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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOGOS

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Astrology, 12:and in the integral quality of our planetary Logos as He sends forth and transmits energy withinAstrology, 21:with the destiny and life of the planetary Logos. They are also concerned with the great man of theAstrology, 21:with the great man of the heavens, the solar Logos. I refer in this last instance to their effectAstrology, 22:effect that they have is upon our planetary Logos and this effect reaches us through Him, pouringAstrology, 24:esoteric and exoteric truth. The quality of the Logos of our planet as it pours through the chains,Astrology, 29:a living unit in the body of the planetary Logos. As little conscious effect is produced by theseAstrology, 31:is the agent of positive force to the planetary Logos and the other the relayer of the negativeAstrology, 32:impact, and this statement is true of the solar Logos, the planetary Logoi, and of all forms in allAstrology, 40:planes, we have only the physical body of the Logos, and that that physical body is a limitation ofAstrology, 40:to express the mental vibration of the solar Logos and the second, His emotional, or cosmic astral,Astrology, 40:of the relative point in evolution of the solar Logos may be gained by study of the varying aspectsAstrology, 40:which are functioning are those which the Logos has unfolded, and are the gain of previousAstrology, 42:and matter, based on the love and desire of the Logos, but each Hierarchy also expresses itselfAstrology, 44:or in the dense physical body of the solar Logos. They are Those who can discard or pass throughAstrology, 44:or pass through the etheric body of the solar Logos and take forms composed of either gaseous,Astrology, 44:bear in mind that from the standpoint of the Logos, the solar Angels on the mental plane (the fifthAstrology, 44:of the three lower planes (that which the Logos does not regard as a principle) and, therefore,Astrology, 45:This is hidden in the karma of the solar Logos, and concerns His relationship to another solarAstrology, 45:and concerns His relationship to another solar Logos, and the interplay of force between Them in aAstrology, 46:Who is the Life of our planet, the planetary Logos. It was this triple karma which brought in theAstrology, 46:the same relation to the ONE greater than our Logos as the center at the base of the spine has to aAstrology, 46:close to the great Heart of Love of the solar Logos. These great redeeming Angels, Who are the SonsAstrology, 47:otherwise, energy flows direct from: The solar Logos, via three great cosmic centers: The centralAstrology, 47:physical Sun. The heart center of the planetary Logos, situated on the fourth cosmic etheric planeAstrology, 48:for all are in the etheric body of the solar Logos or planetary Logos. This is a point requiringAstrology, 48:the etheric body of the solar Logos or planetary Logos. This is a point requiring careful emphasis;Astrology, 49:principles. They hold the same relation to the Logos as the dense physical body does to man, andAstrology, 53:great constellations which condition the solar Logos are blended with the innate energies of theAstrology, 55:also of humanity as a whole, of the planetary Logos of the Earth, as of all planetary Logoi, and ofAstrology, 55:Earth, as of all planetary Logoi, and of a solar Logos. The analogy between the fusion of the pairsAstrology, 55:be he a liberated human being or a planetary Logos. When astrologers understand the trueAstrology, 59:as the expression of the life of the planetary Logos. This involves the studying of the horoscopeAstrology, 59:The spirit of the Earth is to the planetary Logos of the Earth, for instance, what the personalityAstrology, 80:Discipleship Evolution b. The Planetary Logos Humanity Kingdoms in Nature c. Cosmic InitiationAstrology, 97:to humanity, for it concerns the planetary Logos and His life cycle. The three deaths which doAstrology, 99:into the force and activity of the planetary Logos of the first ray, and works out as His tripleAstrology, 113:soul (a correspondence to the planetary Logos). The Lord of the Planet, one of the great Lives orAstrology, 114:to enter into the Life and Mind of the planetary Logos, has dealt only with the second division andAstrology, 157:are the symbols in the body of the planetary Logos of the three higher centers in man: the head,Astrology, 169:and experiences of the life of the planetary Logos through the medium of the five races - two past,Astrology, 188:Earth and thus within the body of the planetary Logos, and are of a definitely intelligent nature,Astrology, 193:can be used in default of better) of the solar Logos Himself, or with the Divine Quaternary, theAstrology, 195:[195] to and more advanced than our solar Logos. A few hints may, however, be of service to theAstrology, 195:and plan are all connected with the solar Logos and with His evolutionary undertakings inAstrology, 201:and matter "to the ultimate glory" of the solar Logos are in the fullest eventual cooperation.Astrology, 271:light be seen and the destiny of our solar Logos be finally determined." Behind this statement areAstrology, 298:opened and a major initiation of our planetary Logos took place, producing, in the human kingdom,Astrology, 314:through its activity, the perfect will of the Logos. Astrology, 325:with the One Who thus breathes - the planetary Logos - and the entire theme must therefore remainAstrology, 329:and flickering. It is the "searchlight of the Logos, seeking that which can be used" for divineAstrology, 330:and finally make clear the purpose of the Logos. Astrology, 358:[358] and, in the case of the planetary Logos, to full cosmic consciousness. This effect is mostAstrology, 362:are related to the Personality of our planetary Logos: The Earth - planetary vital body. Venus -Astrology, 363:ray of the great informing Life, the planetary Logos, subordinated to the two higher rays, such asAstrology, 376:- emanates, via the head center of the planetary Logos, from the Great Bear; it is stepped down inAstrology, 401:underlies the manifested activities of the Logos, the planetary Life and of man and also of allAstrology, 411:life of the solar Deity, of a planetary [411] Logos, of humanity as a whole and of a man. HenceAstrology, 411:is related to an initiation of the planetary Logos. Students can here note, therefore, the relationAstrology, 413:therefore, the sentient thought life of a solar Logos, of a planetary Logos, of humanity and ofAstrology, 413:thought life of a solar Logos, of a planetary Logos, of humanity and of man. Astrology, 416:are related to the will or purpose of the solar Logos and are to this great Being what the monad isAstrology, 416:aspect or to the attractive power of the solar Logos, to the soul of that Great Being. This cosmicAstrology, 424:or consciousness aspect (that of the second Logos) which is the dominant [425] conditioning factor,Astrology, 425:through his seven centers, of a planetary Logos functioning through seven planetary centers, of aAstrology, 425:through seven planetary centers, of a solar Logos functioning through still greater centers ofAstrology, 435:a great center in the life of the planetary Logos: Capricorn connotes density, firm foundations,Astrology, 438:to the first aspect, the destroyer aspect of the Logos. This death aspect is naturally active atAstrology, 439:whether it is the will-to-be of a planetary Logos, of a group or of a man. The self-consciousnessAstrology, 440:conscious use of that energy by the planetary Logos; this is evoking response today from the worldAstrology, 453:fully than others. In the case of the planetary Logos of our little sphere, the head center, theAstrology, 469:bring about the initiation of the planetary Logos; this will warrant any future planetaryAstrology, 469:of the center at Shamballa concern the planetary Logos; humanity is slowly becoming sensitive toAstrology, 479:effort on Earth today (as seen by the planetary Logos) is to bring about a transformation of theAstrology, 494:whole problem is one concerning our planetary Logos. It might be said (in order to make our themeAstrology, 503:a "non-sacred" planet is one whose planetary Logos has not taken these initiations. This is anAstrology, 504:to extra-planetary perception. [504] The Logos of a non-sacred planet is becoming inclusive in HisAstrology, 504:within the body of manifestation of a solar Logos and is likewise registering a sensitive responseAstrology, 504:He has taken three cosmic initiations. The Logos of a sacred planet transcends the knowledges,Astrology, 504:stages or degrees, ether or substance. The Logos of a sacred planet has taken five cosmicAstrology, 504:planet has taken five cosmic initiations. The Logos of a solar system is esoterically called theAstrology, 505:love and intelligence. There are others, for our Logos is a sevenfold Being and four remainingAstrology, 505:third initiation) and the consciousness of the Logos of a non-sacred planet. Soul and body,Astrology, 506:within his little system, and the planetary Logos on a far larger scale within His range ofAstrology, 506:Transfiguration, the third initiation. The Logos of a sacred planet has carried the divine workAstrology, 507:body, the personality. The task of our planetary Logos and of all advanced human beings is clearlyAstrology, 514:(viewing it as the vehicle of the planetary Logos) as it is in man, the individual, unless theAstrology, 517:itself as a center in the body of the planetary Logos, thus bringing all the ray influences into aAstrology, 519:a point of crisis in the life of the planetary Logos. He, the Lord of the World, is releasing newAstrology, 520:of the will and intention of the planetary Logos but its first and primary effect has been toAstrology, 540:the world war. The initiation of the planetary Logos and - with Him - of all who take their standAstrology, 545:point of crisis was to the planetary [545] Logos. This is a fact to be remembered and given dueAstrology, 557:is utterly unknown even to our planetary [557] Logos Who is Himself stretched upon its "widespreadAstrology, 559:horizontal." At this stage, the Plan of the Logos begins to take shape in his consciousness. UponAstrology, 595:of these three major energies so that our solar Logos can absorb them; they "tune out" thoseAstrology, 596:fruition of the Personality Manifestation of the Logos. We need, therefore, to formulate theAstrology, 612:Sanat Kumara, the Eternal Youth, the planetary Logos - His many names are of relative unimportanceAstrology, 612:to and carrying out the objectives of the solar Logos. He, in His turn, is the only one in, ourAstrology, 615:of consciousness). This sustained effort of the Logos is what keeps all forms in manifestation andAstrology, 619:It is the monadic ray of our planetary Logos, Whose Soul ray is the second and the personality rayAstrology, 619:how the transmitting ray of our planetary Logos is the first; and hence the place which the will
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