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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIVING

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Psychology1, 331:and with, and through the outer world of daily living. Subjective Agency: Here we find the mindPsychology1, 341:glamorous material security in which men were living, and in destroying much of their instinctualPsychology1, 365:There is no evading the process of ceremonial living. It is unconsciously recognized, blindlyPsychology1, 380:is as follows: The world of psychical living. This requires the recognition, by the brainPsychology1, 383:but which will never be theirs till they cease living in the wonder of their past and go forth intoPsychology2, 7:the outstanding quality of divinity. Man, the living Monad, is the veiled reality, and that whichPsychology2, 13:integrated into the practical expression of the living process on the physical plane. Herein liesPsychology2, 16:of soul activity, for every individual is a living soul, actuating the lower sheaths of bodies, andPsychology2, 19:more than the activity of the atom, or of that living principle which produces self-perpetuation,Psychology2, 24:could be called a personality. There is simply a living, active physical body, with its wants andPsychology2, 25:trend of his daily attitudes, or his modes of living, and of his character begins to broaden, toPsychology2, 27:himself in what is called three-dimensional living, so, by the time he takes the third initiation,Psychology2, 32:from phenomenal appearance to spiritual living, from physical awareness to sentient, emotionalPsychology2, 77:The period called in the Bible, that of "riotous living" on the part of the Prodigal Son. ThePsychology2, 89:in space and time, and the stupendous march of living beings towards an at present unrealized goal,Psychology2, 90:activity, on a developing scale of rapid living, that tends constantly to transcend time as we knowPsychology2, 93:Christ, the crucifixion in time and space of all living entities, called souls - this is the themePsychology2, 96:must confine our attention to the world of human living and consciousness. Psychology2, 97:the course of manifestation. The great stream of living energy which is manifesting itself in ourPsychology2, 103:sorrow, no rebellion and no suffering. When the living, vibrating antahkarana or bridge is built,Psychology2, 112:so men and women, who are oriented to soul living in their aggregate, form a group of souls, enPsychology2, 117:magnetic field, and this triangle of light, of living fire, links the three "laya centers." ThePsychology2, 119:the fact that He was the "water of life", the "living water" which men needed. Hence the esotericPsychology2, 121:one must serve. This theory is correct, but the living substance of service is lacking. The idealPsychology2, 127:the mind, is to make the man aware that he is a living principle of divinity, and then to preparePsychology2, 128:time, by period, by race and age. It will be a living flow, and a spontaneous giving forth, and thePsychology2, 157:and subjection to the new technique of living. The other is his willingness, at all costs, to bePsychology2, 164:right ideals 4. Pranayama The law of rhythmic living Seventh ray force The Law of Group Progress.Psychology2, 166:of [166] satisfied desire, through riotous living. This was followed by consequent satiety and lossPsychology2, 175:The quite ordinary formulations of loving living and of daily instinctive self-sacrifice sufferPsychology2, 180:is occultly called the "dead Master" and the "living Masters." Masons will understand what is herePsychology2, 182:life to the group life, and constant, loving, living service. Group Meditation. These groups willPsychology2, 190:communicate healing energy from the reservoir of living force to the patients. 4. Other groups ofPsychology2, 195:of units in a group, thus forming them into one living organism. The recognitions eventuating arePsychology2, 210:never been duplicated, though there are people living today upon the planet who are beginning toPsychology2, 214:is it essential that we emphasize the details of living which must control the man who is seekingPsychology2, 225:being. On the life side, it results in rhythmic living and conscious adaptation of energy to thePsychology2, 227:them - of the Will of God. The rules or living factors which we are now considering and which (whenPsychology2, 260:brought about by the simple effect of their living in the world and there pursuing their lifePsychology2, 260:slowly, according to the number of those who are living as souls in training. About the beginningPsychology2, 285:him essentially an active, intelligent, loving, living, human being. They are unfolded sequentiallyPsychology2, 303:difficulty of all of the above is very real and, living as the disciple does in the world of glamorPsychology2, 303:predict, eventually change his hypothesis into a living fact, if he studies himself with care. OnePsychology2, 307:lotus is becoming more and more brilliant and living. All the above process takes much time, and itPsychology2, 326:to the fact that adaptation to the ways of living to which they are subjected, and from which therePsychology2, 338:attention out of the world of material, selfish living into that of true spiritual realities.Psychology2, 348:acting in unison, we regard as constituting a living organism. The many parts form one whole,Psychology2, 349:doing this, he necessarily has had to make some living contribution to the whole, in order to evokePsychology2, 360:This is the quiet not of meditation but of living. The aspirant upon the third ray is apt to wastePsychology2, 380:ray, in its higher aspects, emerges into