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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIVING

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Autobiography, 156:with the three children and Foster Bailey was living in a tent at Krotona. He had been demobilizedAutobiography, 177:time. We were not married and Foster was living in a tent on the grounds of Krotona. Being a veryAutobiography, 177:a very circumspect English woman I had a lady living with me to act as a chaperone and preventAutobiography, 180:were and to take care of the children. Living with me at that time was Augusta Craig, commonlyAutobiography, 180:not far from the lodgings in which he was living. We married very shortly afterwards, going to theAutobiography, 181:well they should be. This entirely new cycle of living meant the adjustment of all of us to manyAutobiography, 185:sense of responsibility and no true standard of living. It is certainly not entirely the boy'sAutobiography, 200:group of young people in creative natural living. The whispers, the secrets, the communicationsAutobiography, 201:there is nothing in the world but material living. Today, in 1947, the world is sex mad. GreatAutobiography, 204:this opportunity, now they are all married and living their own lives, to say how nice they were,Autobiography, 211:times holding little seances in Alice's huge living-room. Autobiography, 213:reality the science of the soul. It concerns the living, spiritual, vital principle found in everyAutobiography, 214:1930 marks the last year of what I call normal living. From that time on I became absorbed in workAutobiography, 257:the hierarchical plan of brotherhood, spiritual living and inclusiveness to the world. This will beAutobiography, 266:consciousness out of the tangible world of daily living into the subtler worlds of his personalityAutobiography, 271:him. He becomes the central point of life in a living organism and not the head of an organization.Autobiography, 276:world of spiritual being, in the world of human living and with all forms of divine life, theAutobiography, 276:when the thinking is sound and the man is living successfully the dual life of the disciple: rightAutobiography, 282:magic. Our whole emphasis is laid upon spiritual living, upon the mental grasp of the occultAutobiography, 285:of that soul. We therefore set no standard of living for the students, nor do we interfere in theirAutobiography, 287:the great evolutionary process with its order of living beings, moving onward in orderedAutobiography, 298:K.H. (An ashram may be thought of as a center of living spiritual energy in the group life of theAutobiography, 300:with her through the years in bringing it into living usefulness and keeping it true to the vision.Bethlehem, 4:can move in the world of ideas, of faith and of living experience testify to His divinity and toBethlehem, 4:upon the "way of belief" can be indicative of a living experience, but it can also be a form ofBethlehem, 4:by creed, and doctrine has taken the place of living experience. It is this living experience whichBethlehem, 4:taken the place of living experience. It is this living experience which is the keynote of thisBethlehem, 6:side is ignored, then the spirit and the living experimental experience disappear. We have beenBethlehem, 8:in 'seeing through' the phenomenon. Every living phenomenon is, first and last, a symbol; for theBethlehem, 11:and transfigured upon the mountain top of living experience? Does not the crucifixion lie ahead forBethlehem, 15:intentions, right speech, right actions, right living, right endeavor, right-mindedness and rightBethlehem, 25:by the Son of God, the Christ. Initiation is a living process, and through that process all whoBethlehem, 26:In the New Testament this unfolding life of living divine love is held before us in three ways,Bethlehem, 28:be seen and the new techniques and methods of living will be evolved as a result of thisBethlehem, 30:of reality, and the outer appearance of physical living will be known to be only symbolic of innerBethlehem, 35:sooner or later prove this for himself, because "living religious experience is the only legitimateBethlehem, 35:learn the meaning of achievement. Only by our living divinely can our hidden divinity find trueBethlehem, 42:is born consciously. Always the germ of the living Christ has been present, though hidden, in everyBethlehem, 48:steps on the Path are concerned with human living and experiencing, but the final stages, after theBethlehem, 54:leads to expanded service. Practical spiritual living must follow the moments on the mountain top.Bethlehem, 57:This vital, dramatic, mystically pictured yet living truth, when grasped by the mind and understoodBethlehem, 57:day." (Prov., IV, 18.) This truth is still a living truth and enriches and colors all our faith. InBethlehem, 71:be glorified. This must be brought about by a living union with God through Christ - through theBethlehem, 71:is: "...penetrated through by that idea of a living union with Christ, and indwelling in Him. It isBethlehem, 71:foundations of the Temple are bedded in the living rock. We live in Him as the limbs in the body...Bethlehem, 73:investigations and research. He is a physical living body, he is a sum total of emotionalBethlehem, 80:to go on elaborating this ancient story of the living Christ if it contains for us no specificBethlehem, 82:of today. First, the presence of the soul, a living entity which can and must be known through theBethlehem, 82:bringing it to the birth upon the plane of daily living; and, secondly, the determination