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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIVES

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Magic, 534:of conscious awareness. As the prison house of lives that have transited into it from the level ofMagic, 538:energize and vivify to fresh efforts all lives that he contacts, be they his fellow aspirants, orMagic, 545:is only possible when there have been many lives of selfishness, low desire, perverted intellectualMagic, 548:by the aspirant and as he studies them and lives by these rules, various qualifications will emergeMagic, 555:and purpose. Recognition of the four grades of lives which, again through past , areMagic, 556:his vibration; he has to recognize the groups of lives with which he has had relation and withMagic, 556:he can recognize the vibration of the group of lives in line with whose thought his creative workMagic, 573:his personal "effect" upon his fellowmen, as he lives amongst them, and as he thinks, speaks andMagic, 574:in running the world, in managing other people's lives for them, or in grasping so firmly the reinsMagic, 586:is the best exponent of the Ageless Wisdom who lives each day in the place where is the life of theMagic, 590:this period of our history there are few whose lives permit of this seclusion. This is however aMagic, 625:dominating fear of death which colors so many lives) and have been the subject of muchMagic, 631:nor reveal that which concerns them; their lives are colored by understanding and by love; theirMagic, 637:in the astral illusion in which all humanity lives, and its power to glamor even experiencedMeditation, 4:on all the intervening notes, and sometimes our lives are major and sometimes minor, but alwaysMeditation, 5:and crude in design are the forms of the earlier lives; definite and clear in outline are the formsMeditation, 6:and so to the physical brain. It takes many lives of strenuous endeavor before the emotional bodyMeditation, 6:then, I say, it takes much discipline and many lives of effort to align the two at the same time.Meditation, 10:the man has run through many changes and many lives, has tasted the cup of pleasure and of painMeditation, 12:within, until there arises for the man several lives given to mystic meditation and aspiration,Meditation, 12:definitely under one of the Masters, lie two lives of culmination: - the life of worldly apotheosisMeditation, 12:comes to all of you the most important series of lives to which the previous points of culminationMeditation, 12:of culmination were but stepping stones. In the lives immediately ahead of those upon the Path willMeditation, 12:life or the next; for others, shortly in other lives. For a few there lies ahead the attainment ofMeditation, 20:expression, he [20] will first review his past lives, and from the knowledge gained thereby, heMeditation, 20:of variety and apparent chaos in which these lives are spent. When the discord has been correctedMeditation, 20:or the Ray of Concrete Knowledge. A in past lives has demonstrated love and has made real progressMeditation, 24:such as pander to the pleasures of the body; he lives for his physical nature, and has no thoughtMeditation, 31:using the body (that product of millennia of lives of pain and endeavor) as fuel for its flames. ItMeditation, 35:on the emotional plane. For a long period of lives the Ego remains practically unconscious of theMeditation, 35:at first, but with increasing frequency, until lives come around in which the Ego [36] definitelyMeditation, 36:and the inner fire is freer in its passage, lives are then given to the stabilizing of thatMeditation, 48:meditation must have demonstrated first for many lives his intelligent willingness to serve and toMeditation, 57:When the Personality finds for itself (after lives of stress and search) its spiritual note withMeditation, 80:the different centers due to the type of a man's lives; it is rendered more complex by theMeditation, 82:What the Personality spends many thousands of lives in establishing is not going to be lightlyMeditation, 90:levels, intuitively to recognize facts in the lives of others, to foresee events and occurrencesMeditation, 109:too much of the devotee; he may have spent many lives in dreaming dreams and in seeing visions andMeditation, 109:that will necessitate reconstruction in other lives. [110] Meditation, 176:sheaths) being composed of these involutionary lives. Therefore he who unwittingly lays [177]Meditation, 177:- will put into his hands the rule over lesser lives, and will teach him that cooperation with theMeditation, 178:whereas in connection with the elementary lives it works the other way. Mantrams that permit ofMeditation, 180:work, from those that touch the elemental lives up to the great Words chanted in rhythm that callMeditation, 181:fire or heat. Should he gather involutionary lives around him the dangers would be different orMeditation, 181:body (due to the action of such involutionary lives as the physical or desire elementals), andMeditation, 182:third evolution (composed of involutionary lives) were separated and shut off from each other.Meditation, 182:scale of the evolving and the involving lives has continued up to date. With the coming in of thisMeditation, 263:(a group on the path of return and formed of the lives of many sons of men) and He knows His placeMeditation, 270:of the most difficult in a man's whole period of lives. It is made so in several ways: He isMeditation, 278:be laid down. When a man has been for several lives making contacts with his Ego or