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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOGOS

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Astrology, 622:Deity; it is the energy with which our planetary Logos is preoccupied. It is that which has broughtAstrology, 622:in connection both with the planetary Logos and humanity, you will find indication of a growingAstrology, 625:other one but the will aspect of the planetary Logos, the incentive behind the life of Shamballa.Astrology, 628:in time and space to which we give the name Logos. I seek to deal, therefore, with the CreativeAstrology, 629:This inherent Reality is to the manifested Logos what the sensed, immortal Self is to the man inAstrology, 637:the first seven rays, forming the manifesting logos, is again sevenfold. As the seven colors of theAstrology, 644:tabulation is suggestive: God the Father - 1st Logos - Electric Fire - Great Bear, Sun. God the SonAstrology, 644:Fire - Great Bear, Sun. God the Son - 2nd Logos - Solar Fire - Sirius, Venus and Mercury. God theAstrology, 644:Venus and Mercury. God the Holy Spirit - 3rd Logos - Fire by friction - Pleiades, Saturn (C.F. 96)Astrology, 644:"The planetary Spirit is another term for the Logos of a planet, Who is one of the "seven SpiritsAstrology, 645:121) 23. "Certain of the planets are to the Logos what the permanent atoms are to man. They embodyAstrology, 648:be full of error." (C.F. 1057) 37. "A planetary Logos is the meeting place for two types of force,Astrology, 654:The Solar System Entity manifesting - The solar Logos. Body of manifestation - The solar system.Astrology, 655:The Planet Entity manifesting - A planetary Logos. Body of manifestation - A planet. ReceptiveAstrology, 656:Lord of the third major Ray, the third planetary Logos'." (C.F. 723) "Cosmic evil from theAstrology, 658:embodiment of the heart or love aspect of the Logos (Who is Himself the heart of the One about WhomAstrology, 659:is occultly termed "the wife" of the planetary Logos whose scheme will eventually receive the seedsAstrology, 660:plane is the goal of attainment for our solar Logos and the Sirian Logos is to our solar Logos whatAstrology, 660:of attainment for our solar Logos and the Sirian Logos is to our solar Logos what the human Ego (orAstrology, 660:solar Logos and the Sirian Logos is to our solar Logos what the human Ego (or soul) is to the humanAstrology, 660:and normally at the initiation of a solar Logos. (C.F. 723) Astrology, 661:" (Vol. III, 278) "Plato makes Jupiter the Logos, the Word of the sun."' (Vol. III, 279) "TheAstrology, 664:fifth round, the Lord of Mercury will, with the Logos of the Venus scheme and of our Earth, form aAstrology, 665:a decaying body is left. The life of the second Logos and the first Logos have been withdrawn andAstrology, 665:left. The life of the second Logos and the first Logos have been withdrawn and only the latent lifeAstrology, 665:by the timely interference of the solar Logos. The origin of the feud between the forces of lightAstrology, 668:(C.F. 181-182) "For some time the solar Logos has turned His attention to the Earth and to SaturnAstrology, 670:of its orbit." (S.D. Vol. I, 545) [670] "The Logos with the seven hierarchies form one Power, so,Astrology, 671:of the heavens, that pure energy being the Logos of our system." (S.D. Vol. III, 213) There is "theAstrology, 671:(S.D. Vol. III, 278) Plato mentioned Jupiter-Logos, the Word or sun. (S.D. Vol. III, 279) The trueAstrology, 673:prototype." (S.D. Vol. II, 33-35) "The planetary Logos of Venus loved the Earth so well that HeAstrology, 673:"It is with the Regent of Venus (the planetary Logos) that occult mysticism has to deal." (S.D.Astrology, 674:"There is a psychic link between the planetary Logos of Venus and that of our Earth. The VenusAstrology, 675:and 458) "In the middle of the fifth round, the Logos of Mercury will, with the Logos of Venus, andAstrology, 675:fifth round, the Logos of Mercury will, with the Logos of Venus, and of our Earth form a temporaryAstrology, 680:apparently from an extraneous source. [680] "The Logos - Solar System. Sirius. Seven Heavenly Men -Astrology, 680:taking of a physical vehicle by the planetary Logos, and was literally the coming of the Avatar.Astrology, 681:of the Earth chain. [681] That the planetary Logos did not come from the Venus scheme but from theAstrology, 681:from the angle of its importance to a planetary Logos and a solar Logos. Hence it is a fact thatAstrology, 681:its importance to a planetary Logos and a solar Logos. Hence it is a fact that this event was notAstrology, 681:of the taking of a minor initiation by our Earth Logos, but in the Venus scheme was signalized byAstrology, 681:of a major initiation by the Venusian planetary Logos on His fifth chain. In connection with aAstrology, 681:on His fifth chain. In connection with a solar Logos it followed upon the stimulation of one of HisAstrology, 682:the Trinity." (C. F. 386-7) [682] "The planetary Logos of this scheme is called 'the First Kumara,'Astrology, 682:is again in turn occupied by the life of the Logos during what we call seven rounds, makingAstrology, 682:it sweeps the life of the evolving planetary Logos into ever new forms and experiences until theAstrology, 683:and such a link is found between the planetary Logos of the scheme we call Venus, and the Logos ofAstrology, 683:Logos of the scheme we call Venus, and the Logos of our scheme. This psychic interaction has itsAstrology, 683:an incarnation on the physical planet of