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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOCATED

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Astrology, 9:etheric body of the universe in which we are located. I employ the word "located" here withAstrology, 9:in which we are located. I employ the word "located" here with deliberation and because [10] of theDiscipleship1, 505:Find out from a diagram where the spleen is located; visualize not the physiological organ but theDiscipleship2, 397:at times. The disciple learns to use energies - located and found by him in space - within a setDiscipleship2, 677:out and the source of its spiritual potency is located in New York at this time, though later - ifDiscipleship2, 722:receiver of the disciple's physical brain can be located and found to be at peace." I trust youEducation, 18:principle, the soul of all things, is located (temporarily as far as the form nature of aExternalisation, 674:will be found wherever the ashram of a Master is located in any part of the world. This is aFire, 55:with certain central ganglia, wherever located, and having a special with the spleen.Fire, 61:internal fires of the Microcosm. The center is located there, and from it the radiations go forthFire, 138:the matter in which the centers of force are located. These centers of force are always directed byFire, 522:plane for man - his etheric centers being located in matter of the fourth ether. Each of the threeFire, 617:focal point of positive force. On that plane are located the etheric centers of man, which have, inFire, Chart:to be found at the North Pole, and two more are located within the planetary sphere, and frequentlyFire, 1067:succeed in the majority of cases because, having located the essence, they had no idea how to dealFire, 1115:heart of the physical sun, and which are located within its sheltering luminosity. They in theirFire, 1155:as being simply focal points of energy located in the etheric body, and having a definite use. ThisFire, 1176:is applied to the evolutionary schools found located in the three major [1177] planets of ourHealing, 26:Gauge the extent of the trouble, where it may be located basically, and in what body it principallyHealing, 38:of the body wherein the disease or discomfort is located. The time, however, for this has not yetHealing, 45:to the seven centers of [45] forces located in the etheric body, and fed from the astral body.Healing, 72:minor centers are to be found. They can be located at the following points: There are two of themHealing, 108:complaints and the various diseases that are located beneath and below the solar plexus in theHealing, 141:the same region where the seven major glands are located, and [142] each center of force provides,Healing, 144:found in the head. 1. The Head Center. This is located at the very top of the head. It isHealing, 156:Causes of Disease 4. The Heart Center. This is located between the shoulder blades and is - in thisHealing, 169:center. 5. The Solar Plexus Center. This is located well below the shoulder blades in the spine andHealing, 176:of Disease 6. The Sacral Center. This center is located in the lower part of the lumbar area and isHealing, 335:these the life principle (the Spirit aspect) is located. Life and Spirit are one. The head centerHealing, 335:the consciousness principle (the Soul aspect) is located. The pranic center and the spleen, inHealing, 335:the life of matter itself (the Matter aspect) is located. You must bear in mind that, as H.P.B.Healing, 465:minor centers are to be found. They can be located at the following points: There are two in frontHealing, 529:which controls the area where the disease is located. This, as you can appreciate, connotes muchHealing, 570:they pay to that area wherein the trouble is located. Energies, mental and emotional, are broughtHealing, 575:into the area where the point of friction is located. In ordinary cases, however, and where noHealing, 596:the discomfort of the area where the disease is located and which is indicative of its nature. AllHealing, 618:the area wherein the point of friction is located) is the stimulation of the related gland and itsHealing, 625:center controlling the area in which they are located. The healer, however, refuses to complicateHealing, 630:organ which is the seat of the trouble must be located. Both these activities concern the denseHealing, 649:having ascertained the difficulty and then located the needed center up the spine or in the head,Healing, 655:that side of the patient in which the trouble is located, so that the radiation of his aura canHealing, 682:the brain (where the thread of consciousness is located) the instructions to vacate. This is thenHercules, 167:undergrowth, doing damage, but they could not be located. As usual, Hercules rushes to the land ofMagic, 379:was the original temple of Ibez and it was located in the center of South America, and one of itsMeditation, 136:of the Light work. Mighty dark magicians may be located on the lower mental levels, but on theMeditation, 242:the originating cause of the trouble and having located that cause in either the emotional or theMeditation, 245:majority of physical ills today, can usually be located and eliminated by judicious treatment. ButMeditation, 313:Therefore the preparatory school will be located near some large city, preferably near the sea orPsychology1, 155:has been to bring his seven centers of force, located in the etheric body, into a responsivePsychology2, 554:lower and the higher bodily forces is not yet located there. Beyond producing hypertensionPsychology2, 660:of the World Servers wherever they are found and located must be made known and aided. To do this,Rays, 766:must have the nail-mark through the center there located. When this is so, door the first willSoul, 85:and where, within the human form, it might be located. A few of the theories propounded might beSoul, 85:the chief seat of the soul. Erasistratos located the soul in the cerebellum, or the little brain,Soul, 86:substance. St. Augustine regarded the soul as located in the middle ventricle. The ArabianSoul, 88:In Search of the Soul, Vol. I, p. 129. Servetus located the soul in the Aqueduct of Sylvius, theSoul, 88:etc., to different parts of the brain. Vieussens located the soul in the centrum ovale. SwedenborgSoul, 92:all-pervading ether is not touched, so the soul, located in every body, is not touched. As the oneSoul, 101:expression. Dr. Rele says that "Prana proper is located between the larynx and the base of theSoul, 103:now been proved, that the highest centers are located in the cortex of the brain, where knowledgeSoul, 106:for the life of [106] the material form is located at the base of the spine, that the positiveSoul, 120:be found in the same region where the glands are located, and each center of force might well beTelepathy, 183:lotus composed of many interweaving energies, located within the greater form of the solar system
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