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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIVES

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Education, 19:the mechanism produced by soul activity in other lives, and the effect of reaction to environingEducation, 19:can therefore react to the associated groups of lives which constitute his own little phenomenalEducation, 20:of the world of symbols which fill our united lives with interest, concepts, ideas and beauty,Education, 28:with the inner qualities and attributes. He lives first the life of dreams, and then the life ofEducation, 46:(sometimes for the first time in their lives) that humanity is one and that all men, no matter whatEducation, 64:plane (from the standpoint of the cosmic lives) is likewise "not a principle." I give you here muchEducation, 68:outlined. I would ask them to live redemptive lives, to unfold their innate mental sensitivity, andEducation, 71:and of import, and though the recovery of past lives will be of no interest, the recognition ofEducation, 73:early conditions and right atmosphere, and their lives (their case histories) must be studied alongEducation, 76:sows in them the seeds of irritation, and more lives are ruined by irritation than can be counted.Education, 86:leaders down the ages will be studied and their lives subjected to research, both historical andEducation, 89:if parents and teachers demonstrate in their own lives what they teach. Finally the time will come,Education, 136:law - under which, for instance, the animal lives function, or the seasonal law under which formsExternalisationthis time is the speeding up of all the atomic lives upon and within the planet. This necessarilyExternalisation, 11:are mediums of a very much higher order whose lives are offered in service to advanced souls on theExternalisation, 19:damage themselves. Let them lead normal busy lives, remembering in the press of daily duties andExternalisation, 20:and of his oneness in relation to all manifested lives. Externalisation, 38:into dark places" and illumination into their lives. It is not my intention here to deal with theExternalisation, 53:faulty human nature, by the period in which he lives, by his advisors, and by the widespreadExternalisation, 57:with the activity of the outer form as it lives its own life, yet slowly becomes subservient toExternalisation, 64:members have successfully fought glamor in their lives. Group Three can begin group healing underExternalisation, 73:the concrete in such a manner that, in your own lives, a working idealism may be seen; only so canExternalisation, 74:Forces" or Black Lodge, and from those groups of lives and workers which are the antithesis of theExternalisation, 96:consideration. Looking back over your individual lives, you will be conscious that it was theExternalisation, 105:the needed good feeling, good will and good lives. Externalisation, 110:conflicts and drastic changes in their lives, so the same is true of the world aspirant, Humanity.Externalisation, 117:of the present conflict, both in individual lives and in the general world situation. When this isExternalisation, 123:potently, and, with the aid of certain great Lives extraneous to our planetary life, They broughtExternalisation, 127:condition in which the populace in any country lives and it has become focused, expressive andExternalisation, 128:they constitute focal points for those Lives and [129] Energies which are inherent in matter itselfExternalisation, 146:their daily meditation. They could change their lives, reorient their life purpose and focus, andExternalisation, 148:learn to gauge its results in their individual lives, thus viewing those lives from the angle ofExternalisation, 148:in their individual lives, thus viewing those lives from the angle of the trained spiritualExternalisation, 150:which will evoke contact with the spiritual Lives and the divine embodied Energies as well as withExternalisation, 158:personified for us in these great and stupendous Lives, can be demonstrated as having trueExternalisation, 166:the Great Forgiveness. The [166] stupendous Lives - outside manifested existence - entered intoExternalisation, 166:in order to give Themselves for the lesser lives and forms of existence in order that these lesserExternalisation, 166:forms of existence in order that these lesser lives might be enabled to proceed onward towards aExternalisation, 166:- the two outstanding qualities of the Shamballa Lives, sustaining life and giving. This is lastingExternalisation, 166:and sacrifice in order again that all lesser lives (such as those embodied in the personality ofExternalisation, 167:of sacrifice and told that they must give their lives in order that Germany may live. A study ofExternalisation, 175:and distress, but none which conditioned the lives of untold millions as does the present. Time andExternalisation, 192:of a divine directing Intelligence in Whom man lives, and moves and has his being. The difficultiesExternalisation, 199:peoples and tribes who still pursue their little lives, unaffected by the turmoil to be found inExternalisation, 203:this will express itself through awakened human lives. Can more be asked for or expected than this?Externalisation, 220:to this world situation they must conform their lives temporarily, patterning their activities uponExternalisation, 223:Entity. That thought-forms, embodying evil lives can be and are constructed is equally true, butExternalisation, 233:live in a safe world because others gave their lives that you might do so? Are you going to issueExternalisation, 233:even at the expense of other peoples' lives and the downfall of nations, forgetting that fear andExternalisation, 261:life altogether; this involves the appearance of Lives of such stupendous and divine expression andExternalisation, 