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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOGOI

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Fire, 801:Rishis of the Great Bear, The seven planetary Logoi of our solar system, The seven Pleiades orFire, 801:of the seven Rishis with one of our planetary Logoi and one of the seven Sisters may form aFire, 816:Through a conscious effort of the planetary Logoi, these Dhyanis and lower Pitris are brought intoFire, 831:done in this. They will then be the planetary Logoi. The central Life electric returns to itsFire, 838:this is being utilized freely by the planetary Logoi in Their schemes, and by the solar Logos inFire, 845:the solar System. 69 All these will become solar Logoi of varying grades. Fire, 845:Goals (Tabulation VI) Lives Goal 1. Planetary Logoi - The major Three. Cosmic liberation; the finalFire, 845:cosmic Initiations. 2. The minor four planetary Logoi. Cosmic Initiation, or the first fourFire, 845:highest three groups will become major planetary Logoi; the lower four groups will become minorFire, 845:lower four groups will become minor planetary Logoi. 6. The Human evolution. To become the solarFire, 849:do the Three make an at-one-ment. [849] All the Logoi of the differing schemes are expressingFire, 878:to sacrifice Themselves, this time as planetary Logoi. The student must bear in mind that [879] inFire, 879:do not - alone and isolated - form planetary Logoi. The forty-nine groups of solar fires concernedFire, 879:of, and they become the forty-nine planetary Logoi in connection with seven solar systems. In themFire, 879:the system will reappear as the four planetary Logoi who are the twenty-eight and who thus produceFire, 980:put behind their words. To the various solar Logoi of the vast constellations that are apparentFire, 990:and play through that one of the planetary Logoi who is the Logos of any particular planet, and isFire, 1036:are suggestive of the nature of the planetary Logoi which they represent, and produce, therefore,Fire, 1052:with planetary stimulation, with the planetary Logoi, and is hidden in Their cyclic karma, - aFire, 1055:center is, of course, ever vibrant in all the Logoi, as all are fully intelligent Creators, havingFire, 1058:in the manifestation of three of the planetary Logoi: Our own planetary Logos. The planetary LogosFire, 1059:the heavens unknown as yet to even the planetary Logoi. The confines of the Heavens Themselves areFire, 1059:sentient intelligent cosmic, solar and planetary Logoi are constituted of living sentient beings,Fire, 1060:physical plane, and beyond that of the planetary Logoi. It is the consciousness and knowledge of aFire, 1088:as the history and evolution of the planetary Logoi become gradually revealed. They are parts ofFire, 1116:and through the planetary Logos of all the other Logoi. Thus the potentialities latent in theFire, 1133:Jivas, or human beings, The planetary Logoi, The solar Logos. We must remember here that all theFire, 1137:here be predicated. The group of seven planetary Logoi. The group of seven raja devas, or the lifeFire, 1138:group - vegetable kingdom - Rajasic - Planetary Logoi - Neptune. Son aspect. Elemental group -Fire, 1139:the three major centers are to man or to the Logoi. The lunar Pitris who contribute the human formFire, 1151:of a plane), the appearing of the planetary Logoi and the solar Logoi in physical incarnation isFire, 1151:appearing of the planetary Logoi and the solar Logoi in physical incarnation is governed by lawsFire, 1152:forms. The Lords of the Rays, or the planetary Logoi, are similarly and karmically linked with theFire, 1152:7 Activity Inertia. 2. Vishnu The Planetary Logoi 7 Wisdom Mobility. 3. Shiva The Solar Logos 1Fire, 1161:evolution and on the relation of the planetary Logoi to the solar Logos. A solar Logos uses for HisFire, 1164:centers, or known to us as informed by planetary Logoi. Certain of the planetoids have their placeFire, 1174:all the members of the Hierarchy. The planetary Logoi throughout the system. It will be apparent,Fire, 1189:of the basic qualities of these planetary Logoi is through a consideration of the energy emanatingFire, 1189:of the Secret Doctrine, certain of the planetary Logoi are pure and passionless whilst others areFire, 1233:the Heavens not made with hands." The Planetary Logoi, who - in Their seven groups - create throughFire, 1236:The Solar Logos. | The Solar Trinity or Logoi I. The Father - Will. II. The Son - Love-Wisdom. III.Fire, 1248:own planetary Logos, and with those two other Logoi Who form with his own Logos a systemic triangleFire, 1253:Paths Path III. Path of Training for Planetary Logoi This path is one that attracts to itself onlyFire, 1253:vitality holds our Logos, along with other solar Logoi, within the sphere of His consciousness. AsFire, 1254:who will take up the work of the seven planetary Logoi of the next solar system, and of theFire, 1254:solar system, and of the forty-nine subplanetary Logoi, Their assistants and of certain otherFire, 1254:this high post. We might say that the planetary Logoi are the divine psychologists, and thereforeFire, 1255:schools for the development of subordinate Logoi, and there trains them, giving them opportunityFire, 1255:them opportunity for wide experience. Even the Logoi Themselves progress onward, and Their placesFire, 1257:the construction of the logoic Lotuses of solar Logoi. The schools which prepare for this work areFire, 1257:PATH III. THE PATH