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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOGOIC

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Fire, 312:itself. The primary seven manifestations of logoic existence find expression and the three, withFire, 312:of space, thus embodying - in connection with logoic manifestation - that which is analogous to theFire, 313:three planes of the cosmic physical plane - the logoic, monadic, and atmic planes - are of primeFire, 314:synthesis) the three higher subplanes of the logoic plane see His final absorption or abstraction,Fire, 318:we call a solar system, or the body logoic. On this third plane that intelligent principleFire, 321:Color veils the sevenfold differentiation of logoic manifestation and, from the angle of vision ofFire, 331:A SOLAR LOGOS Electrical vibration - the plane logoic or adi. Electrical light - the plane monadicFire, 333:be remembered that they do not exist from the logoic standpoint, but are only to be predicated inFire, 336:of the system. These five Heavenly Men were the logoic embodiment in an earlier system and achievedFire, 336:that cosmic Entity Who is the sumtotal of logoic active intelligence. For lack of better terms weFire, 346:that the principle of manas is a part of the logoic character, and is part of His very nature. It,Fire, 347:or Self; it is [347] part of the content of the logoic Causal Body, and therefore permeates allFire, 347:distance away. The sun "Sirius" is the source of logoic manas in the same sense as the Pleiades areFire, 357:one center or Heavenly Man may be the subject of logoic attention, and of specialized stimulation,Fire, 358:mysteries revealed at initiation is that of the logoic center which our scheme represents, and theFire, 358:of the place our center holds in the body logoic, that the Hierarchy achieves the aims ofFire, 358:Who stands for the heart center in the body logoic, or to the Heavenly Man Who embodies the logoicFire, 358:logoic, or to the Heavenly Man Who embodies the logoic solar plexus. From this it is apparent that:Fire, 359:as all seven Heavenly Men are found in the body logoic, and are Themselves under the influence ofFire, 359:two schemes form, with their own, a triangle for logoic force at a certain stage of evolutionaryFire, 359:stimulation or obscuration; then will the body logoic begin to achieve its purpose; [360] then willFire, 360:glory shine out, and each cell in every body - logoic, planetary, deva and human, blaze forth withFire, 362:in the turning of the attention of the logoic kundalini fire towards this center, our scheme, andFire, 368:beings: First, the Venus Scheme, viewed as a logoic center, is more active than ours, and thereforeFire, 369:two other centers, of which Venus was one, and logoic Kundalini - circulating with tremendous forceFire, 372:as the embodiment of that perfected quality, or logoic aspect, for which He primarily stands. As aFire, 372:He primarily stands. As a center in the body logoic, He will be fully vitalized, and the logoicFire, 372:body logoic, He will be fully vitalized, and the logoic kundalini will have stimulated, and arousedFire, 372:gradually become centered in the corresponding logoic head center, the higher triangle or the majorFire, 374:be kept clear. First, the vitalization of the logoic centers, or the pouring through the sevenFire, 374:the seven schemes, during stupendous cycles, of logoic kundalini. Next, the vitalization of theFire, 379:originating in the Venus scheme. Because logoic kundalini had vitalized one of the systemicFire, 380:the place of the Heavenly Men within the body logoic, Their mutual [381] interplay, and TheirFire, 381:turn, or in dual formation, is the recipient of logoic force. It necessitates the study of theFire, 387:Earth scheme. Owing to systemic [387] alignment logoic kundalini could flow through a certainFire, 388:state, for exoteric publication: Which Ray, or logoic emanation is embodied by our planetary Logos.Fire, 389:in the Treatise. They depict only one cycle in logoic evolution, and cover only the present greaterFire, 390:eventuate: A systemic triangle will be formed. Logoic kundalini will circulate freely between theseFire, 390:between these three points. A certain great logoic center will be vitalized and the attention ofFire, 390:center will be vitalized and the attention of logoic kundalini will pass from the present triangleFire, 397:aspirations and His abstract conceptions) is the logoic correspondence to the atomic abstractFire, 397:him into an objective form, thus paralleling logoic manifestation. First the abstract concept, thenFire, 400:who are reflected (but only reflected) in the logoic Quaternary, or in those four Heavenly Men WhoFire, 400:Men Who embody (with their synthesizing third) logoic manas. These four with the synthesizing oneFire, 404:between the fifth deva Hierarchy and the fifth logoic principle, and we should also bear in mindFire, 405:be as follows: The four schemes which form the logoic Quaternary [406] will merge into theirFire, 406:Uranus and Neptune are reflections of the logoic astral and mental permanent atoms. Saturn is inFire, 406:Saturn is in fact the correspondence to the logoic physical permanent atom. This is an occultFire, 412:our planetary Logos, make the sum total of the logoic Quaternary. Associated with them are theFire, 412:Logoi, and so make focal points