261:can be organized and directed towards these Lives in such a manner that They can be attracted andExternalisation, 262:to evoke at this time eternal good, latent in Lives which would normally contact humanity in someExternalisation, 262:for men are as yet unaccustomed to respond to Lives and Influences of so high and divine a nature.Externalisation, 266:to the waiting attentive group of spiritual Lives who seek to aid when right demand coincides withExternalisation, 266:interplay between the two groups - of spiritual Lives and men. The third indicates methods andExternalisation, 266:have started as emanations from certain great Lives, Who are Themselves an expression of a divineExternalisation, 268:which should be grasped anent all these great Lives is that what is commonly called "worship" isExternalisation, 268:of duality, and therefore upon feeling. These Lives are embodiments of service and can be reachedExternalisation, 269:Path of a world Savior just as the more potent Lives, the Lords of Liberation, are on the Path ofExternalisation, 275:future externalization of the lodge of spiritual Lives (the appearance of the kingdom of God onExternalisation, 291:to the Hierarchy and to still greater groups of Lives? These are questions which normally arise andExternalisation, 292:are familiar to all and the fruits of Their lives and words have conditioned the thinking and theExternalisation, 292:pass, that truth and the effect of Their lives and words begin steadily to condition humanExternalisation, 294:which produces the manifestation. In other lives, the disciple may simply swing between the twoExternalisation, 302:in Germany. Once the Germans who are living free lives in other lands can think in terms ofExternalisation, 310:- they "fiddle whilst Rome burns." All their lives they have fought for an ideal and a dream, andExternalisation, 319:all the men in all the lands may live out their lives in freedom from fear and want; Seventh, suchExternalisation, 329:the experience of love in your individual lives and in your group relation. Meet regularly forExternalisation, 333:to its imminent emergence, and through the lives of those [334] in the group who are irradiated byExternalisation, 359:by a program of love for the whole. If the lives and teachings of these two great Avatars can beExternalisation, 359:can be comprehended and wrought out anew in the lives of men today, in the world of human affairs,Externalisation, 368:non-realistic and which will willingly sacrifice lives, nations and the future of humanity in orderExternalisation, 381:service. The third step is to reorganize our lives so that we have time for this needed service.Externalisation, 381:the maximum of results out of their daily lives, and this for several reasons. Frequently they doExternalisation, 395:about a closer relation between those great Lives Who embody the will of God and are the CustodiansExternalisation, 404:and perfect representation of Deity; by Their lives and words They guarantee to man theExternalisation, 411:of the work and influence of those great Lives Who are waiting today to help humanity. The work ofExternalisation, 416:of them the manifestations of great spiritual Lives and that the interrelation between theseExternalisation, 416:that the interrelation between these embodied Lives is as real and effectual as is the relationExternalisation, 417:work. The hierarchical nature of all spiritual Lives, and the fact of the great "chain ofExternalisation, 417:Then there will open for the spiritual Lives what has been called "the Way of the HigherExternalisation, 419:of our planet to the circle of planetary lives moving within the orbit of the Sun, and the stillExternalisation, 420:currents directed to the waiting Spiritual Lives. At present, the Christian religion has its greatExternalisation, 426:would sacrifice the future of humanity and the lives of millions of people at a later date for aExternalisation, 426:reasons are the ultimate saving of millions of lives and the preservation of certain basicExternalisation, 443:Think in terms of the one humanity. Let your lives count in the scale of useful and needed service.Externalisation, 464:the Forces of Enlightenment will work. The three Lives controlling the energy which it is hoped canExternalisation, 465:desires which today form the pattern of men's lives. This has to be done by means of the spiritualExternalisation, 487:Plan, originating in the Hierarchy of spiritual Lives. Their work will be consciously carried outExternalisation, 492:of inner pressure emanating from Forces and Lives found in high Places. Such inner pressuresExternalisation, 492:result of the impelling work of certain great Lives, working in connection with the third aspect ofExternalisation, 492:This activity is set in motion by these Lives, working on Their high plane, and it gradually causesExternalisation, 492:the beneficent task of purifying and aiding all lives in the three worlds of material evolution andExternalisation, 508:Biblical history, and will again enter into the lives of human beings with more power than hasExternalisation, 514:of any of the holy rites in the succession of lives, becomes stronger, broader and brighter.Externalisation, 518:upward trend the form has but short duration. It lives vitally for but a brief period; withExternalisation, 526:working in group formation with all forms and lives in all kingdoms and with all soulsExternalisation, 533:to separateness. At Shamballa, the Great Lives Who function there not only see manifestation wholeExternalisation, 554:eternal mission is to bring light to all created lives. From the Heart of God, He will bring to theExternalisation, 570:movements. The spiritual forcefulness of their lives, their clear, pure wisdom, the sanity and the
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