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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIVES

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Rays, 417:and mysterious law governs the Life and the Lives upon Sirius, and it is to that unknown "sphere ofRays, 418:degrees is related to the three major groups of Lives on Sirius, for there are there no kingdoms ofRays, 418:to you that the least developed of the Sirian Lives are - from our standpoint - all of ThemRays, 419:effect of these intentions of the ray Lords or Lives upon our planet is, from Their angle, purelyRays, 421:decision which will place Him in a group of Lives on some sacred planet or in some solar systemRays, 423:"open" triangle presents opportunity to Those Lives Who, from the other side of the triangle toRays, 438:is deliberate and intentional. The disciple lives in the three worlds and, until the thirdRays, 442:astral life which he has lived for so many lives; as evolution proceeds, his astral body becomes aRays, 474:with corresponding changes in their own lives. They must seek those new attitudes and those newRays, 480:centers through which man (as an aggregate of lives) is functioning. The activity of these centersRays, 482:be productive of major results. The human being lives in a world of varied energies which areRays, 486:and the transmitter of spiritual energy to those lives whose stages of consciousness are below thatRays, 486:of self-consciousness. Humanity becomes to these lives - in their totality - what the Hierarchy isRays, 488:I would remind you that the soul (as it lives its own life on its own level of awareness) is notRays, 498:is there the complete release of the Lives informing our solar system from all form control. BearRays, 508:fusion and uses the potencies of both groups of lives, through the medium of the antahkarana. TheRays, 535:of life from the tiny atom up to Those great Lives Who are little more than names to the disciple.Rays, 539:Himself, the Lord of the Worlds, in which the Lives within the Council Chamber of Shamballa liveRays, 539:it) the "worlds of living forms and formless lives become his own." Again duality enters into hisRays, 550:true occultist. This world of energy in which he lives and moves and has his being is the living,Rays, 559:This I much earlier pointed out. A cycle of lives upon the third Ray of Creative Intelligence (as IRays, 564:He has made on behalf of the untold myriad of lives which compose His body of manifestation, holdsRays, 570:Men will recognize the evidences in many lives of the emergence of the Christ-consciousness, andRays, 571:of the first initiation - by those whose lives are beginning to be controlled by theRays, 576:adequately take control. He discovers that he lives in a chaos of emotional reactions and ofRays, 579:they participated in the first initiation many lives earlier) and a growing responsiveness to theRays, 587:of Activity. Each of these great energizing Lives works through certain Masters and Initiates ofRays, 589:tension and are producers of crisis in the lives of the individuals influenced and in theRays, 591:to the three Buddhas of Activity. These great Lives reached Their present state of development inRays, 607:principle as you watch the effect, in your own lives, of the action of the strains and stresses,Rays, 607:realms of formless living wherein the Hierarchy lives and moves and has its being, conflict, whichRays, 614:everywhere in the life of the individual, in the lives of groups, organizations and churches, inRays, 637:of their problem. The points of crisis in the lives of disciples have - during the past few decadesRays, 642:and the light which is in Him and in which He lives and moves and functions serves a dual purpose:Rays, 650:form of focused orientation. Throughout the many lives the disciple has lived, there have been manyRays, 651:ambition (aspiration), there may come a cycle of lives where the ambition is directed to theRays, 665:greater light of the soul. They have (in past lives, even though recollection may be lacking)Rays, 665:of many, and this is factually proved by the lives of those who are consciously and willinglyRays, 666:unknown and undesired by those whose [666] lives are conditioned entirely by either the emotions orRays, 671:within the head. This process may take several lives of steadily intensifying effort on the part ofRays, 700:sensitivity - takes its place and the initiate lives henceforth in the light of correct or straightRays, 700:level of awareness, the Master works; on it, He lives His life, undertakes His service and furthersRays, 701:of a symbolic ceremony, but are the result of lives of suffering, of minor renunciations and ofRays, 706:of expectancy. During the preceding cycle of lives of initiatory service to humanity, He hasRays, 717:has created this planet and all that moves and lives therein in order to bring about a planetaryRays, 719:Renunciation becomes possible because, for many lives, the disciple has learnt to renounce and -Rays, 725:concepts, but exhibiting to Those Great Lives Who welcome Him upon the new and untried path allRays, 727:which has developed through many aeons of lives and of vital experience. The objective of theRays, 727:of the evolutionary process to which all lives on our planet have to submit has been to developRays, 732:Existence in which our planetary Logos lives and moves and has His being. This is the "life moreRays, 737:certain solar Entities and certain great Lives from Sirius are