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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIVE

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Discipleship1, 429:assurance of the Plan and of your part in it. Live, therefore, always above your physical body,Discipleship1, 433:sincere disciples have to solve is to learn to live as if the physical body did not exist. By thatDiscipleship1, 457:strain end when the experiencing soul learns to live within itself and to serve and work, to thinkDiscipleship1, 464:plane. Force of circumstances has driven you to live much upon the astral plane for the past fewDiscipleship1, 465:limitations. So many in the final years of life live, think and act in such a manner that the soulDiscipleship1, 472:with humility. Demonstrate will in action and live up to your own high moments. This takes effort.Discipleship1, 474:I would say a word of warning and of guidance. Live not so utterly within yourself but forgetDiscipleship1, 480:and breathe the air whereby the sons of God must live. 2nd month - Detachment. I seek to love andDiscipleship1, 480:- Detachment. I seek to love and with my love to live. I seek not love for my own little self. 3rdDiscipleship1, 488:To this task, your soul and I now call you. Live above the world of feeling and, because you haveDiscipleship1, 488:suffered so much, work now in the world of mind. Live on the mental plane, in the realm of the soulDiscipleship1, 510:Festival and for the three days of that Festival live in your tower and there abide. In momentsDiscipleship1, 511:a disciple in definite training. Disciples who live on mental levels are freer from glamor than areDiscipleship1, 511:things we seek to teach all of you is to work, live and think in freedom from the astral plane.Discipleship1, 513:the eternal values. By leaving everybody free to live their own lives and to shoulder their ownDiscipleship1, 516:of those we love. Do you realize that? As you live and love those in your immediate environment, doDiscipleship1, 520:that you will accept the stated facts and live by them? In no way, except by giving youDiscipleship1, 523:of vision, now I stand and from that point I live and love and work. To this high destiny IDiscipleship1, 524:had since they reached maturity and the right to live their own lives. You have earned the right toDiscipleship1, 526:BROTHER: You have no particular glamor, for you live in a perfect sea of glamor. Hence theDiscipleship1, 526:level of awareness (where you always truly live in spite of many excursions on to the astralDiscipleship1, 537:it abides in the [537] hearts of those who live in the Eternal. There is a power that maketh allDiscipleship1, 549:in which they find themselves. They would live with quietness, developing increasing sensitivity toDiscipleship1, 551:and to strengthen you with life (where'er you live that life). Seek also to be in touch with him.Discipleship1, 551:the start that K. E. S. had only a few years to live. In his last instruction he uses the phraseDiscipleship1, 551:instruction he uses the phrase "where'er you live that life." K. E. S. died a few months later. Discipleship1, 557:life is the reward of the initiate's effort to live as a soul and not to feel as a personality. ItDiscipleship1, 596:and by the difficulty of the era in which you live and the stage whereon you deliberately haveDiscipleship1, 598:People are not what you want them to be and they live also in rooms with darkened windows. When youDiscipleship1, 598:and illusion in which you perforce have to live, and so to work through the glamor that you can seeDiscipleship1, 599:through the intensification of your soul's life. Live, therefore, as a soul and forget theDiscipleship1, 601:But whilst in the group, you are asked to live up to group requirements and to work with the groupDiscipleship1, 604:time to intricate and devious thought. Seek to live mentally much more simply. Ask and look forDiscipleship1, 610:back, my brother. Love and serve; relax and live a normal, useful life. The fires of your ownDiscipleship1, 612:activities were secondary. I advised you to live normally and to relax your intensity, but you haveDiscipleship1, 622:at times and say: I know it all. Some day I'll live it all. Some day you assuredly will and you areDiscipleship1, 649:Seek to see humanity liberated, free and able to live their daily lives in the light of love and doDiscipleship1, 654:of the inner storms in which you so constantly live. Once you have decided to decentralize yourselfDiscipleship1, 692:spontaneously. When you, as a disciple, try to live harmlessly - in thought and word and deed - andDiscipleship1, 693:will be better health) ; you will think and not live so deeply in the world of feeling; you willDiscipleship1, 704:which it gives is to enable the disciple to live truly on every plane which he has succeeded inDiscipleship1, 709:of meaning in which the disciple is learning to live consciously and always. One of the problemsDiscipleship1, 716:orientation to the things of the spirit and to live by the light of that spirit. I believe thatDiscipleship1, 750:has been attained, the chela has the right to live within the aura of the Master. There is nothingDiscipleship2, 48:done and then they must talk and write, act and live so that others too may understand. HumanityDiscipleship2, 48:yet been expressed as it was hoped. Men do not live up to what they already know; they fail to makeDiscipleship2, 62:emanated decisive thoughts of the One in whom we live and move and have our being, just as theDiscipleship2, 85:contact with me if you follow the rules and live the outer life of a disciple. It is the booksDiscipleship2, 99:four questions concern largely your ability to live as a soul in your little outer world and haveDiscipleship2, 105:through ashramic contact, is the ability