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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIVING

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Problems, 38:Western hemisphere. Our standard of civilized living is far too high from the standpoint ofProblems, 38:the achievement of a high standard of material living and towards the cornering of the produce ofProblems, 43:they constitute the beautiful tapestry of human living down the ages. But much that has hithertoProblems, 47:upon the recognition of the difficulty of daily living, upon sensitivity to a child's normallyProblems, 49:with which we are faced. An organized way of living will help much but the children we areProblems, 49:first to react correctly to an imposed rhythm of living. Discipline will be needed but it must beProblems, 51:techniques which will fit a child for complete living and so make him truly human - a creative,Problems, 53:to apply knowledge in such a manner that sane living and an understanding point of view, plus anProblems, 55:in the group and preparing him for intelligent living and right social relations. Reading, writingProblems, 55:taught and certain basic and important facts of living imparted, plus the inculcation ofProblems, 57:as well as with the details of daily individual living. The child, as an individual, will beProblems, 60:which will present the possibilities of human living in such a manner that barriers will be brokenProblems, 63:in the two worlds of instinctual and intelligent living but also in the world of spiritual valuesProblems, 65:which will kill our old materialistic way of living. Cooperative goodwill is surely the first ideaProblems, 66:economic values and the familiar standards of living are bound to pass away; no one knows what willProblems, 66:of atomic energy may make in future civilized living. Two major problems will grow out of thisProblems, 66:long hours today required in order to provide a living wage and the necessities of life. One is theProblems, 68:the underlying motive of the U.S.S.R. is right living conditions, opportunity for all and theProblems, 70:resources and the staples required for civilized living; they have been able to do this becauseProblems, 71:in so far that the public demand for better living conditions will enable them - under the Law ofProblems, 74:elements of the population became acutely bad; living conditions were abominable, unsanitary andProblems, 75:human family, leading to civilized and cultural living and to fair play and equal opportunity forProblems, 75:the demand by the laboring classes for better living conditions, higher pay and more leisure. ThisProblems, 76:to awaken to the situation and to the appalling living conditions under which the laboring classProblems, 76:from the monied interests decent wages, better living conditions and that greater leisure which isProblems, 79:for material ends and comfort? What standard of living will - in the New Age - seem essential toProblems, 80:left for Christ's work, for simple spiritual living. The task facing the men and women of goodwillProblems, 81:be ended and a new world be thereby reborn? Can living conditions be so potently changed that rightProblems, 85:and better existence, towards more wholesome living conditions, towards more individual and racialProblems, 89:and its people through the rectitude of its living expression, the beauty of its mode of life andProblems, 89:so that all in the world may benefit. It is a living, vital, spiritual organism and not a selfish,Problems, 94:in a land where there are sound economics, a living religion and an adequate educational system. InProblems, 94:poor are fighting for their rights and better living conditions; the tyranny of selfish politicsProblems, 97:he has inevitably developed certain habits of living and thinking which, again, the occidentalProblems, 103:sum up, the Jew has set up an ancient pattern of living within other nations; as a citizen with allProblems, 105:as "raw savages", divided into countless tribes, living in a state of nature, primitive, warlike,Problems, 107:seat of the purest form of occult teaching and living. This, however, lies several centuries ahead.Problems, 107:intellectual perception; the white man's way of living has lifted the Negroes of Africa out ofProblems, 108:history; the new world with its better ways of living is as much for the Negro as for the whiteProblems, 108:they are faced with a most difficult situation, living as they do in the midst of an overpoweringlyProblems, 111:and of opportunity, to keep his standard of living at the lowest possible level and well below thatProblems, 113:and fair treatment, equal opportunity and right living conditions as he is responsive sometimes inProblems, 113:wrong way to the evil educational, political and living conditions under which he now labors. ThisProblems, 113:equal educational facilities and equally good living conditions. It is for the people of America toProblems, 128:The day of theology is over and that of a living truth is with us. This the orthodox churchesProblems, 129:pure in its presentation of truth and in its living processes) eventually split into three mainProblems, 133:has ever been saved by theology but only by the living Christ and through the awakenedProblems, 135:the present generation of children for full living in the world of tomorrow, a world whose faintProblems, 135:forces which drive humanity on towards spiritual living. Everywhere people are ready for the light;Problems, 136:them upon the Source of all life and upon the living Christ Who waits to pour out [137] upon