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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIVES

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Destiny, 39:All of Them were part of the directing group of Lives Who are working out the plans of God, foundedDestiny, 44:which humanity shares with two great groups of lives - the [45] Members of the Hierarchy and theDestiny, 130:through a seventh ray personality for several lives (either before or after achieving discipleship)Discipleship1that ancient relationships, established in other lives, were also conditioning factors and thatDiscipleship1, XI:Discipleship (technically understood) for many lives. Some are venturing for the first time -Discipleship1, XI:All are normal people, living useful, modern lives in many different countries in the world. SomeDiscipleship1, 7:which you are willing to impose upon your lives and your self-forgetfulness. May I beg of you toDiscipleship1, 19:discipleship, there comes a life or a series of lives wherein there is direct conflict between theDiscipleship1, 24:are beyond the disciples of the world. Those Lives who carry out the ideas of the Divine Mind,Discipleship1, 26:to break through the glamor in their own lives and to live in the light of the intuition, disciplesDiscipleship1, 33:spiritual and the higher psychic events in their lives produced a sense of loss and was against theDiscipleship1, 33:demanded reticence about their personality lives, about their mistakes and failings, and haveDiscipleship1, 43:and will only hinder your development. For many lives I have been close to the Master K. H.; inDiscipleship1, 45:of the note sounded and the selflessness of the lives shewn. The mental caliber of the group alsoDiscipleship1, 54:Naturally, I looked around among those whose lives I have been watching - sometimes for severalDiscipleship1, 58:at present on a lesser scale and later, in other lives, as I now do it. The courage and theDiscipleship1, 75:and training for definite service in future lives even more than in this, you are of sufficientDiscipleship1, 75:friendship is to be found as the result of many lives of close in the work and also inDiscipleship1, 77:to carry its lesson and its warning. Several lives ago, my Master saw in me a weakness. It was oneDiscipleship1, 81:interplay; it will lead all disciples to live lives full of wise purpose and planned spiritualDiscipleship1, 94:the Way. I would remind you here that many, many lives can elapse between the first initiation andDiscipleship1, 109:and in yourself and also with the many whose lives you are allowed to touch and whose guide uponDiscipleship1, 111:to its present stage of unfoldment in earlier lives. So strong have been your psychic tendenciesDiscipleship1, 131:learn, with you, to master glamor in their own lives? When a man has learned to dominate conditionsDiscipleship1, 140:Teacher: Relinquish that close attention to the lives of those around you which is the easy way ofDiscipleship1, 140:linked to them by karmic obligation and whose lives touch theirs in the life of every day. Go yourDiscipleship1, 148:you if you will remember that there are certain lives in which the development of the equipment isDiscipleship1, 148:the equipment is the major goal. Then come other lives in which the prepared equipment is used. ForDiscipleship1, 154:stronger souls, those more potent people whose lives can be "focused in radiance" and whoseDiscipleship1, 182:the conditioning which you are imposing on other lives. Remember, as a disciple, that in this lifeDiscipleship1, 182:instruction; you are preparing for service many lives hence. You are entering with renewed strengthDiscipleship1, 190:about the fundamentals by which humanity lives. A questioning of the unanswerable is a waste ofDiscipleship1, 191:Those to whom you lecture or preach. The lives you touch each day. Note this, brother of old, andDiscipleship1, 208:and tendencies brought into expression in past lives, you will find yourself increasingly beingDiscipleship1, 215:AND MY FRIEND: (For such you have been for many lives, e'en if your present physical brainDiscipleship1, 222:call into play and thus affect other people's lives. You know also the powerful reaction you canDiscipleship1, 250:are still the dramatic centers of your own lives and you are too much the forceful actors upon yourDiscipleship1, 253:to others that living fire which can set their lives ablaze with divinity. Choose not the subjectsDiscipleship1, 262:of love and so it had been for several previous lives. This has greatly aided in offsetting theDiscipleship1, 307:Accepted Discipleship. This you did two or three lives ago and you have followed this path slowlyDiscipleship1, 309:cannot in reality) the attitude of a soul as it lives the life of contemplation in its own world,Discipleship1, 311:for a more expanded interplay with other lives, touching them wherever you possibly can, andDiscipleship1, 312:by the many lesser renunciations of many lives, consciously undertaken, so the many acts ofDiscipleship1, 316:members in relation to this problem in their own lives, for it will be the existence of personalDiscipleship1, 318:they rest, and they observe. Such are their lives and such the service that they render to theDiscipleship1, 318:life. Most people have many glamors in their lives and link with facility with the world glamor.Discipleship1, 319:the righting of a serious mistake he made two lives ago. When he has worked through his karma andDiscipleship1, 331:It is due to the fact that you have - in past lives - achieved a fair measure of soul control. NoteDiscipleship1, 341:clear your way to a future of wonder. In the lives of the world disciples at this time, great worldDiscipleship1, 356:to others and the experience gained through many lives. This