to live always within the field of intuitive perception -Discipleship2, 116:"intentional living." It connotes the effort to live consciously at the center and then to workDiscipleship2, 118:within which the New Group of World Servers will live, mature and come to fruition. [119] Keep theDiscipleship2, 132:their use. But energy is fluid and in motion; we live in a veritable sea of moving forces,Discipleship2, 132:place in the mind content of the One in whom we live and move and have our being, and outside whoseDiscipleship2, 165:and understanding among men so that they may live in peace with one another; as a demand for theDiscipleship2, 166:of religious belief, and also by his capacity to live his life in the light of the divine Presence.Discipleship2, 174:few thoughts may serve to make this Invocation live afresh in your minds and take on a new andDiscipleship2, 202:to utilize in fitting the younger generation to live beautifully, constructively and creatively;Discipleship2, 229:to meet spiritual demands: "O thou in whom we live and move and have our being, the Power that canDiscipleship2, 243:the time nor the strength to do more than live through the time of trial and, at the same time, toDiscipleship2, 243:and the tension under which they should act and live from day to day is only as yet a feeble one -Discipleship2, 243:upon all of you, are not simply to enable you to live through the present period as successfully -Discipleship2, 264:living as an outer observer who looks within. To live subjectively means that the focus of yourDiscipleship2, 280:and build the "new house" in which humanity will live; cycle after cycle and civilization afterDiscipleship2, 305:it is most difficult to describe or to make it live before you. There lies before the investigatorDiscipleship2, 309:in which we all, as well as all other forms, live and move and have our being. [310] I would likeDiscipleship2, 315:within all other forms, then the One in whom we live reveals his hidden, secret lighted Will. "WhenDiscipleship2, 315:are all worked out, then the One in whom we live can say: 'Well done! Naught but the beautifulDiscipleship2, 315:little wills of men, then can the One in whom we live raise into radiating light the vivid lightedDiscipleship2, 320:is in that world that he must learn to work and live; it is from that world that he must begin nowDiscipleship2, 396:recognition of the aphorism that "in him we live and move and have our being." It explains theDiscipleship2, 420:two initiations is to enable the initiate to live in the world of meaning; the objective of theDiscipleship2, 420:Initiation of Decision - is to enable him to live in the world of significances. This must beDiscipleship2, 421:Area after area of the Body of him "in whom we live and move and have our being" is steadilyDiscipleship2, 432:into the Mind of God, or he is learning to live and function from a point therein attained to whichDiscipleship2, 435:lastly into the Purpose of the One in whom we live and move and have our being. Discipleship2, 447:as unique and if you do not attempt to live up so entirely to the world concept. Your work isDiscipleship2, 475:of your heart follow the eye's direction. Live not upon the surface of events; you dwell deep atDiscipleship2, 476:into its correspondence in the head and begin to live more in the head than in the heart; youDiscipleship2, 489:which is your persistent Self, plus a live expectancy. I have chosen these words with care andDiscipleship2, 491:and in relation to others with whom you live and work, down on the physical plane. Again, you bringDiscipleship2, 526:the atmosphere of acute suffering in which you live. Your spiritual morale is not high because yourDiscipleship2, 542:more important than the objective. You need to live more subjectively. It is this blended realismDiscipleship2, 551:of the Ashram. [551] The circle of those who live within the secret quiet place. They use not wordsDiscipleship2, 552:low built bungalow of undressed wood, in which I live. With you are walking your group brothers,Discipleship2, 552:inviting you to enter the circle of those who live within the secret quiet place. You will note, myDiscipleship2, 554:brother, what will eventuate. Endeavor always to live within the Ashram, which is insulated fromDiscipleship2, 554:"as if" you remained immovable in the Ashram; live always "as if" the eyes of the entire AshramDiscipleship2, 555:within which it is desirable that you should live. Think humbly, speak wisely and work ceaselessly.Discipleship2, 556:of thought; it involves the constant attempt to live as if the soul (not the mind but through theDiscipleship2, 562:way"; he has to learn on those levels and to live constructively there, without reducing theDiscipleship2, 578:at this time to the karma of the One in whom we live and move and have our being. It is primarilyDiscipleship2, 578:weathering the storm and your little ship will live through the gale. All is preparatory to anDiscipleship2, 613:upon you, you have successfully endeavored to live the dual life of the disciple, to serve me andDiscipleship2, 616:increasingly give, and learn yourself always to live in the world of meaning. Last year you passedDiscipleship2, 626:the vehicle of expression of the One in whom we live and move and have our being. Therefore weDiscipleship2, 640:it should. With that condition you must learn to live, treating it with due wisdom and at the sameDiscipleship2, 643:and are at the same time endeavoring to live as souls. The accuracy of my statement is, therefore,Discipleship2, 646:you in the particular locality in which you live and brought your life partner to you. It was yourDiscipleship2, 650:of joy, and this because you have endeavored to live selflessly and to carry your load bravely, and
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