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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIVES

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Astrology, 9:we are, therefore, dealing with the Life and Lives which inform the "points of light" within theAstrology, 9:and the manifestation of energy of certain Lives whose cycle of expression and whose infiniteAstrology, 12:thought into the consciousness of those manifold Lives Whose "energetic movements" he must perforceAstrology, 21:time fit to deal. I would remind you that to the lives who inform these great constellations andAstrology, 23:- have a definite effect [23] upon all the lives in all forms in all kingdoms of nature. NothingAstrology, 23:The zodiacal signs affect primarily the man who lives below the diaphragm. This is the ordinaryAstrology, 26:life. Proposition Two - Each one of the ray lives is the recipient and the custodian of energiesAstrology, 27:other words - the interaction of the seven great Lives which inform our solar system with theAstrology, 31:life cycle or else over a period of seven lives. The last two constitute the Greater Zodiac.Astrology, 31:a direct interchange of energies between the lives of the seven planetary Logoi and the stupendousAstrology, 31:Logoi and the stupendous and unfathomable Lives Who inform these major constellations. GreatAstrology, 32:planetary Spirits Who have (in Their individual lives) largely transcended the influence of theAstrology, 32:been called. This is a correspondence in the lives of these great Entities to the manner in whichAstrology, 35:Energy Comments Nos. UP 6 I Divine Flames Divine Lives 1. Leo Planet - Sun Color - OrangeAstrology, 35:Form Water Astral Plane 2 12 VII Elemental lives The Baskets of Nourishment. The Blinded Lives 7.Astrology, 35:lives The Baskets of Nourishment. The Blinded Lives 7. Aquarius Planet - the Moon Color - VioletAstrology, 37:in the work of the Lunar Lords and the elemental lives. You will note that the human Hierarchy (onAstrology, 39:it makes itself felt on the sixth plane. These lives are called "the burning Sons of Desire" andAstrology, 39:seventh, is the influx into our system of those Lives who in the first solar system remained onAstrology, 41:is the third. It is the rejection of the Triadal lives by units in the fourth Hierarchy, that ofAstrology, 42:man, his "Father in Heaven" finds place. These lives are the points of fire who must become theAstrology, 43:Jivas; and it carried in it the germs of the Lives which achieved the human stage in another solarAstrology, 43:be considered as the third place, First, the Lives or the three Persons of the Trinity. Second, theAstrology, 43:the form aspect but solely to the nature of the Lives expressing themselves through other lives whoAstrology, 43:of the Lives expressing themselves through other lives who are also self-conscious, or fullyAstrology, 46:studied, and due application made to the lives of the greatest exponents of the at-one-ingAstrology, 46:They save through love, and in Their turn these lives are peculiarly close to the great Heart ofAstrology, 48:these Hierarchies are the sumtotal of the vital lives and the substratum or the substance of allAstrology, 48:third and fourth. The two lowest groups are the lives which are found functioning as theAstrology, 49:the Hierarchies exist as the aggregate of germ lives, giving the impulse, providing the model, andAstrology, 61:a long time and constitute an interlude of many lives of struggle. From the standpoint of the manAstrology, 62:achievement in Capricorn, he works for several lives around the zodiacal path, descending into theAstrology, 65:of humanity is concerned. But the disciple, who lives above the diaphragm, responds to anotherAstrology, 78:are regarded as sacred. These twelve planetary lives (with their own cycles, points of crisis andAstrology, 107:into the background. Finally, there come twelve lives wherein the final stage of Renunciation isAstrology, 113:Logos). The Lord of the Planet, one of the great Lives or Sons of God, at present regarded as "anAstrology, 116:in order to redeem matter and raise the lives by which it is informed (the lower CreativeAstrology, 117:underlying the sacrifice of these divine Lives Who are ourselves essentially, Who are qualified byAstrology, 117:and the consequent release of the indwelling lives into a higher state of consciousness. Of thisAstrology, 120:gained only through the Mutable Cross. The man lives in and experiences in all the signs, but theAstrology, 130:to "cut the thread which binds the two opposing lives together." It is the task of Venus toAstrology, 130:It is the task of Venus to "reunite the severed lives but with no binding thread." Therefore, VenusAstrology, 167:- the discovered and undiscovered planetary Lives. It has been occultly said that a vision of theseAstrology, 183:mutable, and yet fixed and initiated spiritual Lives. It is for this reason that the constellationAstrology, 183:for there comes a moment in the cycle of lives wherein a point of balance is reached and a relativeAstrology, 184:sign and the other as the ascendant, for these lives usually express some degree of eitherAstrology, 184:they will not in any case be negative lives or lacking in direction, event or purpose. This isAstrology, 190:Plan unless they work with a phase in their own lives which is subject to their own mentalAstrology, 195:undertakings in connection with the many lives manifesting in the vehicle of expression which weAstrology, 198:are pouring upon our system and our planetary lives