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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - LOGOS

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Fire, 554:vibrations which will become more potent as our Logos nears that period which is occultly calledFire, 554:mystery and concerns the cosmic marriage of the Logos. It will be apparent, therefore, how littleFire, 554:the seven types of vibrations to which our solar Logos (functioning in a material body) will in dueFire, 555:and intensive training, whether for a Logos or a man. Through the process of Initiation, and theFire, 556:the cosmic mental plane as we consider the Logos, and as the creative faculty of man is studied weFire, 556:and carried on within the physical body of the Logos. Herein can be found the reason for theFire, 556:the solar system is the physical vehicle of the Logos and His body of manifestation is grasped,Fire, 556:First. That in due course of time, as the Logos [557] achieves liberation from the trammels ofFire, 557:of nature, is an expression of the energy of the Logos, as it flows through and stimulates thatFire, 557:and based on lower desire. The desire of the Logos for physical incarnation is as yet the dominantFire, 558:of a decided mental polarization of the Logos; we can only become cognizant of this by studying HisFire, 558:as simply a center in the body of the planetary Logos, yet having its own central factor. This canFire, 561:a definite plan originating in the Mind of the Logos, and slowly, and cyclically, achievingFire, 563:of the thought-form. Roughly speaking, a solar Logos works only through the greater Builders, theFire, follow:Entity Center Personality Kingdom 1. Atma Logos Head (Brain) Grand Heavenly Man Seventh Unity 2-3.Fire, follow:Man Seventh Unity 2-3. Buddhi Manas Planetary Logos Heart and Throat Heavenly Men Sixth & FifthFire, 566:himself. In extending these ideas to a solar Logos, many questions of interest arise which areFire, 566:purpose of the present incarnation of the solar Logos? What is the purpose which may perhaps beFire, 566:and what is the basic plan of our planetary Logos? Wherein does it differ from other planetaryFire, 570:lowest cosmic plane; there is our habitat. Our Logos Himself, the heart of His system, is on theFire, 570:solar system forms the physical body of the Logos, though His polarity is in His astral body. It isFire, 570:significant that in this greater manvantara, the Logos is to take the fourth cosmic Initiation. AFire, 571:or astral round. 81 The system of the Sirian Logos is on the cosmic mental plane, and in a subtleFire, 571:and in a subtle way, incomprehensible to us, our Logos, with His system, forms a part of a stillFire, 571:with His system, forms a part of a still greater Logos. This does not involve loss of identity,Fire, 571:mental plane, which law really controls our Logos, and His actions, in the same way as the ego - inFire, 572:seven centers in that greater Heavenly Man, the Logos. Yet, though we are merged with the whole, weFire, 572:with all that lives or is. In like manner our Logos loses not His identity, even though He formsFire, 572:though He forms part of the Consciousness of the Logos of Sirius. In His turn, the Sirian LogosFire, 572:of the Logos of Sirius. In His turn, the Sirian Logos forms one of the seven Grand Heavenly Men,Fire, 572:how this system of ours (the thought-form of the Logos), was gradually built up, how it isFire, 573:three great symbols stand, in the mind of the Logos, for each of His three systems, that the wholeFire, 574:plane. It marks the beginning of the work of the Logos, the first setting in motion ofFire, 574:It is analogous to the first movement the Logos made to express Himself through this solar system.Fire, 575:two vibrations that complete the scale, and our Logos will then have completed His building. TheFire, 583:Ego in the causal body, in the same way that the Logos controls the Monad on the second plane. ItFire, 586:second law, that of Cohesion, just as the solar Logos is at this time manifesting Himself throughFire, 589:diagram the symbols of the three Aspects (of the Logos) are placed outside of time and space, andFire, 589:which descends from the highest aspect of the Logos differs from the others in that it is in no wayFire, 590:centers, creative activity and love, of the Logos. In their lower aspect these centers are known asFire, 590:centers will be complete. This achieved, our Logos has triumphed, and measured up to the sixthFire, 592:logoic goal of attainment, and that the Sirian Logos is to our solar Logos what the human Ego is toFire, 592:and that the Sirian Logos is to our solar Logos what the human Ego is to the personality. The LawFire, 595:or the reverse. It is the home of the planetary Logos of the sixth Ray. This may sound like aFire, 598:principle directing all the activities of the Logos in His system, and by wrestling to discover theFire, 601:The Ruler of Fire - Agni a. Agni and the Solar Logos Thus far in this treatise we have consideredFire, 603:life is the life of [603] God, the energy of the Logos, and the manifestation of the radiance whichFire, 603:as to His nature or being. He is not the solar Logos on the cosmic mental plane, for the egoicFire, 603:mental plane, for the egoic consciousness of the Logos is more than His physical manifestation, butFire, 603:included in that expression. He is