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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIVING

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Education, 92:by human beings as life and knowledge, or as living energy and intelligence, are the two poles of aEducation, 92:to the group need and interests, and that living energy should be turned consciously and withEducation, 110:of the stepping up of humanity to new levels of living and higher states of consciousness; as oneEducation, 114:a better organ of expression within the living organism, humanity? Education, 120:and plans shall no longer be oriented to form living, the Guides of the race have emphasized theEducation, 124:it is believed that the conditions of human living will be bettered or some need will be met. ThisEducation, 125:of choice and indicate emerging standards of living and of relationship, he will gradually learn toEducation, 135:never before to provide better and more adequate living conditions. War has consequently been theEducation, 142:task - a self-appointed task in every case - of living and teaching the truth about light, asExternalisation, 4:of unifying the two worlds of physical plane living and of astral plane experience was begun and isExternalisation, 13:wherein are found their fellowmen, experiencing, living and following the Path. I cannot here writeExternalisation, 18:I - Introductory Remarks Meditation involves the living of a one-pointed life always and every day.Externalisation, 18:a period of years and supplemented by meditative living and one-pointed service, will successfullyExternalisation, 32:plane adjustments, relationships and methods of living. A culture is essentially an expression ofExternalisation, 33:upon the inner plane of reality and of spiritual living. Externalisation, 45:development which will lead to magnetic living upon the physical plane. To study the laws of life,Externalisation, 47:of their life that they will become one living vibrant organism. The fourth group has ahead of it aExternalisation, 70:in which the masses of the people are now living and the emergence of one or two key people inExternalisation, 74:things that matter and to express itself in a living fashion. The thinkers and servers must learnExternalisation, 84:the intangible and more desirable standards of living. Pouring through the chaos of offensive andExternalisation, 97:and development - in animal-man, producing the living self-conscious individual and, in [98] theirExternalisation, 100:the two great necessities are vision, plus living organization. The vision has to be sensed, soughtExternalisation, 104:during those times when you do succeed in living as souls, and are therefore expressing soulExternalisation, 107:spiritual, esoteric and subjective essentials of living. It is this force which will bring aboutExternalisation, 115:their wrong thinking, foolish habits of physical living and undesirable emotional attitudes doExternalisation, 121:greatly enrich humanity and give new values to living. The lines of cleavage between the animal,Externalisation, 131:with its financial goals, its power to determine living conditions, and its quick and sympatheticExternalisation, 134:to readjust viewpoints, to change modes of living, to intermarriage and so-called illicitExternalisation, 145:as an integrated thought-form upon a stream of living, illumined mental substance. This processExternalisation, 147:happier and provide eventually easier living conditions must be at least tried; it did not takeExternalisation, 164:profound esoteric significance and their amazing living potency: I am the Light of the World - TheExternalisation, 164:the influence of the Great Invocation, both in living usefulness and true comprehension - true atExternalisation, 167:recognized that the "giving-for" involves right living upon the physical plane and not (as is soExternalisation, 167:then we shall see a revitalized world. It is the living Christ (the living world Savior) Who savesExternalisation, 167:revitalized world. It is the living Christ (the living world Savior) Who saves humanity. It is theExternalisation, 167:sacrifice, day by day, in the process of daily living which can save the world of men - theExternalisation, 167:life to the salvage of the world. It is living in order that others too may live which is the themeExternalisation, 175:between the right and the wrong ways of living, between a vision of the new world order and theExternalisation, 182:and lastly, a potent trend towards material living and aggression. At present, the last of theseExternalisation, 184:outraged other nations; German hegemony and "living space" must dominate Europe, and the GermanExternalisation, 187:materialism, which omits the higher values of living, which endorses selfishness, which sets upExternalisation, 187:constant aid of the United States. The way of living and the spiritual objects of the democraciesExternalisation, 188:control all imports and exports. The standard of living in both hemispheres will be lowered;Externalisation, 190:idealistic forms of government and cultural living processes have ever been the playthings of theExternalisation, 193:physical worlds simultaneously. Many today are living in the spiritual world also. Tomorrow thereExternalisation, 195:it will make its presence felt when the living standards of right relation (sought by theExternalisation, 196:commodities? The cause of this evil way of living is very simple. It is a product of past wrongExternalisation, 202:order, spirituality will supersede theology; living experience will take the place of theologicalExternalisation, 202:be the keynote of the new world religion. The living Christ will assume His rightful place in humanExternalisation, 202:and leaders of the human spirit who speak from living experience, and who know no creedal barriers;Externalisation, 202:to