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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIVE

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Glamour, 172:is the first initiation, which enables man to "live a life, inspired by God." Inspiration is theGlamour, 177:advanced humanity of both hemispheres seek to live and which, from time to time, move on a step inGlamour, 195:also the training ground in which capacity to live the initiate life of intuitional perception andGlamour, 197:different results to those which follow when men live and work in the midst of glamor. The secondGlamour, 240:the world of maya in which we, physically, live and move and have our being. I wonder if those whoGlamour, 243:works in the world of forces. All human beings live and move and express themselves in and throughGlamour, 248:or offsets his personality force? Can he thus live like a soul upon the physical plane, via theHealing, 2:of the planetary Logos, the Life in which we live and move and have our being. The etheric body,Healing, 8:a state of mind which will enable the patient to live with himself and with his complaint,Healing, 10:of a still greater form, and that we do indeed "live and move and have our being" within the bodyHealing, 59:are to be found in the very soil on which we live, infecting the vegetable kingdom and also theHealing, 69:between people has increased so much, and men live so much in massed groups - large or small - thatHealing, 89:naturally the male impulse also. This failure to live by the Law of Periodicity and to subordinateHealing, 91:and of the "I in the center" consciousness. Few live in the world of thought and fewer still in theHealing, 106:laws are: [106] The law controlling the will to live, a manifestation of the first aspect of theHealing, 117:he finds himself one with the One in Whom we live and move and have our being. Next, I would pointHealing, 120:are found in two major groups: Those who live above the diaphragm and who are, therefore, prone toHealing, 121:indigenous to the planetary life in which we live and move and have our being, have this power overHealing, 136:statements which can be tabulated as follows: We live in a world of energies and are a constituentHealing, 139:man (again unconsciously effective) is to live a full animal and emotional life, thereby gainingHealing, 164:upper and lower torso. A man can function and live without his arms and legs. Each of these threeHealing, 177:feeds the life-giving principle, the will-to-live, to all parts of the human frame. These create aHealing, 187:providing the dynamic impulse of the will to live. I do not indicate which channel is responsive toHealing, 191:provide environments in which these forms can live. Please note this mode of expressing aHealing, 223:called into play to surmount danger; the will-to-live, with its adjunct, the will-to-perpetuate andHealing, 223:with its adjunct, the will-to-perpetuate and to live in one's children, is powerfully fostered. ToHealing, 232:originated in the organs whereby men breathe and live, and was imposed - as a penalty - by theHealing, 260:as one wishes, to think as one determines and to live as one chooses. This is as it should be,Healing, 263:that which Man - the Heavenly Man in whom we live, humanity as a whole, mankind in groups asHealing, 288:who are so ill that they are not expected to live, or who are suffering from diseases whichHealing, 295:to the sevenfold nature of the One in Whom we live and move and have our being, and that theseHealing, 299:to crystallize was His. He brought not will-to-live but will-to-die. Death was His gift to life.Healing, 301:Him in His courses, and with despair the will-to-live could not survive. Yet all the time theHealing, 313:on to the mental plane. Nevertheless, they live predominantly in a region which we callHealing, 340:makes it very difficult for sensitive people to live normally at all. To express the idea inHealing, 340:as if the race, after habituating itself to live on the earth, had now to accustom itself to liveHealing, 340:live on the earth, had now to accustom itself to live in water. I am talking from the standpoint ofHealing, 346:leading to harmonious relations, when we seek to live selflessly. For the probationer, this meansHealing, 383:to the energy of the first ray, the will-to-live, which is one of the aspects of this ray. It worksHealing, 383:and growth of the body cells whose will-to-live becomes destructive to the organism in which theyHealing, 384:to the growth of man's consciousness. Most men live today in the world of effects, and have no ideaHealing, 384:they are effects. Some few are now beginning to live in the world of meaning, whilst disciples andHealing, 388:the patient's karma indicates it, the will-to-live must be restored to him; in other cases, theHealing, 394:soul and to the necessity for that soul to live spiritually, constructively and divinely within theHealing, 394:the fact of death also vanishes. As men learn to live consciously as souls, as they also learn toHealing, 415:perfected soul. - Page 581. When the "will to live" vanishes, then the "Sons of Necessity" ceaseHealing, 431:We say constantly that when the will-to-live is lacking, death is the inevitable result. ThisHealing, 431:death is the inevitable result. This will-to-live, whether it is the tenacity of the physical body,Healing, 432:the fear of death. The cycle in which we now live has seen the greatest destruction of human formsHealing, 439:of these great Lives, all lesser