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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIST

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Astrology, 14:on Cosmic Fire, p. 1051) The following is a list - incomplete but adequate for our purposes - ofAstrology, 37:Intelligence. Pisces is seen at the head of the list of zodiacal signs because it is governing theAstrology, 132:three decanates. Both Leo and Sepharial give a list of the decanates and between them there is muchAstrology, 182:man and the aspirant to divinity. We might list these as follows, finding for each arm aAstrology, 242:V both Libra and Gemini are omitted from the list. This is not an oversight but a point of trueAstrology, 441:esoteric astrologer and these we might briefly list in connection with these effective triangles,Astrology, 468:Four constellations have been omitted from this list: Leo - Self-consciousness Virgo - ChristAstrology, 472:- Leo and Virgo - are to be found in this list. Five constellations are not so intimately concernedAstrology, 489:if this tabulation is carefully studied. Let me list some of them for you, leaving you to apply theAstrology, 602:of the 7 Rays and the Will Aspect Let me list them for your helping: We are dealing with the effectAstrology, 692:of force, and herein lies a hint. In the central list of schemes the middle and lower group ofAtom, 83:of the human race," and then follows a long list of suggestive derivations of the word man, runningAutobiography, 4:who for years have stood by me? I cannot list them but they are the people who are essentiallyAutobiography, 199:a half hour appointment and she had a waiting list. I'll guarantee that she never gave as usefulAutobiography, 285:and then we drop his name from our active list. We naturally reserve to ourselves the right to dropAutobiography, 285:ourselves the right to drop a student from our list if we feel he is not profiting from what we areBethlehem, 42:is made to the "Angel of the Presence." A long list of these synonyms could be compiled, but forBethlehem, 138:in man can shine forth in its radiance? We might list five of them in order to gain an idea of whatDiscipleship1, 247:the coming race and for the distant future. Then list briefly and concisely the salient points inDiscipleship1, 251:the sake of clarity and in order to be concise, list the stages through which you must go: RefuseDiscipleship1, 252:is so hard. What are these terms? I will list them with brevity, for you need not, after all yourDiscipleship1, 257:of a fourth ray mental body? Let me list a few of them for you, leaving you to make your ownDiscipleship1, 367:the instructions you have received from me and list the specific information I have given you anentDiscipleship1, 425:on facts. As an instance of this - read the list of failings which you give. My brother, even ifDiscipleship1, 482:did I note that other people were rendering? List what you see your fellowmen doing each day thatDiscipleship1, 607:the way I can best help you at this time is to list them for you clearly and concisely, and ask youDiscipleship1, 611:in my last communication to you? I will list them briefly: The illusion of selection and reward toDiscipleship1, 613:believe that your plans are part of the Plan. List the plans and the schemes along many lines whichDiscipleship1, 651:it fruitful and constructive. Every six months, list those ideas so that they can be shared by yourDiscipleship2, 19:information or instruction; he is given no list of rules which must govern his daily life and noDiscipleship2, 37:words? To help you in your task, I am giving a list from which I will choose each month a phrase.Discipleship2, 37:by letting her know what I said. This is the list from which I will choose: Go in peace. Faith,Discipleship2, 108:have asked A.A.B. to send each of you a complete list of all who were in the earlier groups as wellDiscipleship2, 253:to you. I would like here, my brother, to list for you the most important of the statements made byDiscipleship2, 388:[388] Five hints remain to be considered, and I list them here, not in the question form as givenDiscipleship2, 419:greater ring-pass-not in consciousness. Let me list the leading and quite obvious inferencesDiscipleship2, 734:Ponder on this and, if you care to do so, list the higher and lower glamors and indicate how theEducation, 116:Reasons for the Present World Unrest Let me list for you some of the reasons for the present worldEducation, 122:which will later be thus produced? Permit me to list a few factors without elaboration: The fusionEducation, 133:the changed attitude may be anticipated. Let me list them as follows: 1. The emphasis in the futureExternalisation, 329:I suggest a gradual compilation of a mailing list of such groups, accompanied with samples of theirExternalisation, 385:functions if any, and thus build up a mailing list. You will then be aware of a group which can beExternalisation, 385:if deemed desirable, and form a vast mailing list of people in every country who will work alongExternalisation, 420:events, and the Hindu has still another list of holy days. In the future world, when organized, allFire, 327:upon. Much more might be further added to this list, but I have sought only to point out thoseFire, 777:of force, and herein lies a