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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LITTLE

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Glamour, 10:familiar to you and can be recalled to mind with little effort, endeavor to sense its quality, toGlamour, 15:to grasp the underlying theory also. Very little has been. written or taught hitherto anent theGlamour, 22:Does that sentence really mean aught to you? But little, I fear. We must descend into the realm ofGlamour, 32:There were no mental reactions and but little emotional response to environment. Men were largelyGlamour, 33:of earlier emergence than is illusion. It has little in it of the mental quality and is the majorGlamour, 38:glamor in which he habitually walked. Today a little more light shines upon his way and he may, ifGlamour, 38:I desire to do two things: I seek to outline a little more carefully this discussion or shortGlamour, 60:of the personality to the self-assertion of the little self. These lead a man to appropriate anGlamour, 63:Its cause is selfish grasping for the little self, even if this is unrealized and the disciple isGlamour, 74:Let me now elucidate these glamorous for you a little more in detail. The Glamor of Materiality isGlamour, 75:experience, and will find in the wilderness how little is required for full living, true experienceGlamour, 77:Glamored by their sentiment for them and knowing little of the love of the soul which is freeGlamour, 78:of the higher Self and thus lose sight of the little self, its reactions, its desires, andGlamour, 85:(as upon the astral plane, though this is as yet little realized) you have the battle of a pair ofGlamour, 101:but have worked out [101] relatively so little. I ask myself whether I do not shoulder anGlamour, 104:whole field of planetary history) that I can do little more than indicate some of the causes. FewGlamour, 107:among the lowest human types, and those who are little more than active animals, governed primarilyGlamour, 107:of self-protection and perpetuation. There is little true glamor in their reaction to life andGlamour, 124:major adjustments in their lives, and it took a little time for the needed subjective rhythm toGlamour, 127:faces the major dualities in his own particular little cosmos - the Dweller and the Angel. At firstGlamour, 127:the undertaking to which he has pledged himself. Little by little, two things emerge with startlingGlamour, 127:to which he has pledged himself. Little by little, two things emerge with startling clarity in hisGlamour, 160:factor, taking hold of the personality and its little issues, leading it to discriminate rightlyGlamour, 171:This technique is related to the little known yoga called Agni Yoga or the yoga of fire. TheGlamour, 184:he must use for all and not for himself alone. Little by little, he learns the way into the worldGlamour, 184:use for all and not for himself alone. Little by little, he learns the way into the world of theGlamour, 187:revolutionized men's thinking and was - little as you may think it - a major blow struck at theGlamour, 189:which I would ask you to reflect - there is a little less illusion gathered around the revelationsGlamour, 205:your mind" or "If you will only think" or "A little mental control on your part would be useful"Glamour, 205:were totally unknown because the mind was so little developed. It was then only recognized as aGlamour, 213:as exploited. The power of unified thought is little grasped as yet, and the power inherent in theGlamour, 227:are concerned. They are of value to the little evolved in whom the sense of drama has to beGlamour, 244:He is rapidly arriving, as far as his own little world is concerned, at the same "divineGlamour, 255:and that is why the people of India make so little progress along the lines of regulated municipalGlamour, 255:force of the soul and can produce it with very little teaching. In the Aryan race, a fusion isGlamour, 259:The time for this is not yet. My words will be little understood today, but the singing in the nextHealing, 6:the auras of the group members blend. It takes a little time for people to learn to work togetherHealing, 20:by the Western theologian. The real truth bears little resemblance to our modern formulations. IHealing, 21:tinged with the desire element, and with little in it of real thought. Men interpret these dimlyHealing, 21:sensed laws in terms of finality and from their little point of view. The idea of retribution runsHealing, 22:there is far more general good karma than bad, little as you may think it when immersed in such aHealing, 31:plane itself and from the outer world of forces. Little attention has been paid by occult teachersHealing, 41:study the science of the centers, they can make little further progress. The esoteric healer knowsHealing, 41:the soul goes on. One short life counts for very little in the long cycle of the soul, and it isHealing, 44:which predominantly affect those who are a little above the average and whose general level ofHealing, 48:of the osteopaths forms two halves of one whole, little as their practitioners may like toHealing, 49:inherent in the soil. Of these as yet but little is known. The soil of our earth, however, is veryHealing, 52:what is not present in the equipment can be of little value here. It will again be necessary toHealing, 56:literature of medicine and of surgery. There is little that I could add which would be of profit inHealing, 56:reading for the average man or