themProblems, 140:concepts but as essential to spiritual living; they will stand together on the same platform ofProblems, 144:and essential truth is the fact of Christ, the living Christ, present among His people, fulfilingProblems, 144:attainment of spiritual status through spiritual living will be taught, and the fact of theProblems, 145:our eventual spiritual attainment; Christ as the living example of that attainment, Who has enteredProblems, 145:for us the possibility of this unfolding, living, spiritual consciousness (which has been given theProblems, 146:connotes divine activity in every phase of human living and human thinking; they will grasp theProblems, 150:- which affected primeval man, and he "became a living soul". As the yearning urge towards anProblems, 158:invocative cry rises ceaselessly from all men living in the midst of disaster and is addressed toProblems, 160:spiritual concepts which have conditioned human living and which have led man on from oneProblems, 163:of Easter. This is the festival of the risen, living Christ, the Head of the spiritual Hierarchy,Problems, 165:be evoked would change all aspects of human living, would condition our civilization, change ourProblems, 171:complete collapse of all that makes life worth living? All this can happen unless basic changes areProblems, 174:dedicated their lives to the betterment of human living; there are churchmen in all the faiths whoProblems, 174:men everywhere. They are essential to the daily living of the everyday man. Problems, 178:be resurrected and the ways of true spiritual living govern the hearts of men? How can a truePsychology1, xxv:evidence in the world that there is appearing a living relation between all sentient beings, thenPsychology1, 27:man and the undeveloped sons of God. These seven living qualified emanations from the centralPsychology1, 57:and their integration into the technique of living which is, for man, the objective of his entirePsychology1, 63:word of power. Thus there is impressed upon the living mold the thought of... (the hidden,Psychology1, 67:apply the force which will produce the shining living stone that fits into the temple's plan withPsychology1, 86:light. Carve deep. Construct and shape the living stone. Quality - power to create. Choose well thyPsychology1, 92:and suffered and relieved the strain of living by constructing a body of thought around a happyPsychology1, 97:moment is that which aids the soul's spiritual living; they feel that the holding out of promisesPsychology1, 108:active working chelas of accepted degree who (living as they do in the thought aura of the MasterPsychology1, 126:disaster. Hence the necessity to inculcate pure living, the learning of protective invocations andPsychology1, 135:in the three subhuman kingdoms: To the world of living, vibratory and magnetic forms, in which eachPsychology1, 149:called the hylozoistic theory. This posits a living substance, composed of a multiplicity ofPsychology1, 157:The quality, the coloring, or the type nature of living energy (which is our inadequate definitionPsychology1, 157:the modifying influence of the contact of the living quality with the substance affected and withPsychology1, 170:this treatise of practical usefulness and of living application. In A Treatise on White Magic IPsychology1, 179:upon mankind which will alter his conditions of living, change his outlook upon world affairs, andPsychology1, 183:physical body will leave a man still a conscious living entity. He will be known to be perpetuatingPsychology1, 189:the revealing wonder; they will be swept by the living breath of God, and it is to you that we lookPsychology1, 193:extends indefinitely, and the response of the living entity to contact becomes more vital, morePsychology1, 194:to be in ceaseless motion. A vast series of living structures, built up [195] into still greaterPsychology1, 198:out upon the soil, and from the standpoint of living [199] purpose, certain esoteric results havePsychology1, 204:intellectual knowledge, but a spiritual rule of living, thus bringing in intuition and true wisdom.Psychology1, 232:import, but of no practical value in the living of the daily life, except in so far as they servePsychology1, 232:approach the forms of life which approximate the living tissue of our animal bodies, our [233]Psychology1, 238:place in this evolution of divine life. This living entity has a different objective to the LifePsychology1, 255:their adaptation to the conditions of ordered living, are part of the divine process of integratingPsychology1, 276:desire. They may have the virtues of "straight living" eulogized to them, and even the fact thatPsychology1, 276:acts is the glory of humanity. But many of them, living in another world of thought and interest,Psychology1, 290:be found a marvelous symbolic happening. In that living organism is enacted that drama whereby thePsychology1, 292:the old influences under which we have been living will gradually die out, and the new potenciesPsychology1, 294:his personality and raise and purify his living qualities will receive careful attention, and allPsychology1, 295:basis of all recognized standards and consistent living, then the details as to how and where andPsychology1, 296:and the parties ill-mated where one is living the life of the purified personality above thePsychology1, 301:for material pleasures, and our efforts at living are, in the mass, primarily directed towardsPsychology1, 309:in connection with the animal kingdom. Man is a living entity, a conscious son of God (a soul)
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