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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIVED

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Astrology, 227:one of a personality, materialistic nature, lived under the influence of the material aspect ofAstrology, 234:sinful, ever undesirable, and as something to be lived down and overcome, and kept secretly in theAutobiography, 2:in the life of one of Their workers. I have lived many incarnations in one. I have moved forwardAutobiography, 3:is one of them. For many lives we must have lived and worked together and we both look forward toAutobiography, 5:that well-padded, sleek and comfortable world I lived when a girl. I can imagine nothing moreAutobiography, 5:to show how wonderful human beings are. I have lived on three continents and in many nations. IAutobiography, 6:lies a poor woman who always were tired. She lived in a world where too much were required. WeepAutobiography, 12:that time on I knew the depths of poverty. I lived once for three weeks on tea (without milk orAutobiography, 13:of the late Czar of Russia. I have never lived for any length of time in one place, for the GeminiAutobiography, 20:from our house at Stamford, Conn., where we then lived, and with it went my Bible and a brokenAutobiography, 24:of my sister and myself at Moor Park (where we lived till I was nearly thirteen) was one of greatAutobiography, 26:in the United States, where they were born and lived until in their late teens, and as I saw themAutobiography, 26:have liked the regimented life I and my sister lived. With more or less success, I have tried toAutobiography, 33:of my own small income (as did my sister), we lived the lives of society girls; we had what isAutobiography, 59:bedroom in the funny little house in which we lived, and I can this minute see her lying asleep inAutobiography, 90:taken life and circumstance very hard, and have lived a very intense thought-life. I have an ideaAutobiography, 92:reached the point where I did not care whether I lived or died. I had closed up the Soldiers' HomeAutobiography, 104:that kind, or eaten my meals in a "parlour" or lived in a house with no servants. I was terrifiedAutobiography, 108:on my door and on opening it I found a woman who lived in the flat below me. She looked at me withAutobiography, 110:their families in those missionary districts, we lived largely on chicken and I learnt [111] whyAutobiography, 111:housed twelve children and their parents and I lived in a constant riot of children's voices. TheAutobiography, 112:temper was getting out of all bounds and I lived in a constant terror that the members of theAutobiography, 114:to the city in which the Bishop and his wife lived and saw more of them. I found more people in theAutobiography, 137:together. Then I met two very old ladies who lived side by side in two cottages - indispensable toAutobiography, 159:not, go and live at Krotona." He did not know I lived there. The whole situation was so serious andAutobiography, 180:by all of us who knew and loved her. She lived with us off and on for many years and was greatlyAutobiography, 183:into disrepute. The spiritual life is not lived at the expense of others, and if people areAutobiography, 203:windows on three sides of this room and there I lived and worked. Craigie was with us and althoughAutobiography, 219:people in the many countries in which I have lived. Some countries may be more physicallyAutobiography, 223:peculiarly decadent and objectionable people who lived on the shore of the lake. As soon as I foundAutobiography, 224:People of all nationalities met there and we all lived together for weeks and got to know eachAutobiography, 238:in the East and in the West and with those who lived before Christ ever came and with those who areAutobiography, 238:upon the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, who lived and taught probably 9000 years before Christ. TheAutobiography, 264:upon claim-making and mystery but upon a life lived in accordance with the highest ideals, and uponAutobiography, 269:absolutely no authority, except that of a life lived as dose to the truth as possible, plus theBethlehem, 13:perfect demonstration and example of divinity lived successfully on earth, and lived - as most ofBethlehem, 13:of divinity lived successfully on earth, and lived - as most of us have to live - not inBethlehem, 17:Initiation. Identification. Christ lived His life in that small but significant strip of land whichBethlehem, 51:in two realms at once - the life which must be lived on earth and the life which we can live in theBethlehem, 58:the message He gave and the life He lived must necessarily sum up all the best in the past,Bethlehem, 77:the uniqueness of His mission. Christ lived quietly in His home with His parents, undergoing thatBethlehem, 79:life of love. The life of Christ is a life to be lived today, eventually by all. It is a life ofBethlehem, 121:soul contact. This results in living as Christ lived, with no thought of self but only concern andBethlehem, 168:most important contributions to life as it is lived today. He said in effect: God loves the world;Bethlehem, 179:racial history wherein He walked and talked and lived an ordinary human life? Did He serve His raceBethlehem, 209:But the abundant life is surely not a life to be lived hereafter, in some distant heaven whereBethlehem, 209:to an end the most complete life that had been lived on earth. The attempt to found the kingdom,Bethlehem, 213:him and us and the men of all generations who lived and live in the same thought." (The Mystery ofBethlehem, 240:and joy and peace, can only with difficulty be lived continuously except in a fellowship, withinBethlehem, 247:and the concept of an endless eternity lived