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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LODGES

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Autobiography, 27:for baby clothes for the new baby at one of the lodges, for books for someone who was confined toAutobiography, 157:group more interested in founding and sustaining lodges and increasing the membership than inAutobiography, 170:the T.S. had been founded on the autonomy of the lodges within the various national sections but,Autobiography, 200:their Masonic orders are outlawed by the Grand Lodges of other countries because they recognize noAutobiography, 286:- exact no service from them; we have no lodges, centers or meetings which we expect them toAutobiography, 290:that the Arcane School does not start groups, lodges or organized meetings in the many cities inAutobiography, 290:organization with related loyalties to local lodges, local meetings and local leaders. As we saidDiscipleship2, 41:for a major conflict between the two great Lodges - the great White Lodge and the Black Lodge. TheInitiation, 48:members are divided. They form literally two Lodges within the greater body: The "--" Lodge,Initiation, 127:of that greater Brotherhood on Sirius whose Lodges are found functioning as the occult HierarchiesMagic, 399:stood behind the office holders in the exoteric lodges. Mind entered not in. This must beProblems, 74:and cathedral builders began to form guilds and lodges for mutual protection, for joint discussionRays, 53:worlds (typified by the degrees of the Blue Lodges in Masonry) must be recovered and is in processRays, 603:extensively involved, the Black and the White Lodges of adepts were also implicated, and the first
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