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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIVED

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Hercules, 23:the focus of his life was changed. He no longer lived down where he lived before. The name of theHercules, 23:was changed. He no longer lived down where he lived before. The name of the soul became his name,Hercules, 50:also possessed the maze in which the Minotaur lived, and the maze has ever been the symbol of theHercules, 143:was told to find the nine-headed hydra that lived in a stench-drenched bog. This monster has itsHercules, 197:We are told that there was an island where lived a human monster called Geryon with a body of threeInitiation, 113:Taste and smell follow later, but life can be lived without them, and should they be absent, theIntellect, 36:ordinary senses are useless. They claim to have lived and moved in these subtler realms, and theIntellect, 139:Mario, Prayer, page 181. Francois Malaval, who lived and wrote in the 17th century puts it mostIntellect, 185:the life of Milarepa, the Holy One of Tibet, who lived in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, A.D.,Intellect, 190:tells us that the "...psychological experience lived by the contemplative passes through the twoIntellect, 201:increased efficiency in the daily life, whether lived in the home, the office, or in any field ofMagic, 54:I am acting upon the assumption that all have lived long enough and battled sufficiently withMagic, 185:to this and it is a period which must be [185] lived through until the pure light of day drives allMagic, 239:life, using the concept of truth practiced and lived by as their seed thought in meditation; toMagic, 350:on their way. The half-gained victory, the days lived through with a certain measure of success,Magic, 383:of intuitional control, there are many lives lived wherein the intuition may begin to play itsMagic, 406:put man en rapport with the world in which he lived, opening his eyes not only to the nature ofMagic, 528:the history of all races and peoples that have lived or are living upon our planet can be dealtMagic, 620:own land and every man forgot his brother and lived selfishly; then there was little interrelationMeditation, 10:incarnations, has sounded the depths of the life lived entirely for the lower self and found itPatanjali, 150:It infers secondly that life will be so lived in the present that no causes will be set in motionProblems, 7:to offset this evil. Humanity has never really lived up to the teaching given it. SpiritualProblems, 28:difficult era and will be only successfully lived through if each nation will recognize its ownProblems, 76:under which the laboring class and peasantry lived. The abolitionists fought slavery - whether ofProblems, 92:been spared, and their civilian populations have lived in comfort, ease and plenty; they too havePsychology1, xix:men the teaching it imparts, and by a life lived in conformity with its teaching, your service isPsychology1, 91:the countless millions of human beings who have lived and loved, suffered and rejoiced upon ourPsychology1, 142:at the time. Seven: The Monad is the Life, lived in unison with the seven ray Lives. One Monad,Psychology1, 256:animal-man and the existent forms of animal life lived in a much closer relation than today. Then,Psychology1, 313:to the beauty of God's world. Divinity must be lived, expressed and manifested, to be understood.Psychology1, 399:them. They chose death and slew that which "had lived and which could have claimed reward," andPsychology2, 76:every human being on the physical plane, who has lived fully and to the full term of years, thisPsychology2, 93:But the angels "chose to die, and in dying, lived." Through their sacrifice, matter is lifted upPsychology2, 248:all moments of intensity must be undergone and lived again and again until the mechanism of contactPsychology2, 250:in the chosen line of art, and a life lived in contradiction to the divinity expressed through thePsychology2, 317:ages and whereby most of its nobler souls have lived, are founded on illusion. With the formulationPsychology2, 557:and the early Atlantean consciousness, he lived unthinkingly; life unrolled like a panorama beforePsychology2, 600:he would some day know, as it in truth was, he lived always within his own thought-form of thisPsychology2, 653:of the emotions in which they have hitherto lived, and will begin to live more in their mentalRays, 107:experience of the living Entity Whose life is lived on planes other than the physical, emotional orRays, 442:and intensely powerful astral life which he has lived for so many lives; as evolution proceeds, hisRays, 443:humanity itself has created and in which it has lived practically entirely since early AtlanteanRays, 478:mind revealed nothing to them. They [478] simply lived and felt. Such was their life history. TwoRays, 539:field of activity in which he has worked and lived; it simply means that new fields ofRays, 549:The life of the occult student is consciously lived in the world of energies. Those energies haveRays, 650:Throughout the many lives the disciple has lived, there have been many such moments, but they wereRays, 676:of reality which was visioned and for which men lived and died was the material world, materialRays, 721:permanently affect the planet on which They have lived and for which They have worked. You willReappearance, 12:new truth to man. However, until Christ came and lived a life of love and service and gave men theReappearance, 24:fact that the majority of accepted commentators lived many hundreds of years ago seems to haveReappearance, 36:attitude to life. The wonder of that life, lived two thousand years ago, is still with us and hasReappearance, 37:of theological commentators since Christ lived and left us - or apparently left us. Yet - todayReappearance, 38:activity - a succession [38] of Those Who have lived on Earth, accepted the fact of GodReappearance, 38:of the Christ life and (because They lived on Earth as He did and does) have "entered for us withinReappearance, 103:that it is not possible to say when He truly lived; even His name is a modernized one, given to anReappearance, 108:self. Thus the Christ taught, loved, and lived, carrying forward the great continuity of revelationReappearance, 141:spiritual life which the early [141] Christians lived. Is it not possible that the Christ may
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