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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LIVINGNESS

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Astrology, 7:the ages; I will emphasize the fact of the livingness of the Sources from which all the energiesAstrology, 503:- in Their incomparable and incomprehensible livingness - are preparing. Basically it might be saidAstrology, 568:anent the life of Christ will bring to light and livingness this whole subject of the threeAstrology, 583:is, therefore, that which is related to the livingness (through consciousness and form) ofAutobiography, 146:are more conscious than of the virtues. The livingness of America is forgotten in the irritationAutobiography, 278:producing forms, and that all is movement and livingness. He begins by learning the nature of theAutobiography, 280:training and of growth into a new and spiritual livingness, there are certain essentialAutobiography, 293:lie outside the sphere of influence of spiritual livingness, then there is something basicallyAutobiography, 295:of glory." It is the demonstration of the divine livingness in each person which is our goal, andBethlehem, 245:of what He had achieved, and the value of the livingness of His contribution, He could demonstrateBethlehem, 251:consists for us in three stages: First, as that livingness which we call the urge to evolution, theDestiny, 6:through the outer form, the "light of livingness" (as it is esoterically called) will show. TheDestiny, 17:of the Will of God in new and potent livingness. Destiny, 23:of in their entirety as expressions of divine livingness, as embodying three great stages in theDestiny, 24:meet simultaneously at various stages of livingness. It is interesting to note that it is onlyDestiny, 40:thus demonstrate the fact of Christ's eternal livingness, and the beauty and the love which it canDiscipleship1, 165:expressing itself through the quality, let the livingness and the work of the indwelling lifeDiscipleship1, 277:They will only evoke a greater emotional livingness and understanding; this you have needed muchDiscipleship2, 65:them to react to these phases of planetary livingness. Disciples and all initiates below the thirdDiscipleship2, 89:activities are, therefore, an expression of the livingness of the Arcane School and thatDiscipleship2, 114:and astral life, and the other is brought into livingness by the inflow from the head center. IDiscipleship2, 154:works out in the emerging Plan, and as it gives livingness to life purpose) is reached through theDiscipleship2, 168:will-to-good, can also stream forth in fuller livingness into the hearts of men; thus they areDiscipleship2, 174:afresh in your minds and take on a new and vital livingness. It is uniquely related to all true andDiscipleship2, 184:Part X - Meditation IV Meditation IV - Spiritual Livingness - Ashramic Relation In assigning thisDiscipleship2, 185:by establishing a constant habit of spiritual livingness. One sentence was particularly a key to myDiscipleship2, 185:has to become objective; thus his spiritual livingness becomes an everyday affair. It is here thatDiscipleship2, 223:and realized Purpose to bring into our planetary livingness certain extra-planetary energies whichDiscipleship2, 224:the Will of him who is carrying all forms of his livingness towards the perfection which heDiscipleship2, 252:of Crisis. We can now approach and prove the livingness of our progress from the angle of Points ofDiscipleship2, 296:is altering; its strength is increasing; its livingness is producing changes in the human organism.Discipleship2, 320:Death, are old and familiar aspects of general livingness to the masses, and their starting pointDiscipleship2, 342:is concerned? This would involve a high-powered livingness. Is the Will aspect in my life beginningDiscipleship2, 400:instinctual trend towards monadic perception and livingness. Discipleship2, 434:They convey an increasing sense of eternal livingness, activity and movement; the initiateDiscipleship2, 434:a proved immortality, and who - because of their livingness - can be precipitating centers ofEducation, xii:spiritual in nature and is indicative of the livingness of the inner divine entity. The spirit ofEducation, 86:intrinsic purpose in the scheme of things? The livingness of the influence and the proclaimedExternalisation, 72:of the beneficent Will of God in new and potent livingness. 2. The second major force which isExternalisation, 72:and must be thought of as expressions of divine livingness, as embodying three stages in theExternalisation, 98:the result. The fruit of this quality, plus the livingness of the seed itself, can be seen today inExternalisation, 143:the world can be brought to a point of dynamic livingness, ready for later use. But, my brothers,Externalisation, 324:of this group [324] exists, and among them the livingness of goodwill is still unimpaired. 