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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOGOIC

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Astrology, 35:- Orange Parashakti Supreme energy Fire - Air Logoic Plane 7 7 II Divine Builders Conferring soulAstrology, 41:Love are They, but They cannot pass out of the logoic etheric body into the dense physical vehicle.Astrology, 43:were those who have (in previous kalpas of logoic manifestation) passed beyond the human stageAstrology, 46:be a cosmic twelve-petalled lotus, and with the logoic causal lotus, equally of a twelve-petalledAstrology, 47:a direct stream of energy flowing through: The logoic twelve-petalled egoic lotus, cosmic mentalAstrology, 47:The solar twelve-petalled lotus. The planetary logoic heart, also a twelve-petalled lotus. TheAstrology, 48:matter (organized and unorganized) of the logoic dense physical body, the liquid and gaseous, withAstrology, 49:vital use and a most interesting place. From the logoic standpoint, they are not regarded asAstrology, 49:be studied as going on within the physical, logoic vehicle. They deal with the display of physicalAstrology, 49:gaseous and dense) which the vibration of the logoic permanent atom (on the plane adi) attracts toAstrology, 273:of the zodiac - connected as they are with the logoic Quaternary. It is in this sign also that theAstrology, 320:human kingdom. They correspond cosmically to the logoic, the monadic and spiritual planes to whichAstrology, 326:into the intuition. The fivefold nature of the logoic expression as it unfolds itself through theAstrology, 329:Light of the Soul. A reflected point of light logoic, or divine. The light diffused in CancerAstrology, 416:connected with the active intelligent aspect of logoic expression, and influence the form side ofAstrology, 429:there are other evolutions and other forms of logoic expression of equal importance to their own.Astrology, 453:at the base of the spine. [453] In the planetary logoic life - as is the case also with individualAstrology, 453:is slowly dropping below the threshold of the logoic consciousness whilst the center at the base ofAstrology, 494:more interrelated and inner integration into the logoic body of expression. There are otherAstrology, 641:system these three groups are related to the Logoic Spiritual Triad - atma-buddhi-manas - and theirAstrology, 648:place for two types of force, spiritual or logoic, which reaches Him... from the seven Rishis ofAstrology, 658:(182) "The sun, Sirius, is the source of the Logoic mind (manas) in the same sense that theAstrology, 658:constellations are connected with the fifth logoic principle in its threefold manifestation:Astrology, 659:II, 391) "The sun, Sirius, is the source of the Logoic mind (manas) in the same sense as theAstrology, 660:constellations are connected with the fifth logoic principle in its threefold manifestation:Astrology, 673:II, 27) "The sun Sirius, is the source of the Logoic mind (manas) in the same sense as the PleiadesAstrology, 674:F. 323) "The Lord of Venus: Holds place in the Logoic Quaternary. Venus is in the fifth round andAstrology, 679:distance away. The sun "Sirius" is the source of logoic manas in the same sense as the Pleiades areAstrology, 681:the Earth scheme. Owing to systemic alignment logoic kundalini could flow through a certainAstrology, 688:that at the present point in evolution of the logoic centers, Venus, Earth and Saturn form oneAstrology, 690:two other centers, of which Venus was one, and logoic Kundalini - circulating with tremendous forceAstrology, 690:constellations are connected with the fifth logoic principle in its threefold manifestation;Astrology, 690:force; it is connected with the spirillae in the logoic mental unit and as long as His will-to-beAstrology, 691:major Rays, the embodied forms of the three logoic aspects or principles. Other planets areAstrology, 694:clothed in red robes...They work under the first logoic aspect and train those whose work is alongAtom, 81:divine life you have the third person of the Logoic Trinity cooperating with the second; you haveDestiny, 141:the reflection of the highest plane, the Logoic. The first periodical vehicle - the monadic. TheExternalisation, 163:Sentient response. Planes of emphasis - The logoic or first plane. The buddhic, or intuitionalFire, 5:centers and four minor. These seven centers of logoic Force are themselves so constituted that theyFire, 23:of blue findeth its place within the diadem logoic. [24] Fire, 24:work. They sound forth each a note of the deep logoic chord. Each to His greater Lord makes recordFire, 25:the Sacred Word within a point in time. The life logoic surges out. The streams of color meltFire, 38:objective solar system. They are the sumtotal of logoic kundalini, when in full systemic activity.Fire, 38:race in the three worlds. Electric Fire, or the logoic Flame Divine. This flame is theFire, 38:energy of the Vishnu aspect, the second aspect logoic.4 Finally are to be found the fires of theFire, 38:and are the manifestation of the first aspect logoic, the Mahadeva aspect.5 Therefore we have threeFire, 40:basis of the cyclic spiral movement of the body logoic, and just as the Law of Economy is the lawFire, 42/43:manifestation of all existence, from the logoic atom, the solar ring-pass-not, down to the minutestFire, 44:make the four necessary factors in the logoic quaternary 12, or the lower nature