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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIT

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Astrology, 343:chosen way. Is the house you are building yet lit? Is it a lighted house? or is it a dark prison?Astrology, 432:This light descended on the waiting sphere and lit the galaxy of little lights upon the Earth. AAtom, 60:holiness of life) the room had appeared to be lit up momentarily by electricity. Again, not longDiscipleship2, 738:your consciousness into the lighted mind, for lit it is, and look not down but up; be not soHealing, 341:by these same cycles. The veil of illusion is lit up at that time with a consequent result ofHercules, 180:"So be it," the Teacher answered. "Having lit his own lamp Hercules now must bring the Light toIntellect, 91:we may be (Alone! face to face In that flame-lit place!) When first we begin To speak one withIntellect, 173:love! A life on fire! on fire with love for men Lit by divine compassion from above. A burningMagic, 100:that of five hundred years ago - our brilliantly lit cities, our rural districts, shining throughMeditation, 25:second period the emotional atom is similarly lit up, a signal to the Teachers that the workPatanjali, 314:light. They can only be found by the one who has lit his own light, trimmed his own lamp and thusRays, 672:the initiate-disciple still works in the dimly lit "cave of the spiritual birth"; he has toRays, 768:inner flame, the beauty of the central sphere, lit with a radiance white, causes the worlds to
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