to the solar Logos on His own plane what the coherentFire, 603:fuses and blends the threefold nature of the Logos when in physical incarnation; His is theFire, 604:three lower planes are but the dense body of the Logos) do we come to a fuller understanding of theFire, 604:understanding of the psychic nature of the Logos, for we stand then in the body which bridges theFire, 604:the dense physical, and the astral body of the Logos. Only when this is the case do we understandFire, 604:for the manifesting of Spirit. Therefore: 1st Logos, 2nd Logos, 3rd Logos cooperate. Illustration:Fire, 604:manifesting of Spirit. Therefore: 1st Logos, 2nd Logos, 3rd Logos cooperate. Illustration: Life ofFire, 604:of Spirit. Therefore: 1st Logos, 2nd Logos, 3rd Logos cooperate. Illustration: Life of the 3rdFire, 604:Logos cooperate. Illustration: Life of the 3rd Logos - animating atoms of matter. Life of the 2ndFire, 604:- animating atoms of matter. Life of the 2nd Logos - animating the forms, or aggregate of atoms.Fire, 604:forms, or aggregate of atoms. Life of the 1st Logos - animating the composite forms. 2. The oneFire, 604:by the informing Intelligence we call the Logos. 88 "...Agni, who is the source of all that givesFire, 605:5th Mahamanvantara (or solar system) - The solar Logos achieves His fifth major Initiation. The 5thFire, 605:factor of the dense physical body of the Logos, or as the fire of His most concrete manifestation,Fire, 606:logoic personality, but He is the threefold Logos in a subjective sense, and the [607] form aspectFire, 608:The entire system is the physical sheath of the Logos and consequently the most easily cognized,Fire, 608:consequently the most easily cognized, for the Logos is as yet centered in His cosmic sheaths andFire, 608:Ego and personality, the three aspects of the Logos, and will bear in mind that as yet all that heFire, 608:Dhyan Chohan cannot penetrate the secrets of the Logos outside His system. 89 They [610] canFire, 610:the solar system, the physical vehicle of the Logos, and animates the atoms of substance. He is theFire, 610:or the cause of the psychic unfoldment of the Logos, and He is that vitality which ultimatelyFire, 610:is finally discarded. This is the goal for the Logos as it is for man; this marks the finalFire, 610:a human being, of a Heavenly Man and of a solar Logos. We could divide the process into threeFire, 611:that can be said of man can be predicated of the Logos on an inconceivably greater scale. As manFire, 613:used in connection with both aspects. The solar Logos is the initiatory impulse or Father of theFire, 613:scheme, or an incarnation of the planetary Logos. A man similarly is the positive life or energyFire, 616:in and through the etheric body of the Logos, formed of the matter of the four higher planes of theFire, 616:the building of the dense physical body of the Logos. On the physical plane of the solar system anFire, 617:plane have to the dense physical body of the Logos. This is a profound occult hint. 95 Pitris - TheFire, 617:produces that Self-conscious Unity, a solar Logos, functioning through His physical vehicle. FromFire, 618:the sumtotal of the dense physical body of the Logos, or the substance of the mental, astral andFire, 618:no principle (either for man or the solar Logos); that is why the lower nature is considered evil,Fire, 620:forces as they construct the thought-form of the Logos, the solar System. From this considerationFire, 620:laws of being, and of the method pursued by the Logos in giving His conception form, thus workingFire, 620:we have reflected the three aspects of the Logos as they produce manifestation: The Mental Plane -Fire, 620:Mother-Matter-Energy. This is the work of the Logos, and this union produces the Son, for DivineFire, 620:- Manifestation. The thought-form (of man or the Logos) appears in activity. The Son is born on theFire, 621:2 which compose the dense physical body of the Logos, hence man is limited, as he works on theseFire, 621:as having no part in the seven principles of the Logos; to those devas who form the gaseous,Fire, 621:the gaseous, liquid, and concrete form of the Logos, the devas of concrete fire, of water and ofFire, 621:on the work of the dense physical vehicle of the Logos in the same sense as the builders in man'sFire, 623:the force flowing through the mental unit of the Logos), and are concerned with the force centerFire, 625:only harmony. Upon the note of nature the Logos has to superimpose a higher note. To the naturalFire, 626:the substance aspect of the dense body of the Logos, whilst the force aspect as flowing through theFire, 626:as flowing through the etheric body of the Logos is considered under various names, such as Shiva,Fire, 626:They are an aspect of the plan of the Logos which can be contacted direct by those who haveFire, 628:Physical visible Sun Fohat As electric fire the Logos manifests as the seven aspects of Will,Fire, 629:are the sumtotal of the psychic nature of the Logos, as it radiates through His physical form - HisFire, 630:the expressions of One Existence, for behind the Logos in physical incarnation is to be found theFire, 630:and conscious, vital Existences. Thus we see the Logos manifesting as One Unity yet Three in One;Fire, 632:lies a hint as to the stage of evolution of our Logos. This matter is of real difficulty, for the
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