reality. A study of these four lines of human living will show how truly Germany is today theExternalisation, 203:planning" for the production of harmonious living such as never before has been possible. It is forExternalisation, 203:basis of brotherhood, and so bring in a way of living which will provide adequate supply of theExternalisation, 203:then be free for the experiment of spiritual living, and this will express itself through awakenedExternalisation, 204:in the necessity for new ideals of right living, for the new rhythms and the new "sharing" will notExternalisation, 212:will settle down again to the processes of daily living. The immediate opportunity and situation inExternalisation, 213:the lines of demarcation between the two ways of living and the two objective attitudes are farExternalisation, 217:world today - the duality of selfish, material living and that of unselfish spiritual objectives.Externalisation, 220:right action as a citizen. The problem of those living in neutral countries is different, and alongExternalisation, 221:out of the form and the material aspect of living, into the consciousness of the soul, and to doExternalisation, 224:war, desire quiet, and demand peace and good living conditions. There is, however, a gap or hiatusExternalisation, 225:matters. Does the story of Easter and of the living Christ carry no truth, and is it not possibleExternalisation, 235:by the forces which impose the German demand for living space, and are thus denuded of liberty, ofExternalisation, 237:of Germany, for the expansion of the German living space and the supply of Germany's economic needExternalisation, 241:an open mind and realizing that this new mode of living hovers over humanity and will materializeExternalisation, 242:human endeavor, and the enterprise of united living will produce an interior work which will flowerExternalisation, 260:also to leaders in other departments of human living - to such expressions of the divine will asExternalisation, 287:about and to make this appearance possible, a living Triangle of Energy is created and focusedExternalisation, 292:attractive energy in the three worlds of human living. Then, as the centuries pass, that truth andExternalisation, 295:possible between the outer world of daily living and the inner world of spiritual realities. AExternalisation, 295:towards better human relations, more enlightened living and a better understanding between all menExternalisation, 297:conditioned after events in some field of human living and are still recognized as pioneeringExternalisation, 300:Christ revealed, and thus altered all human living and human goals. At that time too there came aExternalisation, 302:in Germany. Once the Germans who are living free lives in other lands can think in terms ofExternalisation, 310:of truth, and for their pet ideals of peace, living or work and - like Nero - they "fiddle whilstExternalisation, 320:has decided the future conditions of human living. I mean exactly that, my brother. The war is notExternalisation, 322:and which will provide that structure of living interrelation which will foster latent love,Externalisation, 323:to lead humanity into a more spiritual way of living. They aim to foster the growth of right humanExternalisation, 327:cities with their accompaniments of civilized living, the wholesale wiping out of industrial plantsExternalisation, 327:which distribute the raw products of civilized living and the complete disorganization of all humanExternalisation, 335:that money is the consolidation of the loving, living energy of divinity, and that the greater theExternalisation, 341:Thus on all three levels of human living, mankind will be conditioned by a tendency towards theExternalisation, 357:and all will have that which is needed for right living-processes. Light and dark, demonstratingExternalisation, 359:of human thinking and in the arena of daily living, the present world order (which is today largelyExternalisation, 363:plus an enforced return to simplicity of living and requirements may save the coming revelationExternalisation, 365:a breakdown of all the civilized processes of living. There is some truth in all these points ofExternalisation, 366:restore humanity to self-respecting and secure living. They will provide the motive power for manyExternalisation, 383:its motivating Energy, its central Will, its living Creator, its God. Seek by prayer to reach thatExternalisation, 384:reached by the man whose own will-to-good is a living, practical experience, and the more thatExternalisation, 398:sound leadership and inspired and inspiring living. Such is another of the goals confronting theExternalisation, 399:and - upon the plane of practical affairs and living - to do two things: Carry forward your dueExternalisation, 399:and lead to a saner, better, truer way of living. I would ask you also to take those measures inExternalisation, 404:leaders of humanity; the way to Christ, the living, loving Expression of God, is not made clear toExternalisation, 416:shall draw closer and more intelligently to the living substance of [417] Reality and be moreExternalisation, 420:of Easter. This is the festival of the risen, living Christ, the Teacher of all men and the Head ofExternalisation, 426:security, well-being and a new order of happier living is to be the lot of coming generations. AExternalisation, 430:live in right relations and scope for creative living. A few - a very few - know that this is aExternalisation, 434:did what it could to change the trend of human living and thinking, awakening the consciences ofExternalisation, 435:freedom, educational facilities, truth and right living shall be [436] the lot of the incomingExternalisation, 444:of the weak and the oppressed, plus right living conditions and wise education for the youth of the
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