with his MasterMeditation, 288:of body in use and the work done in previous lives, resulting in a physical vehicle that is aMeditation, 289:of evolving, each following certain rounds of lives totally different from those of others, offer aMeditation, 293:planes and work under His direction, but many lives may elapse before they comprehend the law andMeditation, 298:right of agelong effort, and because in previous lives they trod the Path or neared the portal ofMeditation, 313:of the system macrocosmic, and embraces all that lives - lives in an occult sense. ThisMeditation, 313:macrocosmic, and embraces all that lives - lives in an occult sense. This necessitates, during theMeditation, 316:and devotional touch they will bring to the lives of the students. To these ten teachers will beMeditation, 316:sleep, and the recovering of the memory of past lives, through certain mental processes, will beMeditation, 316:superintend other departments of the pupils' lives. Exoteric science will be taught and practicedMeditation, 319:instructions, to recover the knowledge of past lives and to read the akashic records, but as youMeditation, 327:and those who have taken initiation in earlier lives will be there but a brief time, pushingMeditation, 329:of mediumship and inspiration. Study of past lives. Study of the macrocosmic and microcosmicMeditation, 340:clearly, and who has an inchoate mental body, lives in a fog, and a man in a fog is but a blindMeditation, 347:innate mental faculty accumulated in previous lives, and lastly, a steadying of the lower mind soPatanjali, 12:the face of the sun." The inherent nature of the lives which constitute these active versatilePatanjali, 12:soul," or the capacities of the aggregate of lives which form the sheaths or bodies, imprison thePatanjali, 12:the real man and limit his powers. These lives are intelligent units on the involutionary arc ofPatanjali, 33:or its degree. This is equally true of the great Lives or superhuman Existences in which manPatanjali, 33:or superhuman Existences in which man himself "lives and moves and has his being" (Acts XVII, 28.)Patanjali, 44:with fervor and love it will be because in other lives he set his foot upon the way of devotion andPatanjali, 67:himself with form, as long as the lesser lives of the lower vestures of consciousness can hold himPatanjali, 96:landmarks, but in between are many grades of lives responsible for the intermediate sounds andPatanjali, 126:kinds of seeds: Seeds brought over from previous lives, Seeds sown in this life, [127] SeedsPatanjali, 127:which for aeons of time and throughout many lives, prevent the sons of men from realizing that theyPatanjali, 145:in some part of the present or subsequent lives. Active Karma. Those seeds or causes [146] whichPatanjali, 154:incarnation and throughout the long cycle of lives until he passes through the various gates ofPatanjali, 161:source, he comes into touch with the great lives which are the cause of manifestation. He thusPatanjali, 162:touches the one Life which synthesizes the many lives, the one Purpose which blends the many ideasPatanjali, 165:from great spiritual entities, from spiritual lives, and the great plan of the Architect of thePatanjali, 199:is. In the relatively short cycle of lives, however, in which the aspirant fits himself to treadPatanjali, 225:or indrawing energy of the great Life in whom he lives and moves and has his being. This is thePatanjali, 267:presentations of the one truth anent the great Lives in whom we "live, and move and have [268] ourPatanjali, 270:grow. A recognition also of the relation of all lives to each other will be developed and the lifePatanjali, 275:to know who they are, and to relate the past lives of their friends? They are reading the akashicPatanjali, 299:is made to the fact that the stars (the lives), on that plane are "driven by the wind as cows arePatanjali, 299:We have here a wonderful picture of how all lives are driven by the force of their desires on thePatanjali, 300:souls whose "food is contemplation" and whose lives are "for a thousand mundane periods," thereforePatanjali, 300:planes, with the great existences who are the lives of those planes and in whom we "live and movePatanjali, 300:by Vyasa are illuminating. He states: "Their lives are chaste," i. e., free from impurity, or thePatanjali, 300:long as there are creations." They are the great lives back of all sentient existence. [301] TheyPatanjali, 360:the invitation of the "presiding deities" (those lives who in the three worlds form the sum totalPatanjali, 362:The forms of life in these worlds, and the lives animating those forms are good and right inPatanjali, 381:kings and the building of the Temple of Solomon. Lives must be passed before the body, or thePatanjali, 383:methods: [383] A slow method, that of repeated lives, experiences and physical incarnation untilPatanjali, 387:for, myriads beyond number of tiny infinitesimal lives; that he is the cause of their aggregationPatanjali, 395:Inherent in the informing self-conscious lives of our system (those existences who are superhumanPatanjali, 399:past experience carried over the entire cycle of lives up to date. The product of the contacts,Patanjali, 402:cause of all differentiated lesser minds and lives. This must ever be realized. Three main thoughtsProblems, 39:past) to the world of appearances in which he lives and to regard them as one world, but oneProblems, 41:of war. The early and formative years of their lives have been spent under war conditions and -
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