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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LISTENED

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Autobiography, 36:was very brief. I said nothing but simply listened whilst He talked quite emphatically. Having saidAutobiography, 82:rest of the servants and, as I discovered, had listened to me quite critically and with noAutobiography, 84:out of the French windows. One by one they had listened until they could stand no more and theyAutobiography, 89:time but I stood in the middle of the room and listened to what He had to say. He told me not to beAutobiography, 219:Great Britain and on the Continent and have listened to what the different people say about eachBethlehem, 269:the world of thought and ideas to which Christ listened when He heard a Voice, and the Father spokeDiscipleship2, 682:There was no need for her to tell me as I had "listened in" on the group (as you call it in radioExternalisation, 192:which must be evoked, recognized and listened to, and not the voices of the separative exponents ofHercules, 77:of man and yet a son of God, both watched and listened and, listening, heard a voice. The voiceHercules, 78:standing between the pillars of the Gate, listened and heard the quarrel, and wondered much as theHercules, 80:for length of time and wariness of search. I listened not to those who made their claim, norHercules, 95:of God. The Teacher stood at his right hand and listened to his words. And Hercules rested from hisHercules, 97:days and several nights he searched the Way and listened for the lion's roar whilst the people ofHercules, 99:[99] And as he cast about for things to do and listened to the roaring of the lion, he saw someHercules, From n:who dwelt upon the shores of the great sea. They listened and they heard. Upon those shores dweltHercules, 113:or shall we fight the word of' God?" And as they listened to her words and as they pondered o'erHercules, 113:queen. He fought and struggled with her and listened not to the fair words she strove to speak. HePsychology1, 301:what the world would today be if man had listened to the Christ and had sought to obey His command?Rays, 513:been taught that the AUM sounded inaudibly and listened for, is of greater potency than when
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