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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIVES

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Healing, 561:present in the consciousness, or where the man lives in a constant state of irritation against aHealing, 583:much more can be discovered; these seven great Lives can be seen and known as the informingHealing, 586:sense, needless to say - these other grouped lives. The Macrocosm with its purpose and incentivesHealing, 587:of the three lesser states of conscious lives - the animal, the vegetable and the mineral kingdoms.Healing, 608:has not been misused in the particular life or lives conditioning a particular incarnation, orHealing, 609:the personality - in this life and in previous lives; it is not until the will of the personalityHealing, 609:disease he is in reality handling involutionary lives and attempting to work with elementals. TheHealing, 609:elementals. The natural trend of these elemental lives, all of them upon the involutionary arc, isHealing, 624:and events. The results of all previous lives and of all activities carried on during those livesHealing, 624:and of all activities carried on during those lives have been registered by the Lords of Karma;Healing, 635:conforms and is therefore the symbol. These two lives, functioning microcosmically and alsoHealing, 636:elemental essence, the physical vehicles of all lives in all the kingdoms of nature are alsoHealing, 640:dynamic potency that the will of the elemental lives of the threefold personality is completelyHealing, 647:to the involutionary lunar lords what the great Lives at Shamballa are to us. They are not a menaceHealing, 667:As a result of this attention by the Great Lives around Sanat Kumara and Their interest in theHealing, 668:is a dominant all-controlling factor in their lives; these men are today working against the unityHealing, 686:dignifies any particular world cycle and the lives of those implicated in its working out. TheHealing, 688:is dependent upon the [688] skill of the Great Lives in evoking response from the human andHealing, 688:from the human and subhuman kingdoms or grouped lives within the three worlds of form life. Men areHealing, 706:for himself if he reflects adequately and lives spiritually. Here are the seven statements. Hercules, 14:I know myself as one who thinks, and feels and lives. "One thing, O Teacher, I must tell to you andHercules, 48:the thought of women, or vice versa; when he lives mainly to satisfy an animal craving; when heHercules, 50:the world of illusion and the maze in which he lives. The bull of desire has to be caught andHercules, 86:form; you are God in incarnation!" The crab lives half on the earth, and half in the water. It theHercules, 101:the human family, were the fifth group of divine lives and that they combined within themselves,Hercules, 128:by the casual tourist, and the man who goes and lives for a while in a country, and really knowsHercules, 132:establish their success, the dark spots in the lives of reputable men, the clever ways by whichHercules, 132:weakened. He becomes aware that man lives in a swirling mist of illusion, clinging to life as anHercules, 135:the very structure of our institutions, that the lives men lead may reflect the divine image thatHercules, 137:of birds and beasts which helps to protect their lives. Man in dangerous circumstances has an equalHercules, 145:money as an end instead of a means shrinks the lives of countless men and women. Thus, the task ofHercules, 148:from the uncontrolled desire to dominate the lives of others, to prescribe and regulate theirHercules, 168:murder". Do I need to discuss cruel gossip, how lives have been wrecked by it? There is an unbrokenHercules, 168:time. We are trying to bring harmony into our lives, trying to lead the "altar" life, seeking toHercules, 176:who, [176] working under the law, takes form and lives in the water and the air; and since he is noHercules, 180:through the land, wreaking havoc with human lives. [181] To the palace then went Hercules andHercules, 185:and the wonder of their self-sacrificing lives. This is not group work. [186] Group work isHercules, 186:all be practical occultists, the occultist who lives and works in a [187] world of forces and whoHercules, 199:been exceedingly intelligent. They have by their lives set an example that we may follow in theirHercules, 218:significance, for all three types of lives tread this cosmic Way, the Cosmic Christ, the PlanetaryInitiation, 13:realization of an increasing unity with all that lives and the essential oneness of the self withInitiation, 25:which has been gained through a millennia of lives, in which they have worked their way from theInitiation, 28:is a direct reflection of that great Entity who lives, and breathes, and functions through all theInitiation, 64:as an invisible helper at first and for several lives is generally kept at this kind of work.Initiation, 75:he knows what is in man, and because for many lives he has worked with individuals and with groups,Initiation, 76:with the disciple through the karma of past lives, through group work, and through the activity ofInitiation, 79:good and the evil. The lunar Pitris, or little lives which form the bodies of his brother and hisInitiation, 79:But, inversely, if the lunar Lords, or lives of the lower self, have been earlier subjugated andInitiation, 84:his mental equipment grows steadily. Many lives may intervene between the first initiation and theInitiation, 119:life as it manifests