of the LogosFire, 44:esoterically, they are the sumtotal of the logoic quaternary, plus the logoic fifth principle,Fire, 44:the sumtotal of the logoic quaternary, plus the logoic fifth principle, cosmic mind. The divineFire, 44:with the other two, make the necessary five of logoic evolutionary development and by its perfectedFire, 44:process proceeds is seen the goal of logoic attainment for this greater cycle or period of thisFire, 47:fires of the cosmos marked the point of logoic attainment, so, in the blending of the essentialFire, 59:and energized by one of the three aspects logoic. To express it more occultly, substance showingFire, 64:cosmic Lord of Love, the second Person in the logoic trinity. Earlier it was not so, later it willFire, 72:in the microcosm. The work of the third aspect logoic was the arranging of the matter of the systemFire, 77:correspondences to the three Aspects of the logoic third Aspect and are concerned with the forceFire, 79:and prana comes comprehension of the method of logoic manifestation, and therefore much of interestFire, 83:on cosmic levels He can then transcend the logoic etheric web, and escape beyond the ring-pass-notFire, 83:three bodies - human, planetary, and systemic or logoic - will be found a great organ within theFire, 105:and statically, in connection with the solar or logoic ring-pass-not. We might now, for purposes ofFire, 111:Logoi Who are the threefold sumtotal of the logoic nature, can pass the bounds of the solarFire, 114:of mind are the four minor rays which form the logoic Quaternary and which are synthesizedFire, 132:in view the addition of another quality to the logoic content, that of love and wisdom. ThereforeFire, 133:of outbreathing (whether human, planetary or logoic) these building devas (on the same Ray as theFire, 133:path of inbreathing (whether human, planetary or logoic) they are no longer attracted, and the formFire, 145:end of this mahamanvantara or day of Brahma (the logoic cycle) [146] we shall not be able toFire, 153:or atoms of any form whatsoever, from the form logoic, which we have somewhat dealt with, down toFire, 159:matter. It stands for a solar system or the body logoic, viewed etherically; it stands for a planetFire, 161:pass through all stages, whether they are logoic sheaths, the rays in which the Heavenly Men veilFire, 164:in this solar system the two higher planes (the logoic and the monadic) are synthetic. One is theFire, 174:the first solar system, wherein the third aspect logoic, that of Brahma, Mind, or Intelligence, wasFire, 181:that at the present point in evolution of the logoic centers, Venus, Earth and Saturn form oneFire, 182:corresponds to the heart center in the body logoic, and has an interrelationship therefore with allFire, 187:the spiritual or monadic and the divine, or logoic. [188] 79 The seven senses or the avenues ofFire, 191:Logos. On the atmic, or spiritual plane the note logoic begins to sound within his consciousness. IFire, 212:Rods carry differentiated fohatic force. This logoic Rod of Power is kept within the Sun, and isFire, 218:or note of the Vishnu aspect, the second aspect logoic, the form-building aspect. By its correct orFire, 218:to the other two, completing the entire Word logoic and producing consummation. It is a Word ofFire, 232:beyond His immediate sphere of influence, the logoic ring-pass-not. Both the light of the Son andFire, 235:or the Grand Man of the Heavens, the conscious logoic Ego evolving through: The Sun and the sevenFire, 244:above fact: The solar system embodies the above logoic relationship during evolutionaryFire, 244:The three manifested Persons of the logoic Triad seek full development by means of each other. TheFire, 251:cycle within the still greater mahamanvantara or logoic cycle. c. A Heavenly Man is distinguishedFire, 254:A Heavenly Man is finding His place within the logoic groups, and is seeking to realize HisFire, 255:S. D., I, 493, S. D., II, 610, 618. They are the logoic Quaternary, the Five, and the Seven. TheFire, 255:with the synthesizing three, making the ten of logoic manifestation. The Sun is the physical bodyFire, 256:ray forth Their influence to all parts of the logoic sphere, and who embody within Themselves allFire, 256:on the cosmic mental. Thus the life of the logoic existence on cosmic levels, may be seenFire, 261:the threefold Trinity, to the three Persons of logoic manifestation. The parallel is exact. TheFire, 268:is in reality the ability or capacity of the logoic Existence to think, to act, to build, and toFire, 270:the Mind-born Sons of Brahma, the third aspect logoic. They are the seven planetary Logoi, and areFire, 279:may be studied from the point of view of [279] Logoic consciousness, or the successive states ofFire, 297:plane, just as the Heavenly Man Who embodies the logoic solar plexus finds His manifesting sourceFire, 299:major Rays, of the embodied forms of the three logoic aspects or principles. Other planets areFire, 300:is not one. The Lord of Venus holds place in the logoic quaternary, as does the Lord of Earth. TheFire, 309:systemically considered. A certain sound of the logoic Word, when it [310] reaches the mentalFire, 311:as follows: Electricity on the first plane, the logoic or divine, demonstrates as the Will-to-be,Fire, 311:impulse or vibration, which emanates from the logoic causal body on the cosmic mental plane, and
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