dealing with the problem. The themeRays, 737:system, planet with planet and all planetary lives with each other. The major keynote of everyReappearance, 7:spiritual Order or Hierarchy of spiritual Lives, Who are concerned with the developing welfare ofReappearance, 8:human standards - the dramatic center of Their lives, as are most of us. When They have reachedReappearance, 10:are familiar to all, and the fruits of Their lives and words have conditioned the thinking andReappearance, 38:reality of God Immanent, portrayed in Their own lives the divine characteristics of the Christ lifeReappearance, 45:alone but will be accompanied by Those Whose lives and words will evoke recognition in everyReappearance, 93:can, therefore, increase that aspect of their lives. They can, however, and in spite of this,Reappearance, 117:the time equation and the interval between lives, forgetting that time is a faculty of theReappearance, 119:and orients himself gradually (after many lives) to the Kingdom of God. When - through a developedReappearance, 120:political, economic, communal and private lives and thus establish right relations with the divineReappearance, 132:right human relations for all mankind. If the lives of these two great Teachers can be comprehendedReappearance, 132:and Their teachings be wrought out in the lives of men anew today, in the world of human affairs,Reappearance, 145:our world and is the Purpose, conditioning all lives from the minutest atom, up through all theReappearance, 153:of our planet to the circle of planetary lives, moving within the orbit of the Sun and the stillReappearance, 154:currents directed to the waiting spiritual Lives. At present, the Christian religion has its greatReappearance, 182:spiritual personality. The stamp of their lives and words and teaching has been set upon the raceSoul, 59:energy, and in it the etheric counterpart lives and moves and has its being. Energy is thusSoul, 137:and thus function as a soul. A study of the lives of the great mystics, saints and adepts of bothSoul, 142:shine." There is cumulative evidence also in the lives of [143] the mystics, who again and again inTelepathy, 3:divisions and is presided over by three great Lives or superconscious Entities. These three are theTelepathy, 38:up by definite changes in their outer or inner lives, this requires periods of adjustment and oftTelepathy, 41:region of the solar plexus center. But for those Lives Who have surmounted life in the three worldsTelepathy, 43:subtle is this [43] impression that these Great Lives can only receive it with accuracy when inTelepathy, 44:are forming the needed Plan. [44] Certain great Lives Who, at specific times and according toTelepathy, 49:of the emotionally polarized world in which he lives physically. [50] More understanding will comeTelepathy, 56:I touched briefly upon the three great groups of Lives that are constantly under "impression" andTelepathy, 68:is Sanat Kumara Whose task it is to impress the Lives Who meet periodically in the Council ChamberTelepathy, 71:Therefore only a certain level of conscious Lives can invoke Shamballa and evoke response, and thisTelepathy, 73:in the three worlds, and many have for several lives sought after the vision which stabilizes theTelepathy, 78:rapid, and under the invocative appeal of the lives in that kingdom the deva world is invoked andTelepathy, 81:atom of substance up to and including all the Lives which form the Council Chamber of the Lord ofTelepathy, 98:you count the etheric vehicle) every individual lives and moves and has his being; it is thisTelepathy, 113:impact and a definite impression upon Beings and Lives found on levels higher than those in theTelepathy, 124:and mutual impression between the beings or the lives who make up the sumtotal of our manifestedTelepathy, 124:the well-being and progressive evolution of all lives and groups of lives within the framework andTelepathy, 124:progressive evolution of all lives and groups of lives within the framework and the essentialTelepathy, 127:analysis - all the centers are constituted of lives progressing towards the human stage, of thoseTelepathy, 127:and normally effective. The great and omnipotent Lives in Shamballa can impress the omniscientTelepathy, 127:Lives in Shamballa can impress the omniscient Lives and lesser lives in the Hierarchy because TheyTelepathy, 127:can impress the omniscient Lives and lesser lives in the Hierarchy because They share a commonTelepathy, 127:of shared experience and understanding; then the lives that compose the human family present theTelepathy, 129:you to note the plurality there) and of subhuman lives, working under impression from the head, theTelepathy, 129:This dynamic energy focuses itself through the Lives or Beings [130] Who control and dominateTelepathy, 155:through the instrumentality of the informing Lives to be found in Shamballa (which, I must remindTelepathy, 179:for the intelligent activity of the indwelling Lives of the Universe, of the many constellations,Telepathy, 179:it constitutes an aggregated area of substantial lives or atoms) is a center within the ethericTelepathy, 183:the developing consciousness of all the many lives within or upon this Earth of ours. This greatTelepathy, 188:Some are and some are not. The conditioning Lives in both these Centers work entirely throughTelepathy, 194:of the human consciousness, through the magnetic lives of the group members as they carry on their
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