5. TheExternalisation, 344:energy is therefore that which is related to the livingness (through consciousness and form) ofExternalisation, 457:the direction of the Christ, Who will restore livingness to men's spiritual aims and life to theirExternalisation, 534:Soul Appearance Spirit Consciousness Substance Livingness Organism Organization ApprehensionExternalisation, 555:of Resurrection, emphasizing the new note of livingness, of the living Christ and of that "lifeExternalisation, 560:relation to Shamballa and to extra-planetary livingness. A great deal that has been conveyed to youExternalisation, 572:of choice under the authority of a spiritual livingness which demonstrates competency will beExternalisation, 595:"every eye shall see Him." The religious livingness or spiritual history of mankind can beExternalisation, 621:is to ignore the body and take your joy in the livingness of service. This leads to a longer life.Externalisation, 666:teaching. They exemplify within themselves a livingness which is the hallmark of discipleship. TheExternalisation, 673:Intelligence, embodying the principle of life or livingness because they essentially are lifeExternalisation, 680:which produces a similarity in the [680] livingness of the units in the ashram; this is, of course,Externalisation, 700:higher vibration. Adjustment to the increased livingness will be facilitated by the enunciation ofFire, 892:all. It is the recognition of this essential livingness which constitutes the basic fact in allGlamour, 185:wishful thinking enough of the essential dynamic livingness which will carry it down into physicalHealing, 81:the etheric body expands and becomes the vital livingness of all expression upon the physicalHealing, 185:removal of all obstruction is the result of the livingness of the individual centers which, [186]Healing, 211:cross in Palestine that man is saved, but by the livingness of the blood of those in whom theHealing, 304:implications) of Life, the lives and the general livingness of the creative process. This isHealing, 322:or abstraction of the soul in its two aspects - livingness and consciousness. Healing, 393:fact of the soul and that we are saved by the livingness of that soul, and the only hell is theHealing, 541:to the heart. In this manner, the patient's own "livingness" will bring about the desired cure; heHealing, 585:or another - an activity which demonstrates its livingness. We, however, erroneously apply the termHealing, 585:manifest and express its quality and nature. Yet livingness and quality exist apart from form andHealing, 591:that which is its polar opposite, the planetary "livingness," the third ray, will have to beHealing, 622:energized and brought to a condition of true "livingness," and begin to condition the entire areaHealing, 622:in the heart it energizes and preserves in livingness all the centers in the body, sending out itsHealing, 623:determined by the nature, the quality and the livingness of the centers; these, in their turn areHealing, 629:and this the healer must recognize. Behind this livingness and this consciousness is the Being, theHealing, 629:of humanity via the planetary centers of divine livingness and consciousness. Healing, 634:its particular form, under the impact of etheric livingness; this affects all the living atoms andHealing, 639:own life in response to the imposition of the livingness of the incarnating soul. Temporarily, theHealing, 639:a coherent form, held together by two aspects of livingness: that of the spirit of the earth andHealing, 640:and the Path of Initiation. Then the livingness of the spiritual man, and his will to manifestHealing, 640:is temporarily asserting its own type of livingness and responding (sometimes to the point ofHealing, 706:and come from out the Central Sun of spiritual livingness. The highest then awakens within the oneHercules, 12:an urge to intelligent expression, and a certain livingness which we call consciousness, and whichMagic, 285:of the species, and this is the result of the livingness of the incarnated Life; and the next isProblems, 59:intrinsic purpose in the scheme of things? The livingness of the influence and the proclaimedProblems, 144:He lives, we shall live also". The fact of His livingness and of His presence today, here and now,Problems, 163:its power to produce resurrection and spiritual livingness. This Festival is determined always byPsychology1, xvii:the life is of practical value and retains its livingness. Sincerity is the first thing for whichPsychology2, 19:and that peculiar something which we call "livingness". It may be possible to "create" or [20]Psychology2, 28:unfoldment, all this evolving purpose and livingness, all the events in all the kingdoms of nature,Psychology2, 30:or ray type, but simply a state of Being or of livingness that realizes identification with thePsychology2, 30:all held below the threshold of consciousness. Livingness, Being, Wholeness and Unity are thePsychology2, 70:conferring spiritual perception and divine livingness. Psychology2, 92:is achieved through struggle. This produces a livingness through death, a harmony through strife, aPsychology2, 103:the "way of escape" becomes the "way of daily livingness" (to translate inadequately the occult andPsychology2, 350:that of the mind. To the achieved facts of livingness and sensitivity, he is rapidly adding reason,Psychology2, 389:there is brought about an increased vital livingness, and a dynamic inflow of spiritual life intoPsychology2, 399:themselves somewhat will achieve an intensified livingness in the daily life-expression of thePsychology2, 437:superseded by the concepts of resurrection or of livingness, of spiritual unity, of transferencePsychology2, 615:outbreathing and its inbreathing and its group livingness) that they can and do succumb to thoseRays, 123:through visualization, will lead to a sense of livingness in form. [124] Rays, 173:thought rejects the possibility of this exalted livingness. Be not discouraged at this inability toRays, 186:the etheric plane in order to produce exoteric livingness upon the physical plane, and secondly,Rays, 262:of transforming personality purpose into group livingness and being, has led to that complete
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