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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LITTLE

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Autobiography, 166:any more work. I told the Tibetan that the three little girls had only me to look to, that if IAutobiography, 177:immediately squashed the effort. It was just a little too raw. This was a most difficult time. WeAutobiography, 184:lenient with our children that they have very little sense of responsibility or self disciplineAutobiography, 185:are all that you say, but what about the dirty little English and French and Dutch girls - for itAutobiography, 188:weekly wash including the sheets for there was little money coming in and it has been only withinAutobiography, 192:He has vast knowledge and I frequently give a little chuckle when I hear myself described by someAutobiography, 198:the time, but we wanted nothing of that kind. Little by little we learned how to organize the workAutobiography, 198:but we wanted nothing of that kind. Little by little we learned how to organize the work and how toAutobiography, 201:a communion service in the early mornings at a little church at Tunbridge Wells which was close toAutobiography, 202:will know what to do. All this silly talk about little flowers and seed-pods and babies coming viaAutobiography, 204:of difficulties, of joys and of growth. There is little to relate. They were just ordinary years -Autobiography, 211:to have quite entertaining [211] times holding little seances in Alice's huge living-room. Autobiography, 214:date and its approach to the Ageless Wisdom has little or no appeal to the modern generation. ButAutobiography, 216:in the E.S. is so elementary that it has little if any effect on the centers. It is, however,Autobiography, 217:VI We had been in correspondence for some little while with a woman in Switzerland who had a goodAutobiography, 217:our home in Stamford, Connecticut, and spent a little time with us there, talking over many things,Autobiography, 218:spiritual approach to truth and to talk to little groups of students. This was also cancelledAutobiography, 222:day. So we were going to stroll about and sit in little cafes under the awnings and drink coffeeAutobiography, 222:most of it is in Italy. The lake is so blue, the little villages are so picturesque, perched asAutobiography, 223:of this could be found on the country roads. The little villages around had been largely desertedAutobiography, 227:was engaged, married and divorced and her little son was on the way. This same little son was moreAutobiography, 227:and her little son was on the way. This same little son was more than adequate compensation for allAutobiography, 227:The work in Great Britain was also going ahead. Little groups of students scattered throughout theAutobiography, 234:not particularly interested in the Plan and have little or no knowledge of the planetary Hierarchy.Autobiography, 236:incidental to rotten economic conditions led to little real activity to put these conditions right.Autobiography, 241:or Lausanne or Zurich and stayed there for a little while. People from different parts of EuropeAutobiography, 248:personality [248] and when that personality is little evolved or is only of an average development,Autobiography, 256:are not distinguished by intelligence and show little judgment in the choice of those whom theAutobiography, 262:stimulation and mental unfoldment but frequently little real understanding. Esoteric schools areAutobiography, 271:and usefulness of the group with which he works. Little by little he will gather around him thoseAutobiography, 271:of the group with which he works. Little by little he will gather around him those who can help inAutobiography, 272:and the beginner is that the latter has a little vision and is apt to think that the way is easierAutobiography, 272:is already known and given out for they teach little that is new, no matter how they dress it up inAutobiography, 284:nature dominates all the others, the mind having little opportunity to make its presence felt.Autobiography, 287:from the tiniest atom up to God Himself. Little of this is taught in the earlier work of the ArcaneAutobiography, 289:forty-two known languages plus a great number of little known dialects.) In the Arcane School, weAutobiography, 293:factor in our present civilization. So little has hitherto been done in the world to apply money toAutobiography, 299:activities and responsibilities that we know little about. Also the time had come when in theAutobiography, 301:teaching lines, which could attempt to carry a little of the increasing Aquarian quality. ThisAutobiography, 302:Masters is not all powerful, else there would be little left of human freedom, and we would all beBethlehem, ix:be withdrawn, Ye could not watch with me one little hour Until the Dawn! So many sought my crib atBethlehem, 4:reason why humanity at this time believes so little, or questions so unhappily what is believed,Bethlehem, 25:put into symbolic form for the teaching of the "little ones," and could later be undergone openlyBethlehem, 45:into 'the kingdom of heaven,' as one of the 'little ones,' as a 'little child,' - the names everBethlehem, 45:of heaven,' as one of the 'little ones,' as a 'little child,' - the names ever given to the newBethlehem, 45:of the words of Jesus, that a man must become a little child to enter into the Kingdom." - EsotericBethlehem, 46:is that of birth, which welcomes him as the 'Little Child' entering the kingdom. (St. Matt., XVIII,Bethlehem, 49:nature. As time elapsed, this distant God drew a little nearer to His people, taking on a moreBethlehem, 70:divinity [70] expresses