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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIVING

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Magic, 313:This sign, that of the water-carrier, is a living sign and an emotional sign. It will (through theMagic, 321:center is opened and functioning. This stream of living energy can nevertheless be sensed in aMagic, 325:occupying the attention of all of you who are living in this time of world unrest and upheaval, IMagic, 325:ushers in a period of sunshine and more grateful living conditions. We have had the electricalMagic, 352:for commencement. A certain structure of right living, of thinking and of conduct has beenMagic, 359:the pilgrim back and so they bring release. The living waters, as a river, sweep the pilgrim to theMagic, 359:that it is seen in its right proportion as that living germ which can expand into the divine flowerMagic, 389:element of fire entering into the mechanics of living as never before. Eliminate the products whichMagic, 389:on earth and causes the flourishing of all living things. Under the Law of Correspondences theMagic, 391:ourselves with the laws of practical spiritual living. I seek but to give a few thoughts which haveMagic, 415:the direction of the soul. They are therefore living souls, working through personalities, and notMagic, 420:newer and sacred art of being and the wonder of living as a soul. Forget not that when a man isMagic, 420:living as a soul. Forget not that when a man is living as a soul and his entire personality isMagic, 420:and the setting of a true example of spiritual living will normally and automatically follow. Food,Magic, 420:to refrain from pulling down the old order of living. He must be set to building for the future,Magic, 426:will stand before the world as examples of pure living, constructive building, creative activityMagic, 427:with the one subjective group of conscious living souls behind them, will be too busy with worldMagic, 431:the need of humanity itself. It is composed of living conscious souls, working through coordinatedMagic, 438:produce their effect upon the man who is living above the diaphragm, and work through the sevenMagic, 451:Let me illustrate: Man knows himself to be a living being and calls death that mysterious processMagic, 451:into activity the form and so makes of him a living being, so the life of God - as the ChristianMagic, 452:the universe and [452] produces that coherent, living, vital ensemble which we call a solar system.Magic, 455:[455] It is formed of an infinite number of living entities who are attracted by the mind of theMagic, 455:potency of his desire and the strength of his living thought. Held in shape as long as it is neededMagic, 455:himself by a magnetic thread - the thread of his living purpose and the strength of his dominantMagic, 468:the pure white rose of life. The tiny rose of living life is seen in bud; not yet the full blownMagic, 468:purpose." Responsive to the sounded word, the living soul, immersed in form, emerges from the manyMagic, 469:diamond shines, within a star five-pointed. The living soul drives forward towards the cross whichMagic, 469:and therefore left behind. But onward goes the living soul, eyes fixed upon the cross, ears open toMagic, 475:teachers and the guides in all phases of human living. Their sound does go forth into all lands andMagic, 485:The form remains linked to him by his living purpose and therefore the karma of the results, andMagic, 495:out, and of the subsequent interval of active living, they fail to relate death and sleep. Death,Magic, 496:activity brought together in order to make man a living, conscious, functioning entity, governed byMagic, 496:of the soul in all the activities of daily living. Death, therefore, is literally the withdrawalMagic, 497:move and have our being". In those three words - living, moving and being - we have the entireMagic, 497:man's head and brain are the exoteric symbols. Living is energy, desire in form, coherence andMagic, 497:integration and response of the existing, aware, living entity into the universal activity, and ofMagic, 528:of all races and peoples that have lived or are living upon our planet can be dealt with under thisMagic, 534:response to environment may be fostered in the living unit. We have therefore three Principles: TheMagic, 535:the aspirant to renewed effort and driving the living entity on along the path of evolution.Magic, 545:His aspiration is true and steady. He is living purely and unselfishly. He has mastered somewhatMagic, 548:be: "I am the server, and I the dispenser am of living water." These occult qualifications uponMagic, 567:fail to materialize or have no persistent living existence "in the light of day," because there wasMagic, 567:not sufficient energy to generate that spark of living flame which must ever burn at the center ofMagic, 587:and from other people, instead of simply living the life. The adept speaks no word which can hurt,Magic, 588:with their environing matter and with the living substance which completely surrounds them. This isMagic, 589:so as to give the human unit conditions of living which will lead to thought and from thought toMagic, 589:the success of the world movement towards pure living and the destruction of that which hinders isMagic, 603:in the world of ordinary everyday thinking and living. This attitude of mind will enable theMagic, 611:them to the fiery point from whence the fires of living light and radiant life have come." Meditation, 