living expression. Great beauty of character or greatPsychology2, 382:objective of soul control in response to a living reaction to its sensed pull or call. [383] ThePsychology2, 392:him to isolate the whole divine scheme or living structure, and to identify himself with it in anPsychology2, 393:has achieved a definite measure of success in living as a soul, consciously upon the physicalPsychology2, 394:interior organisms which produce an aggregate of living forms, corelated and functioning as aPsychology2, 395:use these three seed thoughts in meditation. The living structure as it expresses ideas, thePsychology2, 395:words and will view both the symbol, the inner living structure and the emerging conscious ideasPsychology2, 407:the evolutionary urge, the normal processes of living, experience through contact with thePsychology2, 407:process of evolutionary acquiescence becomes the living conscious effort, and it is right at thisPsychology2, 417:call a "loose connection". The two streams of living energy - life and consciousness - are [418]Psychology2, 419:body. This process of abstraction leaves only a living shell, an empty house. Too much would havePsychology2, 431:then man will shoulder the responsibility of living with a daily recognition of the past, anPsychology2, 433:are seldom, if ever, stressed. Details of living conditions, statements about possible materialPsychology2, 443:the achievement of harmony, unity and skill in living, through an intensity of conflict, wagedPsychology2, 447:antahkarana. This name is given to the line of living energy which links the various human aspectsPsychology2, 450:towards right group and personal conditions of living and of thinking, and towards right externalPsychology2, 450:is weary and tired of unwholesome ways of living, of the exploitation of the defenceless, of thePsychology2, 452:[452] we use the word "energy" to connote the living activity of the spiritual realms, and of thatPsychology2, 452:all reactions emanating from the world of daily living (and, therefore, from the environment), fromPsychology2, 460:within the form at all, but only an animated living body, informed by the animal soul but not by aPsychology2, 463:mental emphasis, wrong attitudes and anti-social living, is also a form of meditation, but it isPsychology2, 466:no longer be satisfied with the old measure of living, with the old satisfactions, and with the oldPsychology2, 467:has released into our little world of daily living, other psychological dangers eventuate. We arePsychology2, 468:for creative activity. The handling of daily living on the physical plane drops below the thresholdPsychology2, 469:realize the futility of his mental life as he is living it. Then, choosing one of the many possiblePsychology2, 476:borne in mind: First: that many people are today living in the Atlantean state of awareness, in thePsychology2, 478:[478] they had unfitted themselves for normal living. They appear to be a danger, both toPsychology2, 478:If human beings make so poor a success of living consciously on the physical plane and in handlingPsychology2, 478:and if the life of mental attention and mental living is still so difficult to the vast majority,Psychology2, 482:from the troubles and difficulties of life by living always with a sense of the guiding Presence ofPsychology2, 489:plane. As they hover on the borderland of outer living, awaiting their time to be reborn, they arePsychology2, 500:of the astral plane to those of daily living upon the physical plane; few people are competent toPsychology2, 508:The activity involves religious activity, sexual living in its many phases (for not all of them arePsychology2, 511:and, therefore, to an effort to bring human living into line with the basic spiritual truths. ThePsychology2, 517:at this time. In the stress and strain of modern living, men are apt to think that the major taskPsychology2, 526:worldly effort, and will emerge again to living endeavor when the mind nature has been fullyPsychology2, 557:becomes the dramatic center of his universe - living, loving, planning, acting, conscious of hisPsychology2, 569:methods of speech and thought of the departed or living friend. This accounts for the mediocrePsychology2, 577:be theirs entirely and which will subdue all the living forms in all kingdoms to their peculiarPsychology2, 577:hold of the forces which are working against the living principle of love (as embodied in thePsychology2, 579:helpless and unfitted to cope with daily living and modern world conditions. But the mind naturePsychology2, 582:the old ways and yet the new techniques of living and of practice mean nothing to them. A futurePsychology2, 586:audience. In other cases, he is all the time living on the borderland of consciousness between thePsychology2, 588:focus his attention upon the things of physical living until such time as evolution carries him toPsychology2, 604:into working expression upon the plane of daily living; he will then bring his mind to bear uponPsychology2, 604:from the pain and irk-someness of daily living or from the clinging hands of those who love him; itPsychology2, 631:have to be applied to our modern conditions of living and eventually supersede them. There is noPsychology2, 637:attacks on individuals whose ideas or manner of living is deemed detrimental to mankind), are outPsychology2, 640:New Deal, liberalism and conservatism, creative living, population problems, sterilization,Psychology2, 641:in the new era of economic comfort and peaceful living, and are dedicating their lives to thePsychology2, 647:3. To hold before humanity, as part of the living instruction which the men of good will will teach
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