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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LITTLE

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Discipleship2, 28:know not that the greater Light puts out their little light and draws the sparks unto itself. TheyDiscipleship2, 67:Such is not the case. The soul is very little aware of the personality nature, its disposition andDiscipleship2, 73:I am going to change your full moon work a little. Proceed as heretofore, but as you stand with meDiscipleship2, 75:and have asked the Master K.H. to leave him a little longer in my group. I have no criticism ofDiscipleship2, 79:me to extend the teaching already given still a little further. You are still functioning as aDiscipleship2, 99:largely your ability to live as a soul in your little outer world and have reference primarily toDiscipleship2, 100:last instruction to you I gave you only a very little teaching anent group work, though there wereDiscipleship2, 100:years, I am forced to realize how relatively little you have profited by this teaching upon groupDiscipleship2, 100:would be the first to admit that there is little group interplay and no group enterprise animatingDiscipleship2, 103:fifty people; this was necessarily so; otherwise little personal relationships would have beenDiscipleship2, 106:Will aspect of divinity. This statement may mean little to you at present but it is fundamentallyDiscipleship2, 107:as essential to success. There is therefore little true unity, and often what there is based onDiscipleship2, 109:misinformation governs the majority of the many little occult groups. Until groups are formed whichDiscipleship2, 119:the above instructions with the simplicity of a little child, you will bring about a situationDiscipleship2, 120:and this involves the sacral center and other little focal points of energy, up into the solarDiscipleship2, 126:and bring another center into activity. There is little that I can do with you until thisDiscipleship2, 133:expression in the three worlds and serving a little. They are also beginning to grasp theDiscipleship2, 149:the Will of God is known Let purpose guide the little wills of men - The purpose which the MastersDiscipleship2, 152:a free flow and interchange throughout his own little microcosm. The meditation given was notDiscipleship2, 158:Will of God is known [158] Let purpose guide the little wills of men - The purpose which theDiscipleship2, 158:dwell; too much has been written about it; too little understood; too much has been talked aboutDiscipleship2, 160:by the mass appeal of instinctual animal-man; he little knew what that almost inchoate appeal wouldDiscipleship2, 172:of the divine will by the Hierarchy. There is little that can be said to the general public anentDiscipleship2, 177:task you have never realized and you have done little of a truly objective nature to bring thisDiscipleship2, 177:Three of you have done a great deal; the rest little or nothing at all. [178] Now I will outlineDiscipleship2, 202:of the Council Chamber at Shamballa. There is little that we need consider about them; they are theDiscipleship2, 215:New Age II - Teachings on Meditation - Part XIII Little as you may realize it, all theseDiscipleship2, 223:I would have you note this. Men can now do their little share in bringing the divine Purpose intoDiscipleship2, 228:the Will of God is known Let Purpose guide the little wills of men - The Purpose which the MastersDiscipleship2, 237:are all the children of God, and this has done little to change men's approach to each other and toDiscipleship2, 251:"purpose for which the worlds were made" - the little world of the individual (once individualityDiscipleship2, 253:light in him to bring to him what is called the "little revelation," and, in that light, will heDiscipleship2, 256:is the fact that to the esotericist of the past little was known of the seven Rays and the sevenDiscipleship2, 283:sound 0M. This is a still more difficult task; little human thinking has been applied as yet toDiscipleship2, 295:to accepted discipleship would have been of little use in the work of lifting mankind nearer to theDiscipleship2, 302:needed language were available) there would be little understanding. I could, for [303] instance,Discipleship2, 304:on the subject. But even if I can convey but little of their significance, I can at least build inDiscipleship2, 306:on Initiation - Part V Points of Revelation Little as you may realize it, these words "Points ofDiscipleship2, 315:of the high have all been lifted through the little wills of men, then can the One in whom we liveDiscipleship2, 323:produce revelation) which has hitherto received little, if any, attention. Revelation is apt to beDiscipleship2, 329:importance here. At first the disciple may have little to share, and instead presents a great dealDiscipleship2, 334:it this way: the petty selfishness and the silly little vanities and the irritations which disturbDiscipleship2, 339:aware. The great Law of Karma has received little attention from the standpoint of time; yet it isDiscipleship2, 339:and misinterpreted what H.P.B. said. They had little chance to do much else than relate it toDiscipleship2, 344:Logos. They are so all-inclusive that there is little that the disciple can do about them, exceptDiscipleship2, 346:or unrecognized; it might be said that there is little else, though the majority of them are ofDiscipleship2, 354:reason why I am laying much emphasis upon this little-understood theme of revelation. As youDiscipleship2, 355:"open up" the hint for you and try to show you a little (not all) that a hint, rightly approached,Discipleship2, 380:of the human will to the divine Will; however, little or no teaching is given of the joyous use ofDiscipleship2, 385:he realizes then (and with joy) that