73:average man, polarized in his emotional body and living the normal life of the man of the world,Meditation, 109:seem he must learn the lessons of practical living in the world, he learns not, but follows what isMeditation, 112:Ages of metaphysical thinking, of vegetarian living, of climatic inertia and of a rigid adherenceMeditation, 112:adherence to forms and to the strictest rules of living have produced a product the exact oppositeMeditation, 136:but effect no harm, hence the necessity of pure living and controlled pure emotions and elevatedMeditation, 145:habit of meditation all the day long, and the living in the higher consciousness till thatMeditation, 155:causal body) and when a foundation of right living has been laid which neither storms nor attackMeditation, 204:application to the circumstances met in daily living. By conformance to the law is the personalMeditation, 232:position. But today we come down to practical living and the imposing upon the personality of aMeditation, 232:the three lower planes a question of practical living and a bringing of all the three bodies underMeditation, 243:key to the establishing of better conditions of living, and of sound bodies on all planes. But asMeditation, 268:all the fruit of meditation worked out in daily living) will come the increased faculty to holdMeditation, 273:ability to express that faculty in terms of holy living; the inner irradiation from the Spirit, andMeditation, 284:merges that meditation in the everyday living, and will eventually be in the attitude of meditationMeditation, 337:body. The method consists principally of living in the sunlight, in protection from cold, and inPatanjali, 8:head" can be increased, so that a man becomes a living Flame, The Path can be found and man himselfPatanjali, 46:having to carry "on their heads the bowl of living water." Thus the rapidity of their climb up thePatanjali, 59:Bible as the "silver cord," that thread of living light which connects the Monad, the Spirit inPatanjali, 68:of the vital pranic emanations of all living centers and will make manifest the conditions of thePatanjali, 72:in an intense inner concentration upon rhythmic living and in the careful organization of the life.Patanjali, 73:Remedy 1. Bodily disability Wholesome, sane living. (1.33.) 2. Mental inertia Control of the lifePatanjali, 77:interrelated and allied. The science of rhythmic living, or the regulation of the acts of dailyPatanjali, 77:exhalation. Man knows himself occultly to be a "living soul," and utilizes the factor of thePatanjali, 78:peace follows upon the method of sane wholesome living and its consequent result - a sound physicalPatanjali, 79:seen that correct group relations and rhythmic living will produce that condition wherein stillnessPatanjali, 176:point [176] where he feels that physical plane living, sentiency and mental processes have nothingPatanjali, 198:dissipation of the vital powers through loose living and incontinence is the great sin against thePatanjali, 200:magician. This is done through continence, Pure living and clean thinking, and not through anyPatanjali, 257:therefore these two types of perception: That of living things and that of the Life; that of thePatanjali, 282:which exists. The outstanding characteristic of living matter is that it is that which "substands"Patanjali, 298:consciousness and enfolding seven great types of living beings. The analogy will be seen asPatanjali, 299:fire, by wind, by air and by darkness... wherein living creatures, having been allotted a long andPatanjali, 299:able to create their vehicles of manifestation, Living for a mundane period, therefore inPatanjali, 329:of energy currents, and is the substratum of living substance which underlies the dense physicalPatanjali, 358:aloofness from the material consciousness and a living in the spiritual consciousness. It isPatanjali, 364:is one. 2. Consciousness or soul. All these living forms of divine life are conscious, even thoughPatanjali, 367:and seeks to know himself as he truly is, a living word, part of a cosmic phrase. For him space noPatanjali, 391:which is called white. This is the type of living thought, and work, practised by the aspirant andPatanjali, 419:working steadily at the task of spiritual living in a world consecrated to things material. AllPatanjali, 421:among men, eating and sleeping, working and living. Yet all the time he "is in the world, yet notPatanjali, 423:of day, these methods and modes of disciplined living must be adhered to unswervingly. ThisProblems, 6:more like the prenatal stage than an ordinary living process; it is a preface to a richer and aProblems, 9:beauty of expression, of character and of living conditions is the outstanding eternalProblems, 9:of psychological integration, of intelligent living, of spiritual growth and of [10] divineProblems, 33:[33] humanity for successful and cooperative living and the newer aspects of mental training; noProblems, 33:they have failed to train children for right living; they have not inculcated those methods ofProblems, 34:a better way of preparing their youth for total living. Education is a deeply spiritual enterprise.Problems, 35:theology, which recognizes the presence of the living Christ, whilst rejecting man-madeProblems, 37:to compete with his fellow citizens in "making a living", in accumulating possessions and in beingProblems, 37:facts - most of them unrelated to daily living. Our present civilization will go down in history as
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