the Logos of our scheme, the Head of the Hierarchy, andAstrology, 683:not have been effected had not the planetary Logos of the Venus scheme been in a position to linkAstrology, 683:in the body of that Being, greater than our Logos. Again, two other systems, when allied with theAstrology, 684:means that certain of the planets are to the Logos what the permanent atoms are to man. They embodyAstrology, 687:triangle in connection with our own planetary Logos is that formed by the seven Kumaras - the fourAstrology, 688:..."Just as in connection with our planetary Logos, the three etheric planets of our chain - Earth,Astrology, 690:so, in the case of a Heavenly Man, or of a solar Logos, a similar event occurs. Such an eventAstrology, 690:in relation to the center which our planetary Logos embodies. It became geometrically linked withAstrology, 690:These three govern the appropriation by the Logos of His dense body. When the last pralaya ended,Astrology, 691:entirely concerns the centers of the planetary Logos of our scheme. A systemic formation of greatAstrology, 691:the matter by the realization that just as the Logos has (in the non-sacred planets) the [692]Astrology, 694:scheme closely related to ours. Its planetary Logos is in a more advanced group of cosmic studentsAtom, 45:of consciousness which we call God, or the solar Logos. Surely this teaching is logical andAtom, 46:the energizing Life of a planet, up to the Logos, the deity of our solar system, the IntelligenceAtom, 50:larger sphere, which is indwelt by the solar Logos, the Intelligence Who is the sumtotal of all theAtom, 56:consciousness Whom we call God, or Force, or the Logos, the Existence Who is expressing HimselfAtom, 56:or form which is the sequential result. The term Logos, translated as the Word, is frequently usedAtom, 57:extended to include the idea of the Deity or the Logos, much light may be gained upon this abstruseAtom, 63:type of life. It concerns the life of the Solar Logos manifesting through a solar system. It isAtom, 67:purpose which that great Entity Whom we call the Logos, or God, is working out through the solarAtom, 69:his own body of manifestation, just as does the Logos, only on a tiny scale; he controls his littleAtom, 69:law of attraction and repulsion, as does the Logos, and he energizes it and synthesizes hisAtom, 69:in one, and the one in three, just as is the Logos. There is a future for every atom in the solarAtom, 70:the atom of the chemist and physicist, up to the Logos of the solar system, there are no gaps, andAtom, 71:to what will happen in the solar system when the Logos withdraws from that which is, for Him, but aAtom, 79:as a cosmic atom, energized by the life of the Logos. We have, therefore, under consideration, fourAtom, 80:the planetary atom, energized by a planetary Logos, or the Heavenly Man. Fourthly, the solar atom,Atom, 80:Fourthly, the solar atom, indwelt by the solar Logos, or the Deity. If we are right in ourAtom, 83:him reflecting [83] the threefold nature of the Logos. He must demonstrate intelligence, he mustAtom, 92:the realization which is that of the solar Logos. Thus can be seen the unity of consciousness fromAtom, 93:system, Whom the Christian calls God, or the Logos. Browning expresses this idea of the gradualAtom, 122:therefore of the planetary Deity and the solar Logos) in the two methods of unfoldment that areAtom, 124:to the working out of the plans of the Deity or Logos, that central Life Who is the energizingAtom, 125:true of me; it is probably true of the planetary Logos, and if true of him, therefore also of aAtom, 125:and if true of him, therefore also of a solar Logos. Let us try, if we can, to follow some of theAtom, 130:goal, and picturing the achievement [130] of the Logos billions of years hence, but the thing ofAtom, 137:- which will enable us to live as does the Logos, in that very metaphysical abstraction, theAtom, 150:as yet cooperating in the purposes of the solar Logos; but we might be able to get some idea of theAtom, 151:there not be for our solar system, and our solar Logos, a central larger life towards which theAtom, 153:intimate psychic magnetic relation to our solar Logos. [154] Atom, 154:Now, of course, when you consider the solar Logos words fail, yet for Him also there must be aAtom, 154:of the atom as the consciousness of the solar Logos is from ours. Now to the atom in our body thatAtom, 154:atom in our body that consciousness of the solar Logos might be called Absolute Consciousness,Atom, 154:and you can further predicate that the solar Logos reaches out to a consciousness beyond His ownAtom, 155:within them, we have the objective of our solar Logos, and the influences that are flowing towardsAtom, 155:is even more closely connected with our solar Logos, the reason being that He is not, as yet,Atom, 156:are the source of the atomic life of our Logos, the active intelligent aspect, that one which wasBethlehem, 83:of the Incarnation includes the union of the Logos with pious souls, in whom He is well-pleased. InDiscipleship1, 20:world will realize that the love aspect of the Logos - as it affects the human kingdom - is focusedDiscipleship1, 68:manifestation itself. God, the planetary Life or Logos, however, works with the higherDiscipleship1, 210:and effective - in the mind of the planetary Logos. Think out carefully some of the implications ofDiscipleship1, 677:matter which lands a man at the Feet of the Logos; pain is the following of the line of the
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