work can be increased if you deal withDiscipleship1, 359:There is a power which maketh all things new; it lives and moves in those who know the Self as one.Discipleship1, 362:a great and useful gift, acquired through many lives of achieved knowledge. But a fertile gardenDiscipleship1, 368:with which you started upon the Path three lives ago, but not indicating your highest possibilityDiscipleship1, 369:work to change conditions and to affect certain lives. This work will not be truly possible whereDiscipleship1, 387:wider sense) will not be reached yet for many lives and, therefore, there need be for you noDiscipleship1, 393:be found clamoring for your attention in their lives. This freedom must increase as you endeavor toDiscipleship1, 397:and disperse (on a small scale) in your own lives? This future work should be possible some day. IDiscipleship1, 403:is the effect in the majority of your brothers' lives. This is due to the first ray activity ofDiscipleship1, 409:ray combinations and your background in other lives, your interest is more mental thanDiscipleship1, 438:my brother, as has often been the case in other lives, I stand by you in love and understanding. Discipleship1, 438:MY FRIEND: Our relation has been close for many lives and is particularly close today. UnknownDiscipleship1, 439:enabling you to reap the fruitage of many lives, spent in acquiring spiritual knowledge. Your fieldDiscipleship1, 446:- produce a definite effect upon those whose lives you are privileged to contact and to whom youDiscipleship1, 447:is the resolution of the conflict in the lives of those around you who are in process of adjustmentDiscipleship1, 452:can affect many minds and lay the foundation for lives and activities based upon right thought. ItDiscipleship1, 511:To this all disciples are prone. Their lives are necessarily difficult and they are more sensitiveDiscipleship1, 513:By leaving everybody free to live their own lives and to shoulder their own responsibilities,Discipleship1, 513:and hours of suspicion which blight so many lives. These three things, if persisted in andDiscipleship1, 517:refuge some times of those who feel that their lives do not provide them with that which theyDiscipleship1, 524:that type of energy has had on you for three lives in sequence. You have reached the age of sixtyDiscipleship1, 524:reached maturity and the right to live their own lives. You have earned the right to your ownDiscipleship1, 525:heart, a mind enriched by years of study and lives of service, and by a loyalty and a gift forDiscipleship1, 537:There is a power that maketh all things new; it lives and moves in those who know the Self as one.Discipleship1, 544:in relationship with each other. Thus, in other lives, I have stood to you in relation of teacherDiscipleship1, 549:teachers on the inner side - need those whose lives can be shielded from the rougher contacts ofDiscipleship1, 552:and all preparation that you may make for future lives and all that you seek to do should, for theDiscipleship1, 552:is of no profound difficulty. In earlier lives you established the line of approach. You can orientDiscipleship1, 562:even from me, your friend and teacher of several lives, and forget everything but the need of thoseDiscipleship1, 602:The years slip by; those who look on at the lives of aspirants have oft a sense of this urgency -Discipleship1, 627:which exist in your own life and in the lives of those around you involves no criticism on my partDiscipleship1, 634:tendency to astralism is a heritage from other lives and has its basis in old monastic trends andDiscipleship1, 638:training but from a full experience in other lives and a natural intuitive grasp of people'sDiscipleship1, 644:in you the knowledge which you gained in earlier lives and there is, consequently, much that youDiscipleship1, 649:liberated, free and able to live their daily lives in the light of love and do your share inDiscipleship1, 653:of every nation, your opportunity to fire other lives, to hand the torch of living love to others,Discipleship1, 676:were his, and naught he knew of loss. "The lives that enter into form along with livesDiscipleship1, 676:loss. "The lives that enter into form along with lives self-conscious, the deva lives which buildDiscipleship1, 676:form along with lives self-conscious, the deva lives which build the forms indwelt by all the sonsDiscipleship1, 679:I am the Life, and in that Life, all little lives remain." These words, chanted in the ancientDiscipleship1, 685:which disciples experience in their individual lives and which prepare them for the stage ofDiscipleship1, 693:Master's group, subordinate your [693] personal lives to the need of humanity and to the intentionDiscipleship1, 693:that the personality aspects of their lives will fade out in their consciousness and their mainDiscipleship1, 696:must not be the enforced directing agency in the lives of those with whom he is in touch. He mayDiscipleship1, 697:and then to submerge their entire individual lives and activities in the recognized effort. BehindDiscipleship1, 697:augmented and fed from the spring of many lives, from the pure vision and consecrated dreams ofDiscipleship1, 700:When he knows himself to be the "Life and the lives" (as The Secret Doctrine puts it), a sumtotalDiscipleship1, 700:of the group (in this case, the Master) and "the lives" (in this case, the disciples), of theDiscipleship1, 702:I have already quoted to you "the Life and the lives." You have the analogous idea and its sequenceDiscipleship1, 714:meditation for the greater part of the cycle of lives of any one individual, and that it is onlyDiscipleship1, 716:investigation and usually is spread over several lives. The aspirant at this stage runs from one
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