lives can live and are proffered opportunity. - Vol. V. Healing, 446:selfish, for the criminal and for those few who live for the material side only, there eventuatesHealing, 448:the ordinary sense of the term when the will-to-live in a physical body goes and theHealing, 452:form aspect of man, then as long as the will to live exists, so long will the form persist. It isHealing, 452:been proven that as long as the determination to live persists, so will be the probable duration ofHealing, 454:we mean the body of the one Life in Whom "we live and move and have our being." In those threeHealing, 462:frequently happens, especially when the will to live is strong or the life task remains as yetHealing, 486:substance. Only disciples and initiates who live mostly in their minds find themselves, afterHealing, 490:emotionally than they are physically, and live to a great extent focused in their astral vehicles,Healing, 494:periods of time - from the angle of "those who live below," though there is no time recognized onHealing, 539:in the formulation of a great desire to live and to get rid of the disease, unless the illness isHealing, 539:where he simply does not care and the will-to-live is rapidly leaving him. To these difficultiesHealing, 542:on the part of the patient of the will-to-live, bringing on a flooding inflow of the lifeHealing, 547:confine their healing powers to those who live focused in the head. They will stimulate the soul,Healing, 567:remains persistently aware. This inability to live up to the highest ideal of which the man - atHealing, 596:the man is too ill. The loss of the will-to-live. The patient has given in; the internal fight isHealing, 636:Logos, that great divine Life in Whom we live and move and have our being, is one of the "imperfectHealing, 638:is the presence of what is called the will-to-live; when that is to be found, and when it isHealing, 639:of activity and in conjunction with the will-to-live of the spiritual man or of any ensoulingHealing, 644:of prayer, stimulation of the patient's will-to-live, and occasionally the use of magnetic orHealing, 662:it fights and strikes for more money in order to live more richly; it is also the mistake of theHealing, 662:is therefore so preoccupied with the struggle to live (and she will live) that there is littleHealing, 662:with the struggle to live (and she will live) that there is little time, interest or energy left toHealing, 679:the body of manifestation of the One in Whom we live and move and have our being). I might pauseHealing, 680:of the ages makes [680] cyclically possible. We live at this time in a cycle wherein His intenseHealing, 711:who has effected entrance and settled down to live. Ejection - ruthless, sudden and complete - isHercules, 3:on a realized unity with the Life in which we live and move and have our being, is taking the placeHercules, 22:and, usually, exceedingly difficult to live with. There is much sound counsel in the BiblicalHercules, 27:"Go, rescue this far land and those who live upon it." "Abderis," cried Hercules, "come forth andHercules, 49:a son of God. If it is not possible for a man to live the life of discipleship and the life ofHercules, 49:and, with due self-control and understanding, live a normal, balanced sex life; then there is aHercules, 71:occupation than to tell them personally how to live, how to solve their problems and how, inHercules, 72:When by our own efforts we are beginning to live as souls, and when by our own self-initiatedHercules, 96:the fifth Gate. The people of this ravaged land live silently behind locked doors. Forth to theirHercules, 99:dead," they cried, "the lion is dead. We now can live and till our lands and sow the needed seedsHercules, 109:fact about the period in which we now live is that it marks a unique development in racialHercules, 123:goes far deeper than such an attitude of 'live and let live', which is often not without a taint ofHercules, 123:deeper than such an attitude of 'live and let live', which is often not without a taint of smugnessHercules, 142:where by its very nature the hydra could not live, and so drooped and died. The use of the fire, inHercules, 151:man, in this physical, tangible world in which I live, and if I have no form, none of my fiveHercules, 163:one person said to me, there is nothing left to live for, there is nothing interesting enough toHercules, 164:formulation of the truth, because it helps me to live. Other groups use other terminologies andHercules, 165:know what is right for me and I will endeavor to live by my right, my idea of right. I do not knowHercules, 176:desires are related to the group. You no longer live in the animal nature, interested in creationHercules, 177:that, on the ladder of initiation, if you cannot live purely in your own home circle you are of noHercules, 189:makes him grab and grasp, the law under which we live, the law of competition. Regulus, the law ofHercules, 191:desire nature of that great Life in Whom we live and move and have our being, also keeps herds ofHercules, 217:Greek 'Zodiakon', which is not from 'zoon' 'to live', but from a primitive root, through the HebrewInitiation, 3:for "God is Love," and in that God of Love we "live and move and have our being," and will to theInitiation, 28:aura or magnetic sphere of influence. In him we live and move and have our being, and none of usIntellect, 7:with the physical and mental worlds in which we live, and recognizes emotional and sensory
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