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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIVING

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Externalisation, 455:to sacrifice in order [455] to stabilize human living, and to rid the world of separativeness andExternalisation, 455:of humanity to civilized and cultured living on a new and higher turn of the spiral. They will dealExternalisation, 457:seem desirable to the impatient. These new and living restorative forces are under the directionExternalisation, 457:the Spirit of Resurrection. It is this living spiritual Entity, working temporarily under theExternalisation, 462:new ways in government, new modes of suitable living, and for a method whereby right humanExternalisation, 463:are: Right Values Right Speech Right Mode of Living Right Thinking Right Aspiration Right ConductExternalisation, 463:and the following of the "eight right ways of living" will enable humanity to find liberation. ItExternalisation, 469:a picture of a waiting, quiescent Christ, living in some vague and far away heaven, "resting on HisExternalisation, 470:its civilization, of its old ideas and modes of living, the relinquishing of its materialisticExternalisation, 471:during the next few centuries, and the Living Christ will walk among men and lead them onwardExternalisation, 473:Themselves to the purificatory fires of daily living, working out their own salvation as men andExternalisation, 479:them when conditions permit and there is a living nucleus of true spirituality within them, or whenExternalisation, 483:that matter and substance and their fusion into living forms are aspects of divinity; it has beenExternalisation, 486:of life, on [486] into the outer world of daily living, where thinking, loving men and women serve,Externalisation, 492:is normally focused on the externalities of living. Nevertheless, all great discoveries, such asExternalisation, 497:are taught, emphasized and applied to daily living. This "saving force" has now been made availableExternalisation, 498:betterment of humanity is its real purpose; this living energy of substance itself, hitherto shutExternalisation, 498:our planet; its expression in forms of right living, if motivated by right human relations, willExternalisation, 498:of mankind from all activities which involve living or working underground, and will bring to anExternalisation, 503:and must change from static organizations, to living organisms. The old rituals must be revived andExternalisation, 514:with material purpose, and become organisms with living objectives. When the Great One comes withExternalisation, 516:lurk in the darkness of the present chaos. The living organism of aspirants and disciples canExternalisation, 518:disciples and aspirants are the working and living organism on the physical plane. [519] Externalisation, 523:of the Ashrams and the Masters to exoteric living. It will involve also adjustment by disciples andExternalisation, 533:practice meant light and the basic motif of all living, divine activity. It is not possible toExternalisation, 539:be depended upon as innate and as present in a living, creative manner. The demonstration has beenExternalisation, 543:altered the point of view and the pattern of living for men everywhere. There was the ancientExternalisation, 548:of energy which will change the mode of human living and inaugurate the new age wherein we shallExternalisation, 555:emphasizing the new note of livingness, of the living Christ and of that "life more abundantly"Externalisation, 561:the rudiments of this synthetic unified grasp of living conditions and of a vital situation. TheseExternalisation, 561:but only one of them is innate within the living organism of which He is a part; that aspect of HisExternalisation, 574:recognition of light in all departments of human living. This is inferred in the first stanza ofExternalisation, 576:and teach the youth of the age the new modes of living, indicating to them the better values, andExternalisation, 584:relief of human necessity. All phases of human living - politics, finance and science, as well asExternalisation, 586:action, in relationships and to the Plan for all living units in the three worlds. The intuition ofExternalisation, 590:has endorsed. A Christ Who is present and living, Who is known to those who follow Him, Who is aExternalisation, 592:self-forgetfulness and to radiant, magnetic living. The words He spoke were few and simple, and allExternalisation, 595:A new chapter in the great book of spiritual living is about to be written; a new expansion ofExternalisation, 598:a great world Figure into the arena of mankind's living. Their work and influence is already seenExternalisation, 598:Father of all, plus the Creative Energies and Living Beings Who dwell there with Him, can beExternalisation, 600:and better way of life. They want love in daily living, right human relations, and an understandingExternalisation, 601:it) of the new concepts which will govern human living, and by the over-shadowing of all worldExternalisation, 601:truths which should in the future guide human living; they are building those new organizations,Externalisation, 605:itself in many different departments of human living - in politics, in the arts, in economicExternalisation, 605:arts, in economic expression and in true social living, in science and in religion. It might beExternalisation, 606:the sons of men and of descent for the loving, living spirit of God. Externalisation, 608:massed sorrow - spread over the entire cycle of living - past, present and future - of humanity. HeExternalisation, 608:human relations in every department of human living. I would ask you to use your divine imaginationExternalisation, 610:minds and