itself. Thus, in that little cave, the cosmos is represented. Bethlehem, 77:divinity in the home circle and in the little town where His lot was cast, is it not possible thatBethlehem, 80:down the centuries. The thought of sin is very little dwelt upon by Christ. It was emphasized byBethlehem, 89:family particularly the vision is saddening, so little have we learnt to understand that for whichBethlehem, 89:understand that for which Christ stood, and so little have we gained from the purificatoryBethlehem, 100:years, He had simply been the carpenter of the little town, and the son [101] of His parents. HeBethlehem, 105:the needed purity. The babe in Christ, the little child, the full-grown man, the perfected man!Bethlehem, 105:the Bethlehem experience the babe is born. The little child grows to maturity and manifests in hisBethlehem, 116:which is on trial. To the man who is but a little evolved the problem of divinity as a whole doesBethlehem, 117:simply physical-emotional beings, with therefore little vision, require the protection of theology,Bethlehem, 117:of those who administer dogmas to the "little ones" of the race is great. Truth must also be givenBethlehem, 118:of it. Maya is vital in character, and we know little of its effect upon the physical plane (withBethlehem, 118:and has us in so close a grip that there seems little we can do. The desires of men, down theBethlehem, 122:if he himself does not realize it. Christ gave a little time to the feeding of the multitude. HeBethlehem, 128:under test. Such temptations do not come to the little-developed, and because of the strength ofBethlehem, 190:On these truths the Eastern Christian has placed little emphasis, stressing the living Christ andBethlehem, 193:"Great Fish," and of us, His followers, as the "little fishes." These facts are well known, as theBethlehem, 199:God so that He too would not hurt mankind. Thus little by little [200] the idea grew until, atBethlehem, 199:He too would not hurt mankind. Thus little by little [200] the idea grew until, at last, theBethlehem, 205:of Evolution. [205] In the early stages there is little or no responsibility. There is little or noBethlehem, 205:there is little or no responsibility. There is little or no knowledge, no sense of relationship toBethlehem, 205:no sense of relationship to God, and very little sense of relationship to humanity. It is thisBethlehem, 206:lest in any way we should "offend one of these little ones" (St. Luke, XVII, 2.); in the sharingBethlehem, 208:the words in which it is couched are apt to mean little. The tale of Christ's triumphant entry intoBethlehem, 208:He did so much, and we have recognized so little. It has taken us twenty centuries to begin toBethlehem, 209:The work had been completed, and in that strange little country called the Holy Land, a narrowBethlehem, 216:the feebleness of man. He was as helpless as a little child, and in His words He testified to theBethlehem, 225:most clearly in St. John's Gospel, and yet very little emphasis has been laid upon the statement.Bethlehem, 231:to know more. After the Crucifixion we are told little of Christ's own life, or what occupied HimBethlehem, 231:Heaven" - a symbolic phrase which can mean very little to any of us. The crucial initiation forBethlehem, 238:to this Masonic "raising" can be placed a little-known sermon of the Buddha, in which He teachesBethlehem, 243:given out by God, and realize that we can know little as yet beyond the fact that Sons of God haveBethlehem, 267:love of God in their hearts. It is obvious how little love there is used in the world at this time.Bethlehem, 280:We are revolting from doctrines, having very little use for them, and the reason, Dr. Dewey tellsBethlehem, 281:but to those who do not know Christ they say: "Little children, love one another." They do notDestiny, 6:the will aspect of divinity. This has been but little expressed and understood by humanity up toDestiny, 12:world from the major world center, Shamballa. Little is known of Shamballa. More will be known asDestiny, 13:and the Lords of Material Expression." This little known divine energy now streams out from theDestiny, 20:interests of the individual - occupied with his little problems and concerns. This brings such aDestiny, 24:can ever come into true functioning activity. Little is known of Shamballa except by Members of theDestiny, 24:is the directing center for the Hierarchy. Little is really known of the will of God except byDestiny, 26:that you recognize them as existing. There is little that you, as individuals or as groups, can doDestiny, 41:of evolution; it will be obvious to you that the little conclusions of the little minds are some ofDestiny, 41:to you that the little conclusions of the little minds are some of the most dangerous factors todayDestiny, 59:that Italy carries forward her plans with very little hate and with the minimum of persecution andDestiny, 66:import to the esotericist and something as yet little known or intelligently realized. What I giveDestiny, 69:age, crystallization and materialism; a little study of conditions and the present point inDestiny, 82:ways, a synchronous vibration. There is however little of the Taurian influence in the States andDestiny, 83:country as the hope of the world have in reality little to choose between them and are all equallyDestiny, 84:- as it expresses itself through Vulcan - very little of the Destroyer aspect as there is in theDestiny, 88:the two countries. Of this there is one curious little instance, which demonstrates an almostDestiny, 96:This planetary center, which conditions the little country of Switzerland, has had a most potent
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