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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LITTLE

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Psychology2, 520:the subject with which we are concerned and how little is yet known and taught anent the centersPsychology2, 529:It is interesting to note that the two little centers close to the kidneys are related to the lowerPsychology2, 537:and to the thyroid gland and, as yet, but little use made of it. The increased activity andPsychology2, 552:- even if only as a possible hypothesis. The little understood thymus gland holds the key to muchPsychology2, 554:7. The activity of the head center is as yet little known and there is little that I can profitablyPsychology2, 554:head center is as yet little known and there is little that I can profitably say about it, for IPsychology2, 557:of the reactions to that acting. When man was little more than an animal, when he was in the statePsychology2, 557:picture. He simply looked on, played his little part, ate, reproduced, reacted to pleasure and toPsychology2, 598:and yet divine, life upon earth. There is little more that I can say here in connection with thePsychology2, 598:vitality of the race is so lowered and also so little understood and the proper care of the body isPsychology2, 603:consequences and effects. Frequently, there is little that can be done; sometimes no attempts toPsychology2, 605:peace and satisfaction. There is, for instance, little in the writings of the mystics of the middlePsychology2, 611:is of so vast a nature and is relatively so little understood in its true significance as anPsychology2, 614:due to an expansion of consciousness, they have little registered or noticeable effect upon thePsychology2, 616:to your attention. The group members - little as they may like to recognize this fact - are not asPsychology2, 616:with them I realize that there is relatively little that I can say. The next century will see thePsychology2, 616:the respiratory tract. On these I can say but little. Let us, therefore, look at these problems. WePsychology2, 621:Respirational Diseases of Mystics There is little to say about this. It will constitute a majorPsychology2, 621:words - all these will have a subjective result little grasped or realized by the average studentPsychology2, 624:than you can that I have been [624] able to say little about the last few points, particularlyPsychology2, 633:and by promises, whereas ideas can make but little impact upon their consciousness, for they arePsychology2, 638:Their program and their technique is outlined a little later in this discussion. Behind thisPsychology2, 657:cent is formed by the unthinking masses, who are little more than emotional animals. They live,Psychology2, 658:are going. [658] With these latter there is little yet to be done. With the forty per cent,Psychology2, 670:the work to be done is so stupendous that their little isolated efforts are utterly useless toPsychology2, 671:- of this the leaders seem, as yet, to have but little vision. Attack by one party upon anotherPsychology2, 677:definitely present, even if weak and as yet but little realized. The second function of the NewPsychology2, 699:In this tabulation, I have portrayed for you a little of what is implied in the words "The Law ofPsychology2, 700:of the larger issues, when they see that their little unimportant lives are only the reflection ofPsychology2, 708:the most difficult to handle and are at present little understood. What do modern scientificPsychology2, 710:they experienced, has been carried forward. Little, however, has been done in connection with thePsychology2, 711:get because of its novelty and because it is a little different from the general run of teaching;Psychology2, 711:it pleases you to get these instructions a little ahead of the rest of humanity. All thesePsychology2, 733:change in human relations, then there will be little immediate hope of bringing about that unitedPsychology2, 737:ideologies, live, love and seek to understand a little of what is happening to them and who acceptPsychology2, 737:of the forces, prevalent in humanity today. A little thought will show how practically [738] everyPsychology2, 742:the love of God. Prior to His time, there was little expression of that love objective in the worldPsychology2, 742:of that love objective in the world and little philanthropy or sense of responsibility for one'sPsychology2, 746:work with you. It is for us, who perhaps know a little bit [747] more about the Plan than they do,Rays, 7:that divine energy which is the soul's heritage. Little by little the light will shine forth, yearRays, 7:energy which is the soul's heritage. Little by little the light will shine forth, year by year theRays, 10:This aspect of the matter is as yet but little comprehended by the sons of men. If they butRays, 10:lunar control they drive the tiny lives in their little system deeper into the darkness ofRays, 11:- to the Master - the medium of help among many little ones. I commend the above thought to youRays, 31:you will only think," "if you will only use a little will," and "if you will only remember that youRays, 31:to beginners upon the Path of conscious Return. Little by little, then, the focus and theRays, 31:upon the Path of conscious Return. Little by little, then, the focus and the orientation shift outRays, 32:interpreted in personality terms, and are very little understood. They are nevertheless