OF TRAINING FOR PLANETARY LOGOI Attributes - cosmic vision, deva hearing andFire, 1272:No. 49) PATH III. Training for Planetary Logoi. The eye of Shiva opens wide and those within itsGlamour, 260:the Bible says, 'the Sons of God, the planetary Logoi, will sing together. This, my brother, willHealing, 293:The Secret Doctrine [293] and are the planetary Logoi of the sacred and non-sacred planets. If theHealing, 523:Logos through the medium of the seven planetary Logoi with their varying forms and soulHealing, 636:of view of the goal set before all planetary Logoi. His body of expression, our planet, the Earth,Initiation, 3:before the Throne, or the seven Planetary Logoi. The students of occultism of non-Christian originInitiation, 39:and force of one of the six other Planetary Logoi, the remaining six spirits before the Throne.Initiation, 39:the physical incarnation of one of the Planetary Logoi, which one it is not permissible to state,Initiation, 122:they are being worked out through two Planetary Logoi, may be consummated. The handling, therefore,Initiation, 123:can work in line with the plans of the three Logoi involved, cooperating with them with everInitiation, 126:a solar Logos and of the three major Planetary Logoi. 2. Systemic, used by a solar Logos in theInitiation, 153:by the Solar Logos to each of the three Logoi as follows: The sacred sound A to Shiva, he whoInitiation, 154:Words also committed to each of the Planetary Logoi, and they are the basis of planetaryInitiation, 187:3. The Path of Training for Planetary Logoi This Path is trodden by those who will take up the workInitiation, 187:who will take up the work of the seven Planetary Logoi of the next system, and of the forty-nineInitiation, 187:next system, and of the forty-nine subplanetary Logoi, their assistants, and of certain otherInitiation, 187:this high post. We might say that the Planetary Logoi are the divine psychologists, and thereforeInitiation, 187:schools for the development of subordinate Logoi, and there trains them for this high office,Initiation, 188:opportunity for wide experience. Even [188] the Logoi themselves progress onward, and their placesMagic, 50:the Solar Logos, through the seven Planetary Logoi, focuses His energies. This will be laterMagic, 145:the diverse groups of creating agencies - solar Logoi, solar Angels, human beings, and others.Magic, 275:vibrations of the lives of the seven solar Logoi. Bringing the analogy down closer still, the humanMeditation, 164:whereby They can call the seven Planetary Logoi, or the seven "Spirits before the Throne" as TheyMeditation, 164:may contact their Planetary Logos. The seven Logoi in Their turn have Their available ritual orMeditation, 164:Hierarchy and on up - via the seven Planetary Logoi - to the Logos Himself. It marks [165] theMeditation, 174:to be found of the same rank as the Planetary Logoi, and the Rulers of the five planes of humanMeditation, 184:distinguishes our Solar Logos from all other Logoi, and which is the sum of all HisMeditation, 264:work in conjunction with all the seven Planetary Logoi, and not just the three in control of alliedPatanjali, 267:unfoldment of the life of the various planetary Logoi, or of the seven Spirits before the Throne ofPatanjali, 268:Spirits before the Throne, The seven planetary Logoi, The seven great Lords, The seven Aeons, ThePatanjali, 369:which is outside our solar system. The planetary Logoi (the seven Spirits before the Throne), andPsychology1, 151:solar Deity works through the seven planetary Logoi. All this has been hinted at and outlined in APsychology1, 151:that the seven creative Builders or planetary Logoi of our solar system are embodiments of thePsychology1, 156:force may mean, I cannot tell you. The planetary Logoi themselves walk in the light of that sublimePsychology1, 421:calls, "the imperfect Gods," the planetary Logoi. See A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, where this isPsychology2, 6:Spirits before the Throne, the seven planetary Logoi. But at this point we can only hint at a greatPsychology2, 6:and expressed by one of the planetary Logoi Who is (in His place and term of office) conditionedPsychology2, 102:and also for the majority of the planetary Logoi. This must be remembered. A touch of this freedomPsychology2, 562:definitely allied, each with one of the three Logoi: Hearing - The recognition of the fourfoldRays, 54:Name of the One in Whom all the Planetary Logoi live and move and have Their Being, for They areRays, 106:via the living qualities of the seven planetary Logoi Who express Themselves through the sevenRays, 206:Evolution which stretches before the Planetary Logoi - are yet greatly in advance of the mostRays, 267:In the last solar system They were the planetary Logoi of three planets in which the mind principleRays, 396:Work. The Path of Training for Planetary Logoi. The Path to Sirius. The Ray Path. The Path on whichRays, 399:Path 3. The Path for Training for Planetary Logoi leads to the higher levels of the cosmic mentalRays, 405:Initiation 3. The Path of Training for Planetary Logoi It is obviously impossible to say much aboutRays, 405:various schools for the training of planetary Logoi which are found within certain of the majorRays, 407:and Humanity with the Hierarchy. As planetary Logoi when Their Own time comes, these Masters willRays, 407:some day complete Their training for planetary Logoi by attaining the status of Buddhas of
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