ceaselessly, potently and cyclically. Yet theyAstrology, 207:and inherent) there emerges from individual past lives and experience that which is the sumtotal ofAstrology, 209:sign, Scorpio. Their influence is potent in the lives of the average or undeveloped man whoAstrology, 234:and negative) are permanently related in the lives of the world aspirants, then we shall see theAstrology, 257:of esoteric truth, they are simply embodied Lives and the expression of the life, the quality, theAstrology, 257:it is the symbol and also the "Cross of Changing Lives". It pictorially represents the fourAstrology, 267:planets. The Lords of the planets (the ray Lives or planetary Logoi) are also, on Their own level,Astrology, 272:Creative Hierarchy - one of the higher group of Lives which stand just beyond the seven WhoAstrology, 272:just beyond the seven Who condition our systemic lives. These Lives have achieved Their goal, butAstrology, 272:seven Who condition our systemic lives. These Lives have achieved Their goal, but Their energiesAstrology, 276:form nature in a normal manner; the myriads of lives which constitute the form are conditioned byAstrology, 277:speaking, the stimulation of the "dead lives" (the so-called inorganic substance) into activity andAstrology, 277:Moon is the symbol of the response of the dead lives to the outer spiritual impact. The centralAstrology, 292:its being an integral part of other and greater Lives. Ponder on this. This is my frequentAstrology, 317:and in the puerile reconstruction of the past lives of theosophical inclined people (none of themAstrology, 317:place and carrying its house upon its back, lives upon the land (physical plane life) and also inAstrology, 324:is sacrifice and service to those lesser lives that are dependent upon the higher inspirationAstrology, 327:duality" to carry forward the development of the lives which constitute the form through whichAstrology, 335:he will arrive at a right interpretation of the lives: Of initiates. Of group absorption intoAstrology, 342:sacrifices and pains, in order to salvage the lives with which it had an affinity. Curiously it isAstrology, 350:situations which can be looked for in the lives of those whose Sun is in one or other of theseAstrology, 396:Cross controls. [396] The angle of the cycle of lives wherein the dualities are recognized and theAstrology, 408:are similar microcosmic correspondences in the lives of both humanity and individual man. Hence theAstrology, 413:nature in its progress and processes. Several lives may, therefore, be given to the registering ofAstrology, 419:"sisters" or "wives" of the Rishis or informing Lives of the Great Bear. The sun, Sirius. TheseAstrology, 424:which unites the human atom to the great Lives Who are the sumtotal of that which is manifested.Astrology, 424:relationship and interplay. In this interplay of Lives and Their emanating streams of forces andAstrology, 425:centers of vibratory reaction, or still greater Lives, functioning through an aggregate of solarAstrology, 426:Life as the energy emanating from certain great Lives Who stand behind our solar system as its lifeAstrology, 431:Time for He Himself was timeless, though not the Lives which He enfolded in His thought and Plan...Astrology, 443:energies and forces coming forth from the great Lives in which all that exist live and move andAstrology, 443:out of the purposes of these all-embracing Lives, of Their impulses and Their plans?) is to allAstrology, 470:form and, therefore, nourishes and energizes two lives simultaneously. It is a powerful dualAstrology, 473:of the onward-moving, spiritual man. Certain lives will occur when one or other of theseAstrology, 473:minor sense in some particular life or group of lives. The three cycles of major import in theAstrology, 493:is pre-eminently entrusted to the three great Lives Who function through Gemini-Libra-Aquarius. Astrology, 493:considered of such importance that these great Lives should be concerned with the unfoldment ofAstrology, 504:esoteric "understanding relation" with all that lives within the body of manifestation of a solarAstrology, 506:all the four kingdoms in nature. For both these lives - microcosmic and macrocosmic - this fusionAstrology, 513:humanity. The exoteric planets rule and the man lives within the limitations of the twelve houses.Astrology, 519:the form aspect, i.e., into the Life and the lives of the various kingdoms in nature. Humanity,Astrology, 546:and to make the state the supreme end of men's lives; the spirit of love and of individual rightAstrology, 560:the dawning light and who know no love of human lives." To those who respond not to the lowerAstrology, 584:of the men and women of goodwill, whose lives are conditioned by the will to carry forward theAstrology, 601:Being emanates as It appears and takes form and lives. It is the Will towards Expression. Today, asAstrology, 618:needed transformation carried forward in their lives; then - equally expectant - they shouldAstrology, 618:should believe in the transfiguration of those lives in line with the will of the [619]Astrology, 621:is inherent in the nature of the informing Lives of the particular constellations. They areAstrology, 644:entity. He is the sum total of all the elemental lives of the planet." (C.F. 105, Note) 22. "TheAstrology, 647:"casting the horoscopes" of the various great lives who inform... the kingdoms of nature, withAstrology, 650:perceptive. Seven great psychological Lives, qualified by seven types of life force, are
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