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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIPIKA

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Fire, 74:clarity we will see how closely therefore the Lipika Lords or the Lords of Karma are associatedFire, 74:great Rays, or the three fires, while the fourth Lipika Lord synthesizes the work of his threeFire, 77:- Some Thoughts on the Gita, p. 40. 32 The Lipika are the Spirits of the Universe. They areFire, 77:of Cause and Effect (Karma) and its recorders. Lipika comes from "Lipi" writing. For informationFire, 77:"Lipi" writing. For information concerning the Lipika Lords see S. D., I, pp. 152, 153. The BuddhasFire, 111:fourth group of karmic entities whom we call the Lipika Lords; He applies the law to his threefoldFire, 111:Creative Hierarchy of human Monads, and the Lipika Lords in Their three groups (the first [112]Fire, 112:First. The four Maharajahs, the lesser Lipika Lords 49 who apply past karma and work it out in theFire, 112:The work of the first group of four cosmic Lipika Lords is occult and is only revealed somewhat atFire, 114:of that same second aspect. 49 The four Lipika Lords stand between the first and second plane. - S.Fire, 396:the Law of Cause and Effect (the law whereby the Lipika Lords govern all Their action) is betterFire, 397:apparent that karma, and the activities of the Lipika Lords, will be involved in the matter. ItFire, 407:more prominent. This is necessarily so, as the Lipika Lords dispense the law to those who haveFire, 446:altogether. Certain units also - from among the Lipika Lords - are taking advantage of this cosmicFire, 517:control of the lower of the three groups of Lipika Lords, and is the agency through which They workFire, 570:Karma in our occult and oriental literature. The Lipika Lords of our system, the systemic Lords ofFire, 726:system vary from two to four. 41 These are the Lipika Lords. See S. D., I, 157. Fire, 893:approached, and duly studied. One of the four Lipika Lords, Who stand nearest to our planetaryFire, 1033:with the will aspect of Divinity, and with the Lipika Lords of the highest degree and its originFire, 1033:is seen a correspondence to the three groups of Lipika Lords who are the karmic cause of solarFire, 1142:pralaya settled. We must not forget that the Lipika Lords of the solar system have Their cosmicFire, 1142:of careful training in divine mathematics. The Lipika Lords, controlling the periodicalFire, 1143:Who stand around Sanat Kumara. [1143] Three Lipika Lords Who are the karmic agents working throughFire, 1143:in every scheme and on every ray-emanation. The Lipika Lords of a scheme Who, through theFire, 1266:is also the great controlling Path of Karma. The Lipika Lords are upon this Path, and all who areInitiation, 69:all under the care of subordinate guardians. The Lipika Lords, with their vast band of helpers areInitiation, 191:It is the great controlling Path of Karma. The Lipika Lords are on this Path, and all who areMeditation, 229:The three persons of the Deity. [229] The four Lipika Lords. The four Maharajahs. The fourfold
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