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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIPS

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Astrology, 588:who stand with the power of appeal upon their lips and in their hearts. To this appeal must beAutobiography, 131:is beyond belief. Not a kind word passed her lips. She was giving to her friend what is vulgarlyBethlehem, 116:Each of them begins with "If" on the lips of the devil, and each is met by Christ with the words,Bethlehem, 223:cold platitudes that fall so lightly from the lips of those whose hearts have never known one realBethlehem, 240:of unworthiness and sin: 'I am a man of unclean lips.' ... (3) 'Tarry ye ...until ye be clothedDiscipleship1, 366:a face lifted to the light and a smile upon your lips, turn your back upon such failure and go withDiscipleship2, 338:is the immediate question which arises to your lips. I will counter this question with another one.Discipleship2, 591:Your Master says this word to you and through my lips: You know the point achieved. Move on. ThreeExternalisation, 296:to prophecy) is imminent, and from the lips of disciples, mystics, aspirants and all enlightenedFire, 238:these terms and many others are forced from the lips of those who, by means of the form side, seekFire, 1276:ears have been deaf for seven cycles and whose lips have been sealed for nigh upon fourteen roundedFire, 1276:a wall which surroundeth the Son of Man whose lips are dumb. It holdeth Him secure until the WordMagic, 356:peasant. Words of wise counsel fall from the lips of the illiterate, and a knowledge of God and aMagic, 631:evil and impute evil; they work with sealed lips; they deal not with their brothers affairs, norMeditation, 115:the printed page, or through the ear from the lips of any teacher no matter how revered. One thingMeditation, 293:of the Master or the words that passed His lips, but having consciously conformed to rule, andPsychology1, 188:their [188] hands. I ask you to seal your lips to words of hatred and of criticism, and to talk inPsychology2, 640:few of the words which are today on everybody's lips, and which indicate the aliveness of humanityPsychology2, 711:as they come fresh from my heart, my mind and lips, rests a duty of doing three things, which IRays, 707:for me is not completed and - in any case - my lips are sealed. I can, however, take up two pointsRays, 762:The Cup of Karma There is a cup held to the lips of those who drink, by four great Lords of Karma.Rays, 762:the hand of those Who, bending, hold it to his lips. Until that day the cup is held, and in innerReappearance, 188:way. The second coming is imminent and, from the lips of disciples, mystics, aspirants,
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