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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LITTLE

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Psychology1, 156:the mechanism of awareness and of contact. Little by little we (and by that I mean the humanPsychology1, 156:mechanism of awareness and of contact. Little by little we (and by that I mean the human family, asPsychology1, 173:the true significance of that easily spoken, but little understood word, Brotherhood. This work isPsychology1, 176:Though the unintelligent masses everywhere have little or no idea of things spiritual, they can bePsychology1, 183:The esotericists of the world will understand a little of that to which I refer, and in their handsPsychology1, 183:has always been there, but which has been very little used) will reveal the etheric body, thePsychology1, 188:you waste on non-essentials. Many of you give little or nothing of time. The same is the case withPsychology1, 189:where or to whom you give, only that you give, - little if you have but little of time or money,Psychology1, 189:only that you give, - little if you have but little of time or money, much if you have much. WorkPsychology1, 202:will be strong and trenchant, but he will care little for style or finish in his writings. PerhapsPsychology1, 213:involutionary kingdoms exist, and though the little known about them in the West has receivedPsychology1, 218:our tabulation with a measure of care and get a little clearer grasp of the effect and influence ofPsychology1, 242:emerging truth is different to that which the little minds believe. Psychology1, 244:felt in man, the sense of smell, is as yet but little understood, and its implications are notPsychology1, 256:upon men in the days when animal-man was but little removed from them. It is oft forgotten thatPsychology1, 256:them. It was, however, an individualization so little realized that the difference between thePsychology1, 256:in mid-Lemurian days was terrible and appalling. Little nomadic groups of human beings would bePsychology1, 256:take certain precautions, it was an instinct but little removed from that found in their enemies.Psychology1, 267:influence of the incoming seventh ray. I have little more to add to this teaching anent the animalPsychology1, 273:religious view or the moral affirmations of the little minds. What is morality in one country or inPsychology1, 274:as an African chieftain, and today, women are little better. I have enumerated the above conditionsPsychology1, 285:cases to the spiritual life. There is therefore little real cause for depression, if what I havePsychology1, 287:word "love" (like the word "sex") is used with little thought and with no attention to its truePsychology1, 298:in the last analysis, is a temporary one, little as you may think it today, and it grows out of aPsychology1, 301:as ourselves." To this we have paid, as yet, but little attention. We have loved ourselves and havePsychology1, 303:but they do, in a measure, safeguard the little feeble ones, and will be regarded therefore asPsychology1, 315:glory of the developed son of God. Only [315] a little effort is needed, and the demonstration of aPsychology1, 322:to modern education. The man at this stage is little better than an animal and is governed entirelyPsychology1, 344:The creative hierarchy of human monads, who (little as they may realize it) have already attainedPsychology1, 347:tend to make man what he is, and of many of them little is as yet known. In the early stages of hisPsychology1, 371:one thing, though the animal kingdom reacts but little to this type of influence, yet there arePsychology1, 372:cycles. There is much that could be said, but little of it would, as yet, be comprehended. UntilPsychology1, 374:ways of expressing a natural phenomenon as yet little understood, but which will eventually givePsychology1, 377:term. In the next race, of which again man knows little, the fusion of the three divine energiesPsychology1, 385:finding their way back to their own home land, little as they may realize it, there to work outPsychology1, 393:men of good will throughout the world. There is little that I can say anent this matter that can bePsychology2enlightened man. As is often glibly said with little real understanding of the significance of thePsychology2, 13:fact and cause much stumbling among the little ones. But at the same time, they are working towardsPsychology2, 14:and physical. It should be remembered that very little egoic control need be evidenced when thePsychology2, 21:our vocabulary is novel and strange, conveying little meaning, and that usually quite incorrect. InPsychology2, 21:in the power of the sun apparently to put out a little fire when it can pour its heat right intoPsychology2, 26:realize that, speaking generally, there is little true mentality with which to work when dealingPsychology2, 28:total of the manifested processes, even upon our little planet. All we [29] really know is the factPsychology2, 32:life in form fails to appear. It flashes forth a little while, then disappears. The Blessed Ones,Psychology2, 44:and activities of other disciples, and too little attention to their own fulfilment of the law ofPsychology2, 48:Although this statement may signify but little to us at present, it will, nevertheless, serve toPsychology2, 48:appear difficult to comprehend, and it may mean little to some and nothing at all to others. If thePsychology2, 73:life, and brings out the subordination of the little self to the work of the whole. These words arePsychology2, 80:or "drawing into". The soul sets up a vibration (little as we may yet grasp the real significancePsychology2, 92:The realization