attila the Hun, Richard Coeur de Lion, Napoleon, George Washington and many others.Fire, 306:Will which will make Him what has been called a "Lion of Cosmic Will." Throughout all these gradedHercules, 15:"I had turned eighteen summers when I slew the lion, and hence I wear its skin. Again atHercules, 15:which you sense. Again in Leo, will you meet the lion. What will you do? Again in Gemini, theHercules, 21:age of eighteen years, we are told, he slew a lion which was devastating the countryside and thatHercules, 23:He symbolized Leo, because he always wore the lion's skin as a proof of his courage, and the mottoHercules, 44:water likened to the soul. Leo, as the lion, is the strength of the lower nature, and is theHercules, 95:- Labor V LABOR V The Slaying of the Nemean Lion (Leo, July 22nd- August 21st) The Myth The greatHercules, 96:gone forth. They seek that you should kill the lion that devastates their land, taking its toll ofHercules, 96:I hear?" asked Hercules. "Is it the roaring of a lion I hear, upon the evening air?" The TeacherHercules, 96:evening air?" The Teacher said: "Go, seek the lion which ravages the land lying upon the furtherHercules, 96:sow. From north to south, from east to west the lion prowls and prowling seizes all who cross hisHercules, 96:and my stout heart, I go upon my way to seek the lion. Send word unto the people of Nemea that I goHercules, 97:From place to place passed Hercules, seeking the lion. He found the people of Nemea, hiding behindHercules, 97:O Hercules? Have you not fear? Why seek the lion without defence? Go find your weapons and yourHercules, 97:Go find your weapons and your shield. The lion is fierce and strong, and numbers vast he hasHercules, 97:forth upon the Way, seeking the footstep of the lion and following its voice. "The lion is where?"Hercules, 97:of the lion and following its voice. "The lion is where?" asked Hercules. "The lion is here," cameHercules, 97:voice. "The lion is where?" asked Hercules. "The lion is here," came the reply. "No, there,"Hercules, 97:nights he searched the Way and listened for the lion's roar whilst the people of Nemea crouchedHercules, 97:down behind closed doors. Suddenly he saw the lion. Upon the edge of a deep thicket of young treesHercules, 97:draw near and one who seemed quite unafraid, the lion roared, and with his roar the young treesHercules, 98:of skill planted an arrow in the shoulder of the lion. Straight to the mark it flew. Upon theHercules, 98:fell and failed to pierce the shoulder of the lion. Again and yet again, he shot the lion untilHercules, 98:of the lion. Again and yet again, he shot the lion until there rested not an arrow in his quiver.Hercules, 98:arrow in his quiver. Then towards him came the lion, untouched, unscathed and fierce with rage,Hercules, 98:of God, rushed with wild shouting towards the lion who stood upon the Way, blocking his path,Hercules, 98:unmet. For Hercules came on. Suddenly the lion turned and rushed ahead of Hercules into a thicketHercules, 98:And suddenly, as he travelled on the Way, the lion disappeared and was no more seen or heard.Hercules, 98:shouting unto the people of the land: "The lion is here. Await the deed that I shall do." AndHercules, 98:length into the light of day and found no lion, only another opening in the cave that led into theHercules, 98:the light of day. And as he stood, he heard the lion behind him, not before. "What shall I do?"Hercules, 98:cave has openings twain and as I enter one the lion passes out and enters by the one I left behind.Hercules, 98:shall I do? Weapons avail me not. How kill this lion and save the people from its teeth? What shallHercules, 99:things to do and listened to the roaring of the lion, he saw some piles of wood and sticks lying inHercules, 99:out, and shutting both himself and the fierce lion within the cave. Then turned and faced the lion.Hercules, 99:lion within the cave. Then turned and faced the lion. With his two hands he grasped the lion,Hercules, 99:the lion. With his two hands he grasped the lion, holding it close and choking it. Near was itsHercules, 99:Yet still he held its throat and choked the lion. Feebler and feebler grew the roars of hate andHercules, 99:grew the enemy of man; lower and lower sank the lion, yet Hercules held on. And thus he killed theHercules, 99:yet Hercules held on. And thus he killed the lion with his two hands, without his arms and throughHercules, 99:through his own great strength. He killed the lion and stripped its skin, shewing it to the people,Hercules, 99:people, without the entrance of the cave. "The lion is dead," they cried, "the lion is dead. We nowHercules, 99:the cave. "The lion is dead," they cried, "the lion is dead. We now can live and till our lands andHercules, 99:the needed seeds and walk in peace together. The lion is dead and great is our deliverer, the sonHercules, 99:the need of those in dire distress. He laid the lion's skin beneath the feet of him who was theHercules, 99:The people now stand free. There is no fear. The lion is dead. With my own hands I strangled thusHercules, 99:is dead. With my own hands I strangled thus the lion and slaughtered it." "Again, O Hercules, youHercules, 99:slaughtered it." "Again, O Hercules, you slew a lion. Again you strangled him. The lion andHercules, 99:you slew a lion. Again you strangled him. The lion and serpents must be slain again and once again.Hercules, 100:historically, for the slaying of the Nemean lion has always been associated with Hercules, thoughHercules, 100:that this famous labor has no relation to the lion's skin which Hercules always wore. That was theHercules, 100:Hercules always wore. That was the skin of the lion that he slew before he undertook his labors andHercules, 103:the tremendous task of slaying the Nemean lion, which was devastating the countryside. For a longHercules, 103:the countryside. For a long period the lion had been a destructive force and people were unable toHercules, 103:he could achieve his object was to chase the lion in ever-narrowing circles until he had corneredHercules, 103:two openings and that as fast as he chased the lion in at one it emerged at the other. There wasHercules, 103:cave, and this Hercules did. Then he chased the lion into the cave through the unblocked openingHercules, 103:the cave and with his two hands choked the lion to death. That was an encounter that took placeHercules, 103:took place unseen by anybody; Hercules and the lion in the dark and the gloom of the cave takingHercules, 104:with this, for in the sphinx we have the lion with a woman's head, Leo with Virgo, the symbol ofHercules, 104:woman's head, Leo with Virgo, the symbol of the lion or kingly soul, and its relation to the matterHercules, 107:are pictured as forming one great sign, for the lion is seen treading on the serpent. Corvus, theHercules, 107:serpent. Corvus, the raven, is perched upon the lion's shoulder, while below is a plumed femaleHercules, 107:the next three signs and by the slaying of the lion of [108] his own nature (king of beasts) aloneHercules, 108:"Your adversary, the devil, like a roaring lion walketh about, seeking whom he may devour," and inHercules, 108:V, 5, we find the words, "Behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah the Root of David, hath prevailedHercules, 108:Hercules, the aspirant, the soul, symbolized the lion, the prince, the king, the ruler, and becauseHercules, 108:and because of this he symbolically wore the lion's skin. The Nemean lion stands essentially forHercules, 108:he symbolically wore the lion's skin. The Nemean lion stands essentially for the coordinated,Hercules, 108:may be affiliated. Therefore, the aspirant, the lion of Judah, has to slay the lion of hisHercules, 108:the aspirant, the lion of Judah, has to slay the lion of his personality. Having emerged out of theHercules, 108:of the self to the whole. Therefore, the Nemean lion symbolizes the powerful personality runningHercules, 108:be learned by the fact that Hercules tracked the lion to a cave that had two openings? [109] WhyHercules, 109:underlying the tradition that he there slew the lion with his bare hands? Many of these old stories
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