with oneself, have for most of us no allurementBethlehem, 261:and had, in the process of expressing divinity, lived and served and died. But none of them came atBethlehem, 284:Sometimes it seems as if the two extremes lived on in the consciousness of man - the notorious andDiscipleship1, 50:- Part V Increasingly must your inner life be lived upon the mental plane. Steadily and withoutDiscipleship1, 57:least. These reactions are simply recognized, lived through, tolerated and not permitted to produceDiscipleship1, 94:so-called "appeal" is the quality of the life lived, the service rendered and the presence of anDiscipleship1, 97:physical plane, except in the beauty of a life lived. Others may be learning certain techniques ofDiscipleship1, 108:Do you not see, my brother, how earlier you lived so much in the consciousness which is focused inDiscipleship1, 203:that this affiliation is permitted because "he lived fully up to the light that was in him and thatDiscipleship1, 276:sometimes as personality events. They must be lived through, the veiled lessons learnt and theDiscipleship1, 361:I refer not here to the daily life to be lived. I refer to the intelligent appreciation of truthDiscipleship1, 384:this limitation. One day at a time, perfectly lived, with each hour beautifully rounded out, isDiscipleship1, 436:importance. From the quiet spot where you have lived and where you can rightly care for theDiscipleship1, 482:life. a vital attentiveness to life as it is lived around you and a reflective daily meditativeDiscipleship1, 483:you. See it everywhere - the drama of life as lived by yourself, your environing associates, andDiscipleship1, 522:the place wherein your physical plane life is lived, let there go forth that which can heal andDiscipleship1, 533:comes for you to pass over to the fuller life, lived by a soul when separated from the body, theDiscipleship1, 541:I am looking in you, my brother, and for a life lived stable, wisely and based upon a betterDiscipleship1, 598:and attitude and to the room in which you lived. Your knowledge of what lay outside was theoreticalDiscipleship1, 612:and to relax your intensity, but you have lived abnormally and with an occult violence which hasDiscipleship1, 634:within the four walls of the cell in which you lived, dedicated to the contemplative life. YourDiscipleship1, 692:wield comes as a response to a life rightly lived and love fully given. There is a great law whichDiscipleship2, 32:The constant condition of irritation in which he lived was the result of the ceaseless conflictDiscipleship2, 48:too may understand. Humanity has never really lived up to the teaching given to it. SpiritualDiscipleship2, 483:as a soul, within a personality, you have lived your own life apart from others; you have not beenDiscipleship2, 553:your life events - as I foresaw them. You have lived for years at the high point of tension. FireDiscipleship2, 611:into recognition. You have, my beloved brother, lived a full and rich life; you have been broughtDiscipleship2, 650:many. I would remind you that pain, when it is lived out mentally for others, is the worst kind ofDiscipleship2, 685:Will you therefore rest back on facts and lived experience and waste not time in wishing and inDiscipleship2, 736:point out that such incarnations are frequently lived under the sun-sign of Libra or have Libra asEducation, 67:a whole. Esotericism. therefore involves a life lived in tune with the inner subjective realities;Externalisation, 176:the conditions of the [176] period in which they lived. Today, the entire planet is involved andExternalisation, 178:right and possible, provided that human beings lived together in goodwill and recognized theirExternalisation, 297:Leonardo da Vinci - to mention only four who so lived and thought and acted that they conditionedExternalisation, 300:Process However, until Christ came and lived a life of love and service and gave mankind the newExternalisation, 325:be shortened if the spiritually minded people lived up to their inner belief and knowledge. TheExternalisation, 472:humanity. Its members are human beings who have lived, suffered, achieved, failed, attainedExternalisation, 592:entire attitude to life. The wonder of that Life lived two thousand years ago is still with us andExternalisation, 592:of theological commentators since He lived and left us - or apparently left us. Yet - today ChristExternalisation, 593:activity - a Succession of Those Who have lived on earth, accepted the fact of God Transcendent,Externalisation, 593:of the Christ life and (because They lived on earth as He did and does) have "entered for us withinExternalisation, 699:product of the evolutionary process) can be lived divinely; They will express the highest ideal ofFire, viii:more by the results of its effect upon the life lived and its practical usefulness in solving theFire, xiv:formulate in words that which must be felt and lived in order to be truly comprehended mustFire, 793:All the planetary Rishis are not equally "long-lived," in the occult sense of the term, and theGlamour, 2:analytical mind. Intelligent people who have lived in the world for some time and who haveHealing, 226:there is naught known about the races of men who lived those millions of years ago; naught is knownHealing, 226:between then and now, myriads of people have lived and loved and experienced; their bodies haveHealing, 232:springs of life itself became polluted. Men only lived and breathed in order to be in possession ofHealing, 300:another. He had no settled point or plan but lived in glamor and liked it well. He smothered bothHealing, 621:full realized contact, with the One in Whom He lived and moved and had His being. The physiological
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