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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LISTENING

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Autobiography, 88:during the past twenty years has been spent in listening to the confidences of worried and triedAutobiography, 130:once the foreman of the factory was standing by listening to a group talking about me in this wayAutobiography, 131:"the dirt" about all her acquaintances. By listening to her I solved her problem, and when she nextAutobiography, 188:They were constantly meeting interesting people, listening to interesting conversations and inBethlehem, 81:that the initial journey can be taken. It means listening for and obeying the insistent demand ofBethlehem, 269:of telepathic rapport is developed. Nor is it listening to the many voices which can makeDiscipleship1, 230:silence, sound the Sacred Word, the 0. M., listening as you sound it, and imagining it as beingDiscipleship1, 284:say to you the following words? Spend your time listening. Give expression to the sensed vision.Discipleship1, 487:that I can say to you at this stage will fall on listening and willing but uncomprehending ears.Discipleship1, 525:problems aloud to me, pausing at intervals and listening for my replies or the replies of yourDiscipleship1, 525:back but talk aloud to me. Do this with a listening and attentive ear and, by the May Full Moon,Discipleship1, 679:is a change. I hear with ear attentive, and, listening, turn my head. That which I visioned, yetDiscipleship2, 58:which had been spoken by me, and later, the listening for a Word of Power. This recognition of theDiscipleship2, 496:physical plane. This is followed by a period of listening or what is called esoterically "egoicDiscipleship2, 525:which is sadly affecting them) may prevent your listening to me, your friend and brother for manyDiscipleship2, 530:which is academic and the result of reading, listening, and of your response to the work of theDiscipleship2, 641:see how long you can achieve the position of listening without becoming negative or losing theDiscipleship2, 642:Until I give you permission, do not hold this listening attitude for more than three minutes. ThenEducation, 12:intellectual study and a love of reading or of listening, thus bringing the mind into someExternalisation, 392:holding Themselves in readiness at Shamballa and listening for the demand for succor as it risesExternalisation, 469:organized Christian Church. It is a picture of a listening, observing Christ, animated by pity andExternalisation, 650:into political, religious and social parties, listening to the teaching, the dreams and the plansFire, 930:They are called in occult phraseology "the listening devas," for they are the ones who pick up thatFire, 931:an analogy between sight and knowledge. The "listening builders" gather the material; the "seeingFire, 937:the sound. They utter a word. It reaches the listening devas of the second grade who take up theHealing, 684:in the earlier stages of discipleship, where listening, responsiveness and occult obedience areHealing, 709:will bring absorption into one. He educates the listening ear of him who must be healed; heHealing, 709:him who must be healed; he likewise trains the listening ear of him who must go forth. He knows theHercules, 77:yet a son of God, both watched and listened and, listening, heard a voice. The voice [78] came outHercules, 96:to pass this Gate?" and speaking thus he waited, listening for a voice. "What do I here, O TeacherHercules, 96:Hercules? What will you do?" And Hercules, with listening ear, responded to the need. Upon theHercules, 128:interlude, we are told, comparable to the quiet listening in meditation; a time of assessment ofIntellect, 66:the acquiring of longed-for virtues; they beg a listening Deity to assuage their troubles; theyMagic, 386:is a change. I hear with ear attentive, and, listening, turn my head. That which is visioned, yetPsychology2, 425:is it not, that a man of the Victorian age, listening to the technical jargon of the present radioPsychology2, 665:which comes from an inner attitude of constant listening. They are unfolding that spiritualPsychology2, 665:hopes, longings and desires. This attitude of listening and of a subsequent prompt readjustment ofRays, 287:[287] to a certain extent. They know that the listening mentioned has naught to do with the senseRays, 288:in the analysis of these fourteen rules. The "listening" of the aspirant has now been transformedRays, 291:and of Identification. The relation between the listening of the aspirant and the knowledge of theRays, 291:voices. Great is the confusion but still the listening must go on. Listening is the seed ofRays, 291:confusion but still the listening must go on. Listening is the seed of obedience, O Chela on theRays, 291:the voice; then suddenly the voices dim and listening now gives place to knowing - the [292]Rays, 292:seed of conscious doing, O Chela on the Path. Listening and knowledge also fade away and that whichRays, 763: The Rays and the Initiations - Appendix The Listening Pilgrim Listen, O Pilgrim, to the chantingTelepathy, 174:a group together, which also keeps an audience listening, and which makes an individual of
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