hint. In the central list of schemes the middle and lower group ofFire, 915:being. Here only general hints are given. This list is not complete and does not include theFire, 1210:These lives, which are not included in the list of hierarchies, are acted upon by the sixth andFire, 1242:of our own system. It might be of value here to list the seven cosmic Paths as follows: 35 Path I -Glamour, 59:racial thought-forms and group ideas. I could list many more differentiations, but the above willGlamour, 178:consciousness to a point of soul fusion. I will list the processes or stages as follows: TheHealing, 78:the complications of congestion first upon the list of diseases arising in the etheric body,Healing, 338:and are due to a wide variety of causes. I will list them here, and the list may at some time serveHealing, 338:of causes. I will list them here, and the list may at some time serve you. A sense of frustration,Healing, 343:of two questions, you have several. Let me list them for you so that you will see what I mean, andHealing, 532:relationship. I have asked A.A.B. to give here a list of the ten laws and - where a rule is relatedHealing, 561:plane, for instance, could produce. I shall but list them; I will not deal with them in any detailHealing, 625:of lesser interior relationships. The above list gives also the centers and glands which basicallyHealing, 630:composed of clear, concise instructions. Let us list these instructions: There must be carefulHercules, 97:saw its tracks upon a path I trod, so, Hercules, list to my voice and track him to his lair. ThusIntellect, 76:love, forms of desire, forms of knowledge - the list is endless! For what are forms but thoseIntellect, 180:Meister Eckhart, Jacob Boehme, Spinoza - the list is long. We are now beginning to ask theMagic, 74:student will find it useful to consider. Let him list the factors which he feels he needs to takeMagic, 86:given in preparation for the first initiation. A list of these related situations might here beMagic, 108:work of the soul has been laid down. Let us list, for the sake of clarity, the steps outlined: TheMagic, 190:of the centers. Let us, for the sake of clarity, list these lotuses with their petal numbers, andMagic, 204:of meditation. I have placed it fourth upon the list, for meditation is dangerous and unprofitableMagic, 298:Path, even to the very fear of Fear itself. This list could be largely extended but suffices toMagic, 311:be of value here if we were very briefly to list the major energies which impress the humanMagic, 626:of some kind. As you know the psychologists list five main and dominant instincts, and we will veryPatanjali, 416:according to the school of thought. The appended list of synonyms is of value to the student, forProblems, 162:events, and the Hindu has still another list of holy days, as has also the Mohammedan. Is it notPsychology1, 225:discovered the ninety-two elements so that the list of the possible elements is relativelyPsychology2, 264:used, and it might be of value to give here a list of definitions of the word "personality", bothPsychology2, 264:both correctly and erroneously. Let us here list them: A personality is a separated human being. WePsychology2, 487:sake of clarity and impressiveness, I propose to list these sources very briefly and without anyPsychology2, 568:Several possibilities, which I might list as follows: A revelation of the "wish life" of the personPsychology2, 583:temporary or permanent. I do not include in this list the work of the materializing mediums, forPsychology2, 682:and a spirit of optimism will be promoted. To list and investigate the work and the ideals of allPsychology2, 720:in particular in relation to them. Let me simply list them, and if we read with the eye of theRays, 55:Word, in its major aspects, goes forth. Let me list them for you: The creative point of tension - aRays, 293:with the sequence of activities which I will list as follows: [294] The preservation ofRays, 297:activity. As we consider the next word on our list, we must hold in our minds what we haveRays, 518:with the four Rays of Attribute, I shall simply list them, as there is little that I can say aboutRays, 715:reasons why the will presents a problem. Let us list a few of them and thereby get understanding.Rays, 743:or unconsciously participating? Let me list them: The crisis of the ideologies. The steadyRays, 750:of divinity in human form. It is not possible to list the cleavages which represent men's failureReappearance, 154:events, and the Hindu has still another list of holy days. In the future world, when organized, allSoul, 125:the awakening of the centers, and which they list as follows: Anima - the power to penetrate allTelepathy, 20:the receiving areas of consciousness. We might list the divisions of this process. Much must remainTelepathy, 20:yet, be worked out in practice. However, let me list the various forms of telepathic work for yourTelepathy, 21:telepathic possibilities which I would like to list for you. They are possibilities only when theTelepathy, 169:and the Personality It is relatively easy to list the four cosmic ethers and then list the fourTelepathy, 169:easy to list the four cosmic ethers and then list the four ethers of the physical plane as we know
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