toBethlehem, 83:emotional and mental - is fused into one living whole. The Virgin Mary is ready to give birth toBethlehem, 89:gained from the purificatory processes of modern living. The will to betterment can be seen workingBethlehem, 120:would be satisfactory to the individual, but living as a soul is of more importance. The emphasisBethlehem, 121:upon us and we shall become, as Christ became, living centers of radiant energy for the service ofBethlehem, 121:organized soul contact. This results in living as Christ lived, with no thought of self but onlyBethlehem, 122:a re-education in the underlying principles of living, is one entirely astray and to be regarded asBethlehem, 126:swerve the slightest from the path of spiritual living and expression. All His desires wereBethlehem, 128:or symbolized, the triple world of external living. If Christ would briefly fall down and worshipBethlehem, 131:IV, 12) going back again to the round of daily living. The Galilee experience can never be evadedBethlehem, 135:in due time aspire, constitute in themselves a living synthesis of revelation which it may profitBethlehem, 137:His steps. Through reorientation to new modes of living and of being we pass through the necessaryBethlehem, 144:The past met in Him and was superseded by a living present. Bethlehem, 146:revealed, we shall gain a new vision of physical living and a renewed incentive for the proper careBethlehem, 150:of faith which worketh by love, it goes on by living well to arrive at sight also, wherein isBethlehem, 158:consciousness away from the world of mundane living into the world of transcendental realities, theBethlehem, 162:is the life," (Gen., IX, 4.) and it is the living Christ that makes it possible for all to becomeBethlehem, 170:and each can begin to express in his daily living some of the quality of God which Christ soBethlehem, 181:to drop away, leaving only the picture of the living Heavenly Man, with His arms outspread inBethlehem, 187:and yet not of the world, (St. John, XVII, 16.) living as souls, released from the trammels andBethlehem, 187:will end because the world today demands a living Christ rather than a dead Savior. It demands anBethlehem, 188:II. When the Church lays its emphasis upon the living Christ, and when it recognizes that its formsBethlehem, 188:life for the meeting of the people's need. Let a living Christ be its theme, and not a dyingBethlehem, 189:Christ did, and enter into the kingdom of God, a living spirit. The sons of God are ready to beBethlehem, 190:has placed little emphasis, stressing the living Christ and the divine nature of man. Assuredly,Bethlehem, 192:achievement, and this we have forgotten - the living Christ - in the emphasis we have laid upon manBethlehem, 194:the holiest by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way which he hath consecrated for us throughBethlehem, 200:emerging recognition that we are saved by the living risen Christ - historically presenting to us aBethlehem, 202:infringement of one of the basic principles of living. There are certain things which areBethlehem, 203:the same. We are fluid in our expression of living. We are some days one thing and some daysBethlehem, 206:divinity of Christ expressed itself; in harmless living and ceaseless service to our fellow men; inBethlehem, 212:of a theological dogma, but by the fact of His living Presence, of the living immediate Christ. ItBethlehem, 212:but by the fact of His living Presence, of the living immediate Christ. It is the realization ofBethlehem, 213:and the nearer more immediate pull of those living affections and desires which are conditionedBethlehem, 215:past. Forgiveness is, however, a result of living processes which bring adjustment, causeBethlehem, 224:in existence. Through the work of Christ and His living Presence in all of us there exists today,Bethlehem, 225:considered... Come, let me sacrifice myself in living things and all living things in Myself... HeBethlehem, 225:let me sacrifice myself in living things and all living things in Myself... He thus acquiredBethlehem, 228:of personal desire, and in the dedication to living service. [229] Bethlehem, 232:Savior, and that after death He was present and living among them. It is difficult for us to gainBethlehem, 234:by side with it the Jesus whom they had known living, and dead, and alive again. They had beenBethlehem, 238:need of Christianity today is to emphasize the living, risen Christ. We have argued too long overBethlehem, 242:thus faced, and regarded as a prelude to further living experience, takes on a different meaning.Bethlehem, 246:because the germ of that which is dynamic and living is awakened and is gaining potency andBethlehem, 249:life, by thinking the universal, by loving and living according to reason. The bodily life is butBethlehem, 254:and individualism and comes to the place of living light and unity, for it is the resurrection. LetBethlehem, 262:consciousness, accompanied by that condition of living, the result of which would deserve to beBethlehem, 263:of humanity as a body corporate, of community living and of internationalism and economicBethlehem, 263:of the human kingdom, with its own principles of living, its laws of group welfare, and itsBethlehem, 269:which must be attained in the world of everyday living. It is a power which is generated throughBethlehem, 272:to life, to man and to God. It will also be a living service. Selfishness and self-centeredBethlehem, 274:of those who are citizens of that kingdom living their lives on earth and demonstrating the
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