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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIVING

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Fire, 653:by Robert Browning. 13 Man is an animal, plus a living God, within his physical Shell. S. D., II,Fire, 653:187. Divine consciousness is received from the living God. - S. D., II, 103. The animal forms theFire, 674:and deva [674] substance in its various living orders is not yet brought fully under His control.Fire, 681:principles are needed. This requires a living spiritual Fire of the middle principle from the FifthFire, 695:attained to this conception of hylozoism of a living material universe, the mystery of nature willFire, 706:period for development, while those who are living the buddhic life, and in whom it is waxingFire, 717:is to form the body of the ego out of their own living substance on the mental plane and thus,Fire, 734:of Will of God to the lesser devas who represent living substance. It will be apparent to theFire, 768:the bud, just enough to testify to its being a living organism. Shadowy and dim can theFire, 833:positive force of the greater solar Lords into living whorls or wheels which we symbolically callFire, 888:or atomic matter. This atomic matter is living substance, each atom being a tiny life palpitatingFire, 890:The recipients of force, the sumtotal of the living substance of a plane. These lives are passiveFire, 892:are in themselves elemental lives constructed of living substance by the aid of livingFire, 892:constructed of living substance by the aid of living manipulators, acting under the direction ofFire, 893:nearest to our planetary Logos, is called "The Living Serpent," and His emblem is a serpent of blueFire, 896:illustration of the interpenetrating of all the living matter of creation can be seen in connectionFire, 896:planet. In it is to be found: Moisture, or those living essences which are the liquid elementals.Fire, 901:objective perfection through the medium of the living substance of the lesser devas of the liquidFire, 909:of a revolt against the evils of congested living and to the dissemination of an impulse of aFire, 929:He will become alive to the fact that there are living [930] forces in nature. As the greaterFire, 932:be indicated more clearly till the sixth race is living upon earth. Third. The builders of allFire, 941:begin the work of aggregating and molding the living substance necessary for egoic manifestationFire, 979:and force into it so that it is a vibrant, living manifestation. When a lecturer or speaker of anyFire, 994:Through abstinence, right continence, clean living, vegetarian diet, and rigid self-control, theFire, 1002:of will emanating from the man, and he gives the living form power "to break loose." It is exactlyFire, 1022:consequences entailed on those who manipulate living matter for selfish ends. The white magicianFire, 1059:solar and planetary Logoi are constituted of living sentient beings, and the brain reels, and theFire, 1063:form, but with that period in the life of any living entity (atomic, human or divine) wherein theFire, 1069:has reached a stage [1069] when, through pure living and clean thinking, the present corruptionsFire, 1087:itself in process of transmutation; and the living stone with four shells." All this can be seen atFire, 1093:on every side - a network of fiery rivers of living energy, focal points of intensified brilliancyFire, 1094:all parts of the wheel as composed of lesser living wheels, and if he can work into his picture aFire, 1106:Each of the groups of lives which are the living essence of four subplanes and which focalizeFire, 1111:fusing of soul and body which makes man a living soul. b. Another stream of energy emanates in timeFire, 1113:gulf persisted, and must be bridged by the living Sons of Mind themselves." (This latter clause,Fire, 1118:periphery of the outermost circle. The fires of living energy circulate around each individualFire, 1118:of the petals, not only the activity of the living points or the deva lives within the petalFire, 1118:of man, and from it ray forth eight streams of living fire which extend to the tips of the fourFire, 1119:vibratory impulse is akin to the nature of the living Jewel, it is synthesized in the centralFire, 1119:living Jewel, it is synthesized in the central living unit and only the Jewel of fire remains. WhenFire, 1122:with great rapidity and with the stream of living energy circulating in every part of the lotus.Fire, 1168:of esoteric interest in the following line of living forces: The second chain, globe and round, TheFire, 1175:consciously developed the faculty of etheric living and can follow the etheric cycles, functioningFire, 1178:scheme are called in mystical parlance "the living stones"; on Vulcan they are called "fieryFire, 1183:up a mutual attraction. These five streams of living energy (the one and the four) are the basis ofFire, 1188:the incarnations of every kind and type of living being. The student should here remember that theFire, 1206:physical body, the liquid and gaseous, with the living substance of the four higher subplanes ofFire, 1245:energy with which they work and the stream of living force upon which they are found emanates fromFire, 1248:of the forces which unite the various streams of living energy emanating from Them in theFire, 1270:of Magnetic Work. The cosmic Burning-ground of living fire lieth in the nethermost part of theFire, 