aspects ofRays, 44:and easily-arrived-at significances mean little to the initiate mind. Let me briefly consider themRays, 54:is being found again, and with that finding the little self is lost in the glory and the radianceRays, 54:the medium of a solar system. You can see how little use there is in my enlarging further uponRays, 56:forth vocally upon the physical plane means little. The important factors are to sound it silently,Rays, 65:underlying the potent demand, there is little that I may say. From the highest plane of theRays, 92:His capacity of God the Preserver. He "tends the little ones." The work here referred to concernsRays, 92:as Head of the Hierarchy. The nourishing of the little lives refers primarily to His task as WorldRays, 104:His effort is towards something which means little as yet to those of you who read these words; itRays, 107:involves identity with the larger purpose. The little will of the little lives must be merged inRays, 107:with the larger purpose. The little will of the little lives must be merged in the larger will ofRays, 107:the purpose of the Whole or the One Life as the little life can grasp at any given point in timeRays, 109:in its evil dedication, focus and results. The little wheels can continue to revolve in time andRays, 114:out by the light of the central luminary; all little fires must be obliterated by solar fire. TheRays, 115:clarity of the statement made above, there is little that it will be necessary for me to say anentRays, 116:initiate of the third degree, just as the words "little ones" or "little child" apply to anRays, 116:degree, just as the words "little ones" or "little child" apply to an initiate of the first orRays, 121:against division, separation and isolation. Little as people realize it, these concepts areRays, 121:these schools may call themselves mean but little. Many will proclaim themselves as esotericRays, 124:truth, that it registers on ears with very little effect. Secondly, the whole story of life - whichRays, 132:me the opportunity to enlarge upon a subject little known or understood by any esotericist in theRays, 139:Truth, we know (as aspirants) relatively very little. Truth - as we understand it during the earlyRays, 141:"Father, not my will but Thine be done." Just a little of what that will includes may emerge as weRays, 142:advance of the disciples of the world contains little of moment for you, except in so far as itRays, 144:For Group Initiation To carry the concept a little nearer home: only when the will of theRays, 145:of human life. All has been speeded up and little such growth was seen on a worldwide scale priorRays, 152:and ascension, particularly the latter, because little has been given out to date anent ascension. Rays, 157:the Soul which have naught to do with the petty little affairs of the personality - unimportant andRays, 160:a great mystery which is closely tied up - little as you may realize it - with the doctrine ofRays, 163:of the resurrection initiation about which so little has been told, and it is the very heart of theRays, 169:foundational work of great importance, but are little understood and their lives are consequentlyRays, 169:the subhuman kingdoms of nature. They do very little work with humanity, except with certainRays, 169:- lovely euphonious words, but meaning little to the non-initiates. Rays, 185:progress had practically no place, and therefore little or no effect upon the forces and energiesRays, 185:to mass impulse or impression. This was very little, owing to the lack of coordinated relationRays, 185:mass effect increased, but there was still but little thinking or direction connected with it; itRays, 202:The above sentence is in all probability of little meaning to you, but it nevertheless contains aRays, 202:that he travels, to use a well-known though little understood metaphor. Rays, 207:to the Path of the Higher Evolution. There is little more that I can tell you anent this Rule. TheRays, 210:of tension, indicating real difficulty. There is little, in reality, to link these people exceptRays, 212:for the recognition of the group service seems little to ask from the world which is served;Rays, 215:will suffice to show (if you duly meditate) a little of what is meant by the silence of theRays, 224:becomes possible only when the practice of the little renunciations governs the life of a discipleRays, 240:of this you can necessarily know and understand little. I could perhaps express the underlyingRays, 251:relative importance: The Teaching on Shamballa. Little has ever been given on this subject. OnlyRays, 253:it but who wish I would be more explicit) see little in it. I have given enough, could theRays, 255:The teaching I gave there is very abstruse; little of it can as yet be of real service to theRays, 264:Of the Law of Synthesis, I can tell you but little. It is the law governing the activities of theRays, 269:importance. I realize that this information has little meaning to you and lies beyond yourRays, 273:There is a mystery involved here and it is little that I can do to make it clearer. As humanityRays, 300:loving synthesis in action, and of that there is little today in demonstration. We have life inRays, 304:(as grasped by the personality and the soul) has little relation to that form of living awarenessRays, 307:forms of thinking." Does this convey much or little in connection with the concepts which I am
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