through all lesser lives, the next momentous revelation is that of the Vision.Initiation, 122:of that great Life who includes all the lesser lives. He not only is brought to a full recognitionInitiation, 124:initiation - with Himself in many earlier lives. His group in earlier groups of lives. His egoicInitiation, 124:earlier lives. His group in earlier groups of lives. His egoic ray as it pours down through manyInitiation, 125:maybe several of his tiny cycles called lives - which the Planetary Logos seeks to see consummated.Initiation, 136:and the form slowly dissipates; the lesser lives of which it has been constituted, return to theInitiation, 136:the threefold lower self dissipates; the little lives which form the body of what has been calledInitiation, 137:having performed his function, and the solar lives seek their point of emanation. The life withinInitiation, 153:great Devas or Raja-Lords who are the ensouling lives of a plane; hence in the various initiationsInitiation, 159:deva substance, and driving multitudes of tiny lives to take specific forms. These forms persistInitiation, 195:the evolution of the fire; nourish the lesser lives, and thus keep the wheel revolving. Here comesInitiation, 195:remember his responsibility to those many lesser lives which, in their sum total, compose hisInitiation, 195:inner hidden Ruler is twofold, first, to the lives which form the bodies, physical, astral, andInitiation, 196:of all living things, and thus bring the lesser lives, which compose those three bodies ofInitiation, 201:themselves to permit no experimentation in their lives, and no careless trifling with the fires ofIntellect, 16:moulded the thoughts of men, and directed the lives of millions. They claimed there was a scienceIntellect, 36:the concrete externals of the world in which he lives. Dr. Overstreet calls this to our attentionIntellect, 41:process (carried forward through many lives in a physical body) the self gradually builds a fitIntellect, 42:perception. The exoteric result of their lives is to be seen in the great organized religions. InIntellect, 66:those conditioning factors which will make their lives easier, or release them for what theyIntellect, 69:the faint reflection of its sun. But the mystic lives in the full light of the vision: what othersIntellect, 75:or as we create them, we enact God in our own lives." - Overstreet, H.A., The Enduring Quest, pageIntellect, 134:new world in which that which we call the soul lives and moves. The true student of meditationIntellect, 160:blue, Earth beneath is sweeter green, Something lives in every hue Christless eyes have neverIntellect, 207:When we can organize and rearrange our lives, we prove our mettle and the strength of our desire.Intellect, 228:There is a power that maketh all things new; it lives and moves in those who know the Self as one."Intellect, 243:is a most momentous happening in their lives. It may be, if they handle it right, and learn itsMagic, 9:[9] or the teaching that all the lives of which the one life is formed, in their sphere and inMagic, 9:of the one manifesting Life all the lesser lives repeat the process of being, - Gods, angels, men,Magic, 9:of being, - Gods, angels, men, and the myriad lives which express themselves through the forms ofMagic, 10:postulate consists of the statement that all lives manifest cyclically. This is the Theory ofMagic, 11:and life manifestation of that Being in which he lives and moves. He learns that that impulseMagic, 23:and his relationship to the life in Whom he lives and moves and has his being, is touched upon fromMagic, 31:is composed. It is the sum total of those little lives of which the human organs, comprising theMagic, 38:individual consciousness, the sum total of the lives of his animal, emotional and mental natures,Magic, 41:of consciousness not only the sum total of the lives and consciousness of the life of the Logos ofMagic, 41:the life of the Logos of our planet, but all the lives and consciousness within our solar system.Magic, 47:rays in relation to our planet. A Hierarchy of Lives, gathered by an evolutionary process out ofMagic, 57:in the cosmos. The soul breathes and its form lives thereby. When the communication between theMagic, 57:human beings, for it takes many cycles of lives to train a magician. The soul dominates its formMagic, 62:in the cosmos. The soul breathes and its form lives thereby". The rhythmic nature of the soul'sMagic, 62:be seen also over the entire process of a man's lives, for some lives can be seen to be apparentlyMagic, 62:the entire process of a man's lives, for some lives can be seen to be apparently static andMagic, 62:which (if misdirected) will eventuate in wrecked lives but which when wisely utilized will produceMagic, 74:the resulting vibration more powerful. How many lives this will take depends upon various factors,Magic, 81:the aspirant cannot cooperate with these other lives and diverse evolutions until love supersedesMagic, 81:with the warmth and flame of other evolving lives. Finally, mind disrupts and destroys whilst loveMagic, 82:reached where the student can contrast preceding lives, and gain knowledge of the basic coloring ofMagic, 82:the life to law is made. When succeeding lives can be likewise apprehended by the student, andMagic, 83:in the earlier races held paramount place in the lives and thought of the peoples is now approachedMagic, 102:man who realizes himself to be everywhere, who lives consciously as a soul, whose nature is love,
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