woman. A little knowledge along these lines can be a most dangerousHealing, 58:can, however, make, and even that may convey but little to your understanding. Of the three majorHealing, 69:its career in Atlantean times, it means but little to the average man today. He does not realizeHealing, 79:basically loose and poor that the soul has very little hold upon its vehicle [80] for outerHealing, 83:of the subject is, however, so real that only little by little can humanity grasp the situation andHealing, 83:subject is, however, so real that only little by little can humanity grasp the situation and comeHealing, 87:through. If the centers are asleep, and thus little force can be transmitted, you will find aHealing, 88:from the mind itself. I will elaborate this a little later. [89] Healing, 89:the cycles through which the female passes, and little attention is paid to these. The male,Healing, 113:That of the planetary life - of this we can know little. All disease is caused by lack of harmonyHealing, 121:the soul from its vehicle. They are, however - little as it may appear - controlled in these casesHealing, 121:fall a ready prey to the disease. This is a fact little known or realized, but explains whyHealing, 124:real and most disturbing. There is, however, little that can be done by the disciple, except toHealing, 140:are changed "into a quiet pool into which the little ones can enter and find the healing which theyHealing, 141:these seven energies through the entire little human system. 2. The nervous system and its variousHealing, 159:is the thymus gland. Of this gland little is known at present, though much will be learned asHealing, 180:Treatise would not be preserved. There is also little that I can say anent the center at the baseHealing, 185:until such [185] time when these terms mean little to him and he knows more. These three paths ofHealing, 194:ray governing the astral body in the case of the little evolved; it is also dependent upon theHealing, 199:and which are related to the brain, are little understood as yet. There was very little mentalHealing, 199:are little understood as yet. There was very little mental trouble in the last root-race, theHealing, 199:the mind nature was then quiescent and little stimulation was conveyed through mental [200] levelsHealing, 200:the pineal gland and the brain. There was very little eye trouble either, and no nasalHealing, 201:are on an expanding arc. To date, in the West, little is known as to the methods of control orHealing, 209:between the centers - permits as yet only a very little energy to flow through to all the centers.Healing, 225:the age of the soil upon which man lives (a fact little recognized or considered), for it is deeplyHealing, 226:in the racial history of the past - of which little or practically nothing is known. Surmise andHealing, 226:Past History, as studied today, goes back but a little way and although the enlightened historianHealing, 236:desiring which account for these diseases is one little recognized as yet; it was referred to byHealing, 240:those essential elements of which we know so little and which are responsible for making manHealing, 243:and [243] integrity. I shall, and can, say but little - only enough to indicate one fruitful causeHealing, 244:of intelligence that the soul is practically little more than an over-shadowing agency. Of all whoHealing, 254:their subtle relationships. At present there is little coherent and integrated work done in unisonHealing, 258:causes of disease. The theme of karma has been little considered and I shall deal with it in a wayHealing, 273:of life. However, even in that field little is known about the results of an operation as it mayHealing, 278:esoteric and mental modes of healing. Yet little is known of the makeup of the vital body andHealing, 288:body (as an instrument of vitality) is today as little known as the science of modern medicine wasHealing, 291:out on a large scale and with justice. Very little suffering is attached to karma where there isHealing, 291:of thought and there is attached to affairs but little true sense of guilt. There may be unhappyHealing, 291:with commensurate pain is lacking; there is little mental reaction to the processes of karmicHealing, 304:some He gave an over-plus of life, to some too little; and so both kinds died and failed to showHealing, 307:to say that it is static energy means little; to say that it is irregular or non-rhythmic vibrationHealing, 309:outer existing factors. Let me make the matter a little clearer, for confusion may be caused by theHealing, 311:and certain educative experiences mastered, is a little-understood theme. In connection with this,Healing, 311:in this life or the previous one. There would be little or no arthritis if the race ate withHealing, 314:again if the will of the patient is invoked. Little can be done in cancer cases unless there is theHealing, 326:that one can be perfectly healthy but have little resistance to fatigue. The principal factors inHealing, 336:indication of this. Why not read up on the eye a little and note its occult correspondences to theHealing, 338:between the physical and the etheric bodies, and little recognition of the etheric body is yetHealing, 338:and a desire to figure importantly on the little stage of a person's life. This can often be quiteHealing, 349:offset by the good. There is everywhere, little as it may be realized, an abundance of good karma
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