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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LISTEN

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Autobiography, 41:on my back in a field or by a rock and try to listen to the silence all around me and to hear theAutobiography, 50:if the person was open minded and willing to listen but most people just want to talk and lay theAutobiography, 56:got into the habit of coming every Sunday to listen to me (always with several hundred other [57]Autobiography, 83:he said in his curious English, "Missy Baba, listen. Millions of people here. Millions, all theAutobiography, 85:so long as you speak the truth we will sit and listen to anything you have got to say, you knowAutobiography, 110:church and, ceaselessly and endlessly, I had to listen to Walter's sermons. Like all ministers andAutobiography, 130:then I paid the price of my good work and had to listen to comments such as, "What's a woman likeAutobiography, 138:in one or other of the cottages and talk and listen. Many of H.P.B.'s personal pupils have helpedAutobiography, 164:is nothing automatic in what I do. I simply listen and take down the words that I hear and registerAutobiography, 222:coffee and just sit and watch the people and listen and talk. So that is what we did whilst sheAutobiography, 285:is sincere and earnest. We ask no questions and listen to no gossip. We realize that all of us haveBethlehem, 47:will be obliged to pass, rapidly if it will listen, but inevitably, whether it now hears or no. OurBethlehem, 160:particular crisis in the life of Christ and to listen to His words. The power and the right toDiscipleship1, 77:and to assume an attitude of willingness to listen and to admit the possibility of failure in theDiscipleship1, 104:hard) and then drop the use of the seed thought. Listen and aspire. Close each meditation byDiscipleship1, 627:respect. Write, therefore, for the many who will listen to your words, and write with thatDiscipleship2, 27:to follow my lead as we say the words, and listen with care, using the imagination. This willDiscipleship2, 551:and when they speak - and speak they do - men listen. This triple presentation of the balancingDiscipleship2, 552:cannot hear the Master's voice." Stand there. Listen. Reflect and cease from speech. Picture aDiscipleship2, 552:in quietude and contemplative reflection, and listen. Then across the silence and breaking into theDiscipleship2, 552:my brother, how I emphasize for you the need to listen. That must be the keynote of your inner lifeDiscipleship2, 552:remainder of this incarnation. When you can thus listen, the two other principles to which IExternalisation, 591:year I have written you (and all who care to listen) a message which has often been prophetic,Externalisation, 630:the Christ stated would be the case - and as we listen or read of the flood of filth, crime,Fire, 673:Masters are mystically connected, if you will listen to H. P. B., and to understand the natures ofHercules, 13:can exclaim in unison with the Cosmic Deity: "Listen to this great secret. Although I am aboveHercules, 74:in automatic writing, or he learns to sit and listen to "voices", he becomes astrally clairvoyantHercules, 117:my face." These were stern words and we should listen to the keynote. "Again you have notHercules, 204:you have learned to do that you must learn to listen in your mind to what the soul is telling you,Initiation, 208:very brief and consists of five words. Rule 14 Listen, touch, see, apply, know. These words concernIntellect, 245:has to give and to which the entire world is to listen, or some great invention he is to presentMagic, 208:exercise keep your count with accuracy, listen attentively for the sound that "soundeth in theProblems, 136:not where to turn or to whose voice they should listen. The hope within them is spiritual andProblems, 178:businessmen and churchmen will be forced to listen and comply. Steadily and regularly, the generalPsychology1, 78:of seeking man enter into their ears. Let man listen. Let man call. Speak loud. Quality - power toPsychology2, 39:the thing that I must do?' The Magician said: 'Listen, O Worker in the furthest world, to thePsychology2, 98:turned not his head. He seemed not e'en to listen nor to hear. But from the lower sphere ofPsychology2, 564:themselves, and the willingness of the public to listen to them and to pay money for the privilegePsychology2, 679:men and women of good will who are willing to listen, to consider and to work, must be found andRays, 23:proclaiming God is All. Rule XIV For Applicants: Listen, touch, see, apply, know. For Disciples andRays, 286:For Group Initiation Rule XIV For Applicants: Listen. Touch. See. Apply. Know. For Disciples andRays, 286:is the seed of the other. APPLICANTS - INITIATES Listen - Know Touch - Express See - Reveal Apply -Rays, 763:the Initiations - Appendix The Listening Pilgrim Listen, O Pilgrim, to the chanting of the Word byRays, 763:tones that sound within the world terrestrial. Listen, O Pilgrim, for when that sound strikes inReappearance, 110:and their security to be in any condition to listen to Him. He will not come, we may be sure, as aReappearance, 179:- as Christ stated would be the case - and as we listen to or read of the flood of filth, crime,
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