light into the dark places of human living. It is light and - above all else - "life moreExternalisation, 617:and the success of scientific, spiritual living are now so widely recognized that the consciousnessExternalisation, 620:his affairs so that the spiritual way of living may dominate; he searches for alibis for himselfExternalisation, 623:most part of the essentials of normal wholesome living, wracked with the sense of financialExternalisation, 624:yet spent in reality for the betterment of human living, or for the inculcation of the values whichExternalisation, 625:goes into the teaching of the people, into a living demonstration of the fact of His return - forExternalisation, 625:responsible for the reorganization of human living. Equally, it can be said that if the spiritualExternalisation, 626:Money - as with all else in human living - has been tainted by selfishness and grabbed for selfishExternalisation, 634:and it will have lasting effects upon human living and design. Owing to planetary frustration andExternalisation, 661:withstand the violent impacts of physical plane living. The mental and spiritual registration ofExternalisation, 661:Humanity, stimulating the aura of that mass of living units so that their "magnetic appeal will beExternalisation, 666:production of right attitudes towards material living, and the entire process of right distributionExternalisation, 668:is being imposed upon all aspects of human [668] living. An effort is being constantly made toExternalisation, 678:which to breathe and move is existent, then the living form can appear. Objectively, therefore, theExternalisation, 682:Externalization Ashramic Adjustment to Exoteric Living October 1949 We now come to another point inExternalisation, 684:of lesser roads and streets. In fact, every living unit in the world is in touch with thousands ofExternalisation, 684:of perception but not necessarily in modes of living or in any definitely physical planeExternalisation, 689:The reason for this is that the trend of human living and thought is turning steadily towards theExternalisation, 689:of material well-being at present and of better living conditions for all - with peace and securityExternalisation, 693:the applied art of esotericism and of spiritual living which is already being taught to mankind;Externalisation, 694:bring about great and important changes in world living. Another matter to which the Hierarchy isExternalisation, 697:will begin with isolated members appearing and living among men, coming forth one by one, doing theExternalisation, 699:the Hierarchy will adjust Themselves to modern living conditions, as to what food They will eat andExternalisation, 699:of God. They will express ordered, temperate living in all things, and will demonstrate also theExternalisation, 699:in their natures. They will stand forth as living examples of goodwill, of true love, ofFire, 25:the greater Wheel. It is the hidden mystery of living motion. The mystery, lost in the Now butFire, 88:on, may result in more intelligent practical living in the occult sense of the term "living";Fire, 88:living in the occult sense of the term "living"; which, if studied scientifically, religiously andFire, 106:with now) will be in the ordinary conditions of living. The three fundamental centers wherebyFire, 106:restriction. Now, owing to centuries of wrong living, and to basic mistakes (originating inFire, 106:cure is apparent - the bringing about of better living conditions, the [107] employment of moreFire, 107:adoption of a freer and more salubrious mode of living. When the pranic rays can find free accessFire, 107:be found that many of the ills that Europeans, living in India, fall heir to, originate in thisFire, 107:therefore, to the spleen, and by wise control of living conditions, some of the trouble may beFire, 124:and manifest as radiant whirling centers of living fire. The three major head centers (the sequenceFire, 136:is the cause of the rude health that the clean-living, high-thinking man should normally enjoy.Fire, 170:radiant path of fire, and each center a wheel of living fiery force rotating at terrific speed; theFire, 170:but literally turns upon itself, forming a living flaming iridescent globe of pure fire, andFire, 205:we have a web of fiery lines, uniting centers of living fire, and giving truth to the statementFire, 207:they are consummated motion. Then they become living wheels of flame, distinguished by a dualFire, 270:as the bodies of human beings are made up of living organisms, the various animated cells, or theFire, 383:man. In a root-race a Heavenly Man is simply living out His life, working through some experienceFire, 388:and are literally great Wheels, or centers of living Fire, manasic and electric fire; They vitalizeFire, 457:Master R. or Rakoczi, is the Hungarian Master, living at this time in Hungary, and is the Regent ofFire, 483:in is: The unbroken oral tradition revealed by living divine men during the infancy of mankind toFire, 488:The five Postulates Postulate I. All matter is living matter, or is the vital substance of devaFire, 513:to the clairvoyant therefore a sphere of vibrant living substance; within it can be seen threeFire, 525:of the Triad from those who as yet are living the life of the Quaternary. It concerns those whoFire, 525:of solar fire remain within the cavern, thus living in the dark; whilst those whose being isFire, 644:it must be remembered, travels along waves of living substance. As the result of extraneousFire, 646:food for man. This is an argument for vegetarian living which needs due consideration. Class 4. AFire, 651:This is mainly the result of wrong conditions of living, and the misuse of food. The present
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