for all the logoic forces within our chain. In each chain suchFire, 428:Ray of Aspect) sum up, in themselves, the fifth logoic principle of manas. They are, literally, theFire, 433:of things. He is the embodiment of the fifth logoic principle of manas. His is the synthesizingFire, 433:when viewed as the sum total of the third logoic aspect, though He is not the synthesizing factorFire, 433:for the seven schemes which are the sum total of logoic manifestation considered as the union ofFire, 437:finding their reflections in the subrays of our logoic Ray. To these six cosmic influences ourFire, 437:absorb the influence, being centers in the body logoic, pass it through Their schemes, circulate itFire, 438:Hierarchies, as they function in a planetary or logoic body. Clarity of thought might eventuate ifFire, 441:and as one of the Triangles in the sevenfold logoic body) has a unique position as the "Ruler ofFire, 442:three lines: First. The type of force, or the logoic quality, with its function and aim. Second.Fire, 442:somewhat upon His character and His place in the logoic scheme, calling attention to the need ofFire, 442:to the system and has a close connection with logoic kundalini. Herein lies a hint. The Raja-LordFire, 460:and He has definite place in the planetary or logoic body. This is a hint which has hitherto notFire, 465:and development in one part of the [465] body logoic produces a corresponding advance in the whole.Fire, 485:work in the fourth and fifth ethers of the logoic etheric body (the buddhic and atmic planes), andFire, 507:of the microcosm) of the three Persons of the logoic Trinity. H.P.B. hints at this in connectionFire, 507:dealing with substance which (in connection with logoic manifestation) is considered the denseFire, 508:difficult matters that we are dealing with the logoic, dense physical body and that: The mentalFire, 508:body and that: The mental unit is found in logoic gaseous matter. The astral permanent atom inFire, 508:gaseous matter. The astral permanent atom in logoic liquid matter. The physical permanent atom inFire, 509:ourselves. These cover the withdrawal of the logoic life from out of the other two aspects. In aFire, 510:manifests as regards each ray just as does the logoic manifestation. Each of the seven Rays, viewedFire, 512:Heavenly Man Who is the embodied force of the logoic Heart center. Therefore, it will be apparentFire, 513:into form, and Their life is the sumtotal of Logoic magnetism, or the great desire nature of theFire, 513:producing the cosmic Marriage; it is the logoic demonstration of the sex appeal, His search for HisFire, 518:the truth for himself. On the three planes of logoic manifestation - the highest three - we haveFire, 518:plane, the fourth cosmic ether, we have the logoic etheric centers demonstrating, or those forceFire, 519:planes of the three aspects; second, the seventh logoic principle is on the first plane, and we canFire, 520:are now quiescent or out of manifestation, the logoic kundalini having turned its attentionFire, 520:planes which do not concern man so closely. The Logoic Plane. The first, the second, and the thirdFire, 522:Microcosm - Macrocosm. Planes of logoic evolution - the seven planes. Planes of Son's evolution -Fire, 523:the third aspect of the second Person of the logoic Trinity. For man, the microcosm, a similarFire, 527:of the different kingdoms of nature within the logoic body, and their place and part, for allFire, 530:of consciousness. Those centers from which logoic kundalini is turning. That which is notFire, 532:Logos and those of the three Persons of the logoic Trinity are upon the first subplane. TheFire, 536:and which is analogous to the first logoic aspect - one that in this solar system does not come toFire, 536:atom of a solar Logos as contained within the logoic causal body on its own plane. The seven typesFire, 536:plane. The seven types of force, or the seven logoic spirillae within that permanent atom. This, ifFire, 537:they occultly 'die.' This is paralleled in the logoic centers, the planetary schemes, which also inFire, 538:making the active evolving solar system, the logoic ring-pass-not. This is the Macrocosm. Fire, 539:which He receives Himself in contacting the logoic electric spark, or the pure Spirit aspect of theFire, 539:Each of Them is a nine-petalled Lotus in the logoic body. They are the flaming Wheels, and in TheirFire, 544:viewed as a force center, and certain aspects of logoic manifestation. The causal body has beenFire, 552:out specific purpose. Let us first study the logoic thought form and then turn our attention to theFire, 552:not yet adequate, and does not fully express the logoic Thinker. The vibrations to which theFire, 553:of that plane which exists [553] outside the logoic ring-pass-not. It concerns the pranic andFire, 553:Vibrations from that which, within the logoic consciousness, is recognized as the logoic HigherFire, 553:the logoic consciousness, is recognized as the logoic Higher Self, or His emanating source. ThisFire, 553:vibrations, as yet no more appreciable in the logoic Body than is monadic influence in that ofFire, 556:and these forms will persist - as does the logoic thought form, the solar system - for just as longFire, 557:of subtler matter than the physical, and the logoic body will be viewed as the product of will and
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