of this may indicate why our little planet, the Earth, is of such apparentPsychology2, 105:for many a disciple a hard lesson. They may care little for themselves and may have learnt muchPsychology2, 105:and may have learnt much personal detachment. Little may they cherish the gain of contact with thePsychology2, 109:in order that the work may go forward. Little as one may realize it, the many techniques andPsychology2, 114:In the above tabulation, there is portrayed a little of what is implied in the words "The Law ofPsychology2, 116:of the larger issues, when they see that their little, unimportant lives are only the reflection ofPsychology2, 121:unhappy, because we think we want to help them, little realizing that primarily this help isPsychology2, 125:are earnestly attempting to imitate His example, little realizing that imitation does not net themPsychology2, 134:force within him produces the stumbling of the "little ones" and there has to be constant repairPsychology2, 139:and enough disciples and aspirants, that the little beams or threads of light (speakingPsychology2, 151:Path of Initiation, but which as yet means but little in his development. There are, then, thePsychology2, 158:and so uninteresting that it can evoke but little response. If we were told that the following of aPsychology2, 158:them into one field of soul recognition. So little do men understand the potency of their urges! IfPsychology2, 183:formed. We can now perhaps widen our vision a little and at the same time look at the groups inPsychology2, 197:who are spiritually awakened, and will mean little or nothing to those who are asleep. The headPsychology2, 200:- one mystical and the other occult - convey but little to most minds, and this we can easily see.Psychology2, 241:plans and projects of finite man as he lives his little life or runs busily about the planet inPsychology2, 246:realization brings us to the consideration in a little more detail of our fourth point, which isPsychology2, 247:the creative imagination. As yet, humanity knows little about [248] this faculty, latent in allPsychology2, 274:a correspondence carried out in the life of the little self - a reflection of the activities of thePsychology2, 275:hands, eternal in the heavens" takes place. The little self repeats the activity of the great Self.Psychology2, 280:of the Bodies Much of the above can mean but little to those who are not yet upon the path ofPsychology2, 290:His dim reflection followed in His steps. The little lord of force manasic appeared on earth. ThePsychology2, 290:The Lord Who sought for harmony took form. The little lord, who loved to fight for what he sought,Psychology2, 290:into incarnation. He was not, then He was. The little lord of mental stuff also took form. Man'sPsychology2, 291:It might be well for us to elaborate this a little by means of certain tabulations: Psychology2, 299:are most difficult to ascertain as there is so little mental expression or emotional experience.Psychology2, 301:consciousness. Astrology, with its indications (little realized as yet) of a man's place "in thePsychology2, 301:the time factors which govern every individual, little as he may think it. It will be recognizedPsychology2, 324:accomplished and even this statement will be little understood. Man's origin and his goal remainPsychology2, 324:of values and an inner sense of synthesis. Little by little the triple mechanism is developed andPsychology2, 324:and an inner sense of synthesis. Little by little the triple mechanism is developed and the centerPsychology2, 330:man emerges into the light of day and runs his little cycle upon the physical plane, developingPsychology2, 330:is itself of interest, because it shows how very little of the life of the real man, of thePsychology2, 338:living into that of true spiritual realities. Little by little, the consciousness of the thirdPsychology2, 338:into that of true spiritual realities. Little by little, the consciousness of the third aspect ofPsychology2, 342:place: The forms for expression are developed, little by little as a result of: SuccessivePsychology2, 342:forms for expression are developed, little by little as a result of: Successive incarnations. ThePsychology2, 345:monad or life aspect. About this later stage, little can be profitably said. Teaching which wouldPsychology2, 352:on other men and upon the destinies of the little person. They integrate their surroundings into anPsychology2, 405:With this third group I shall deal very little. There is not much to be done save to leave to timePsychology2, 425:terms, and in which word-symbols mean but little. Just as the discovery of the automobile, and thePsychology2, 432:inner consciousness of the true man have been little noted; the gain of each life in added grasp ofPsychology2, 438:of distress to himself and to his friends. A little learning can be a dangerous thing, and the curePsychology2, 459:types to handle because mentally there is little that is wrong with them. The mind, however, cannotPsychology2, 467:is sensed, and when the world which includes our little world is first contacted, there is always aPsychology2, 467:the unshuttered window has released into our little world of daily living, other psychologicalPsychology2, 469:as long as this condition lasts, there [469] is little that anyone can do. The constantPsychology2, 494:science of dreams, and it is this lost science (little as he may like the idea) which the modernPsychology2, 515:of energy activity - a thing which has been little done as yet. Psychology2, 518:a most interesting theme and one that has been little considered. What effect will the potency of
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