this little planet is essentially unique in its purpose andDiscipleship2, 391:compromise which the disciple has to learn, for little is gained by the imposition of the spiritualDiscipleship2, 419:tension is something of which you know, as yet, little, and yet you glibly use the words:Discipleship2, 434:of manifestation. You may say that there is little new in these things which I am telling you andDiscipleship2, 447:of still greater hierarchical endeavors) and has little in it that is original. It is a small partDiscipleship2, 448:activities that many of them will amount to very little. One of your major needs is a plannedDiscipleship2, 450:a point of crisis. About such a crisis I can say little. It will take place in conformity with yourDiscipleship2, 456:daily lives, know their petty faults and silly little failures and are fully aware of all theyDiscipleship2, 465:from those you seek to help and... find very little understanding; you will meet with encouragementDiscipleship2, 467:subjected to the inner insight, or it may mean little. It is, however, of major significance to youDiscipleship2, 467:on my part. The reason for this is that as yet little is known (even in the esoterically instructedDiscipleship2, 467:given out in connection with the heart center, little has been communicated in connection with theDiscipleship2, Esoter:I have, as you will have noted, said little to you about yourself and your own spiritualDiscipleship2, 480:of the disciple. Of this, the disciple knows little and the Master much; with that karma he may notDiscipleship2, 482:relation with other people. Yet, my brother, little as you may realize it, those relationships withDiscipleship2, 487:the Ashram towards its center. It needs only a little dynamic effort on your part to give you theDiscipleship2, 496:"Having pervaded this world of the little manifested self with one fraction of my greater Self, IDiscipleship2, 497:walked ever under my watchful eye, but there was little that I could do until you had somewhatDiscipleship2, 503:schools and groups entirely exoteric. There is little left to them that is new; they must now linkDiscipleship2, 519:in an Ashram. The theme of Shamballa is new, and little is yet known about it, its way of life andDiscipleship2, 521:aspect of your nature. There is, nevertheless, little that I have been able to do for you becauseDiscipleship2, 526:that their faults and failures [526] and their little human failings loom large in yourDiscipleship2, 526:of outgoing love is not much seen, and there is little love shown by you to your brothers in theDiscipleship2, 531:lower nature: intellect and idealism. Ponder a little on the effects of this unbalanced conditionDiscipleship2, 547:hourly drawing nearer. The light that is my little self must disappear within the greater Light. SoDiscipleship2, 547:no longer see the two - the greater Self, the little self, the pilgrim and the way, for only one isDiscipleship2, 553:year, I think you will realize that there is little that I need add to them. I gave you anDiscipleship2, 559:do is in the nature of an act of service. It has little reference to yourself, but much toDiscipleship2, 561:Within the Ashram I have taken my place. My little light is merged and blended with the greaterDiscipleship2, 567:the Will of God is known. Let purpose rule the little wills of men. The purpose which the MastersDiscipleship2, 568:1948 MY FRIEND AND BROTHER: There is relatively little that I have to say to you in this year'sDiscipleship2, 578:karmic impact have beaten upon our Earth - that little ship adrift in time and space and sailingDiscipleship2, 578:instance to humanity at all. This means but little to you, I realize. This karma working out inDiscipleship2, 578:but you are weathering the storm and your little ship will live through the gale. All isDiscipleship2, 580:the case with your work along this line. I find little more to say to you, my brother. The reasonDiscipleship2, 581:with their occult implications intact, and with little or no editing. They immediately reachedDiscipleship2, 598:and likewise humble in her attitude. There is little else that I can say to you, brother of mine,Discipleship2, 599:years - longer perhaps than you know. There is little that I can say to you along the line ofDiscipleship2, 603:all your group brothers must lose sight of the little self in the need and the opportunity of theDiscipleship2, 604:Relax with as much rapidity as possible and with little mental activity. Then raise theDiscipleship2, 610:this point in the ashramic life. This important little diagram can be applied also to the relationDiscipleship2, 610:into your meditation, and that you also use this little diagram as the theme for reflection duringDiscipleship2, 615:responds easily to your first ray mind, and very little as yet to your second ray soul. Had it doneDiscipleship2, 615:distinguished you during this testing time, and little of these were seen. Your handling of thisDiscipleship2, 615:and there learn truly to love - and love the little ones." [616] I can leave you with no betterDiscipleship2, 647:that sense of proportion which will reveal the little self as an integral part of the great Self orDiscipleship2, 647:the love which flows between my soul and me, the little self. Naught can come between my brothersDiscipleship2, 649:have passed oft this way before upon the unhappy little planet of suffering which we call theDiscipleship2, 654:The greater fire blends with and consumes the little one. I turn and pass back - out of the lightDiscipleship2, 657:reaction to it at this time, then there is little that I can say. This instinctual recognition of aDiscipleship2, 663:from the angle of the personality there seems little to show for it all. Such is one side of the
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