1270:It pulsates and it glows. It becomes a sea of living fire and draws within itself its own. TheFire, 1270:which issues from this fiery wheel formeth a living WAY, veiling the steps ahead. [1271] The MasterGlamour, 10:which is the practical application of its living synthetic power to the springs of individual lifeGlamour, 29:you will enter into a greater freedom of living and usefulness. As the maya of distorted energyGlamour, 59:The idea, a vital entity or a germ of living potency, is seen through the medium of a partial view,Glamour, 68:as individuals - is one of glamor. Your field of living experience is on the higher levels of theGlamour, 74:a readjustment of values, and a new standard of living for the race, based upon clear vision, aGlamour, 75:the wilderness how little is required for full living, true experience and real happiness. TheGlamour, 76:he can readjust his life and change his way of living, thus discovering that freedom from materialGlamour, 97:in the economic field and in the field of daily living and of government. World tension todayGlamour, 97:and in the field of individual average human living. It is, however, this conflict - fought out toGlamour, 102:not another duality, but a great Identity, a living Unity, which - for lack of a better word - weGlamour, 107:little true glamor in their reaction to life and living, and their simplicity, like that of aGlamour, 108:which humanity as a whole is, at any given time, living. Hence, in Lemurian times, the physicallyGlamour, 109:unreasoning - realization of an urge to higher living or a tendency to lower activity. ThisGlamour, 119:the condition of negativity to physical plane living which is the result of a lack of integrationGlamour, 119:and that failure to handle physical plane living which the thinker on abstract and scientificGlamour, 119:fail to deal with the problems of physical plane living in a clear and satisfactory manner, bothGlamour, 129:very prone and most naturally so, especially if living in the vortex of force which we call modernGlamour, 148:equal quantities or proportions - one stream of living light and love going to the Jews and theGlamour, 164:and all will have that which is needed for right living-processes. Light and dark, demonstratingGlamour, 166:of human thinking and in the arena of daily living, the present world order (which is today largelyGlamour, 174:they have steadily transformed man's way of living, revealed to him his goals, and indicated hisGlamour, 179:places and away from the pressures of daily living and constant contact with others. The task ofGlamour, 184:of the intelligentsia to create better living conditions for the entire population [185] of theGlamour, 190:plus an enforced return to simplicity of living and requirements may save the coming revelationGlamour, 190:the three worlds of our familiar daily living) are seen to be but symbols of an inward andGlamour, 199:from glamor and which can transform human living, and so bring in the new civilization and culture.Glamour, 199:the work of those whose ray focus makes astral living the line of least resistance and who haveGlamour, 203:supplemented individual emotional and dramatic living with a vicarious submergence in it, thusGlamour, 215:are closely connected with aspects of his daily living, with his sex life or with his ambitions,Glamour, 240:up, making practical - as it does - all human living, and indicating likewise the steps wherebyGlamour, 242:expression in the three worlds of human living. This is an occult truism. The outer form, the dualGlamour, 243:no wandering down the bypaths of daily living, no seeing others through distorted and prejudicedGlamour, 255:as the result of a civilization and a mode of living, differs widely from that of the oriental. InGlamour, 255:so behind the times as far as modern civilized living is concerned. Generalizing, the occidental isGlamour, 257:expectant of some phenomenal results, that the living purpose of the breath is forgotten; this isGlamour, 262:will be self-initiated as a result of rhythmic living and a constant right use of the Sacred Word,Healing, 19:The responsibility of a child for his living conditions is practically nil, unless you admit karmaHealing, 61:later be seen. In the secret of right rhythmic living and in a right proportional accent upon allHealing, 67:the regulation of the life in terms of rhythmic living. All this is good and of help, but it doesHealing, 90:and good health - through right rhythmic living, plus correct thinking and soul contact - willHealing, 104:process going on. See it as moving lines of living light substance, linking you to your brothers onHealing, 123:difficult to handle. These problems are based on living relationships and the interplay of theHealing, 126:and withdrawing, serving in the world and living the life of reflection, play their useful part. Healing, 128:of all that is required for right human living will characterize the world to be. Today theseHealing, 163:importance than others, but all completing that living organism we call a human being. The head TheHealing, 171:the process; it is, however, one that - under living effort - goes forward almost automatically.Healing, 182:wisdom is translated and becomes the "dragon of living light." These three stages are nurtured byHealing, 184:third is the path of pure spirit. Thus in every living form the work of the Father, of the Mother
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